Metal Hagure chapter 2 teaser


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someone else translated the last 2 chapters on batoto forum a year ago, but no one ever picked it up. So here is a chapter I translated to remind people it exists and needs a translator… I need to ask the original translator if you can’t find the first 2 chapters as I don’t want to re-post without his consent so let me know

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2 thoughts on “Metal Hagure chapter 2 teaser

  1. ドラゴンクエストシリーズ恒例のメタル系モンスターで、その中でも最もポピュラーと言える。HPが非常に少ないが、逃げ出しやすい上に高い守備力と素早さ、回避率を持ち、さらには攻撃魔法が効かないので簡単に倒すことはできない。
    Amongst the metal-type monsters that appear in the Dragon Quest Series, it is one that could be said to be the most popular. Though the HP is extremely low, on top of being good at escaping, it has high defence, agility, and evasion, and on top of that, physical attacks do not work on it, so it can not be easily defeated.


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