Route to almightyness from 1HP Chapter 3


So I decided to do a Translation of this novel and don’t worry I didn’t just throw this together with a MT, using my current Japanese skills of 3 years some taught some self learnt in conjunction with a combination of 3 different machine translators I was able to produce a accurate translation (which I spent a total of 8 hours straight doing) albeit for a few lines read or don’t that’s your choice now off to chapter 4~~~

Demon World.

Seated on the imperial throne was Demon Lord Natasha Erigal with a dejected expression.

It was a figure of a beautiful girl who seemed ill-suited to hold the title of Demon Lord.

If you were to go by human standards, her appearance would be in the mid-teens.

Brown silk skin, deep double eyelids, and long silver hair that reached to her waist engraved a hint of childishness.

There’s no man who wouldn’t look back if they were passed by her in a city.

But again, she floated a sad expression today as well.

—–Just about everything was boring.

If she thought about it, her life had gone far too well.

From birth, the growth speed of her magic could only be described as pure natural talent.

Current Age: 200 yrs. old.

At the age of 13, she had already reached the top of the demon lord army as the commander-in-chief. 100 years later, the previous demon lord yielded to her talent and stepped down from the throne.

For the following 100 years, war with the humans was victory after victory. Although large countries sometimes sent heroes—It had fallen so low that it would have been better to call it a sport rather than a war.

If you thought about it, what would happen if, instead of a large army, just one party of heroes stormed through the demon world? They would be enveloped by a large crowd and tortured to death.

One that has the power to capture the Demon Lord Castle alone, in the long history of both Humans and Demons, would only be oneself.

So, everything had gone too well. The road she walked had no obstacles.

Therefore, it was dull.

Well, it wasn’t all bad. The problem was–what that human king was thinking. Why do you let a group of heroes who are identified as waste leave for the Demon Lord’s Castle?

The Demon Lord thought that point was suspicious, but anyways, oneself is the strongest. It’s easy to shatter such tricks with one’s own power if they ever arise.

Then, she raised a smile. The door opened and four young people entered to take part in a decisive battle.

Now was the start of today’s entertainment.

Four heroes stood before the eyes of the demon lord.

Soldier, Martial Artist, Sage, and Magician–a very orthodox party.

However, the expressions and the atmosphere of the party were strange.

The Soldier’s hair was falling off, and the Martial Artist’s face was blank and drooling. The gray hair of the Sage was dyed pure white, and as for the Magician, she seemed to be muttering to herself delusionally.

Their minds were broken with the shock of reviving 1000 times.

Revival from death.

To reduce that pain, a drug was used which had the adverse side effect of mental degeneration. To reduce the effects of dope-induced hallucinations during combat, a mental medicine of the anti-illusion system was used together.

In a complete state of over usage, the side effects on health began with the person’s hair.

It was a state that was closer to that of a disabled person than that of an ordinary man. However, for the sake of a single hope, they arrived at the Demon Lord’s castle while enduring great pains.

[We will defeat you and return to our original world!]

When the Soldier cried so, the medicine and Demon Lord laughed.

[Were you persuaded so by that King? …Did you seriously think that it was possible to return?]

The female Sage voiced a scream. In truth, they actually noticed it too: that there was no guarantee they could return to their original world. Who they exchanged that verbal promise with was the one who gave the medicine to the girl, that scum king. The reason why she obeyed the king’s order was simple, because the only method to return to the original world was known by that scum king.

The Martial Artist then opened his mouth.

[It doesn’t matter anymore……it doesn’t change what I came here to do. I’ll kill you and return to the kingdom, and if I’m not able to return to my former world…….I’ll kill that scum king too.]

The muttering of the female Magician did not stop. She then burst out laughing on the spot.

The drug seemed to be working too well.

While in such a state, the Soldier then began to pull the out the sword from her waist.

[……Can you kill me?…..well, reasons aside, you bastard heroes have surely reached the Demon Lord’s throne. Certainly, it is the {Strongest class in the human world}. So, it isn’t strange to misunderstand.]

The Soldier interrupted the Demon Lord words.

[I cannot help but wonder how you are able to stay calm after we have made it this far. Certainly, regular damage doesn’t work on a high class entity spirit such as the King of Demons, and humans don’t have a technique to hurt you…]

The Soldier then raised the katana in her right hand proudly.

[Godkiller: Hi No Kagutsuchi. In our world, it is a treasured sword that killed the god who built our nation]

I see, the Demon Lord thought.

That Kamigu (godly tool/weapon/divine or ritual objects) was the type to deal damage directly to the astral body.

When one became a high-ranking demon of the Demon Lord class, physical damage from normal weapons became ineffective.

At this point, unless you have a Kamigu similar to what the soldier had, large-scale magic capable of destroying the whole astral body would then be necessary.

But, the Demon Lord laughed fearlessly.

[What’s so funny Demon Lord!?]

[Really, human beings are such fragile creatures]

[Fragile you say? We overcame many numerous devils and are standing before your very eyes!]

The Demon Lord started laughing while holding her stomach.

[Why do you think you bastards were able to arrive here? Because the path was already cleared. The high ranking devils I sent out that you encountered didn’t even put in any serious effort]

[What ……is the meaning of that?]

[Since being a Demon Lord gives me a lot of spare time, I let heroes advance easily for sport]

[In other words…..?]

[I have watched the whole journey of you bastards. Sometimes hanging on by a spider’s thread and occasionally running into hardships…… was a very enjoyable way to kill time]

And, it continued.

[Let me reward you. It is not possible to revive if you are killed in this room. The spiritual body and even the ashes of the soul disappears. So, you should be able to sleep peacefully.]

In response to those words, life surged in the eyes of the sorceress who was continually laughing since a little while ago.

[You also…..that scum king too…..other parties who also joked about us everywhere…….even the people of this world……..everyone underestimates us!]

It was a signal fire of war.

The top level flame incantation which the Sorceress used surrounded the Demon Lord.

Although an explosion with a radius of about 30 meters occured, the flames disappeared with only a snapping sound from the Demon Lord’s fingers.

Then, the Martial Artist charged the Demon Lord, but with a wave of her right hand, the Martial Artist slanted to the right and was knocked off his feet.

–The difference in combat ability was in an entirely different dimension.

The female Sage who felt that began to run towards the Demon Lord while chanting the key incantation to the strongest firepower she owned.

‘If the Demon Lord’s words were true, I cannot revive anymore. However, that would be fine.

The important bonds that I gained on this trip. If it’s possible to protect my 3 friends, I am fine with it.’

Now, at a distance only three meters from the Demon Lord, the magic was triggered.

–Suicide bomb

A kamikaze suicide attack that let collected magic within your heart rampage and detonate from within your body as an explosion.

When the smoke of the explosion cleared, an undamaged Demon Lord stood there.

[Whatever you were trying to do was useless……..How foolish.]

But, her last attack was successful in diverting the Demon Lord’s attention for a moment. In other words, approaching the back of the Demon Lord was the Soldier with the only effective weapon.

[This is the end   ~~Daaaaaaaaa~~!]

In a flash, the sword was swung towards the shoulder.

The edge of the Hi No Kagutsuchi tore into the Demon Lord’s flesh. The depth of that wound… was about 3 millimeters.

Looking at the wound on her shoulder, the Demon Lord wore a blank expression.

[To hurt me…..I see. With only a human body, to have come this far… In respect for you, I’ll give you bastards the rest you deserve. Demon Eye of Ignition: Darkness flare.]

Just in case, the Demon Lord bathed the entire room in light(a barrier). (TL Note:Not sure about this line>>> 魔王が念を込めると、部屋全体が一面の光に包まれる.)

And, once the light faded, the heroes’ figures have vanished completely.

400 million degrees Celsius in the temperature, the light used by the Demon Lord was equal to the core temperature of a large-sized hydrogen bomb. It didn’t even leave their ashes behind.

With the decisive battle over, the Demon Lord looked around her surroundings.

Although the room itself had no traces of being destroyed thanks to the magic barrier……all of the furniture in the room had vanished.

[It seems I must make it a little more sturdy.….]

And then suddenly, the Demon Lord’s body broke out in cold sweat.

The Demon Lord’s five senses and possibly her sixth sense were all sounding an alarm.

8,400 kilos to the west… the country governed by that scum king….of an unknown nature…..something….was born.

‘Even though one was the absolute strongest, for something to be able to threaten oneself…….’ something that could not be understood was born.

The Demon Lord turned around and threw open the window in the room.

Jet black wings emerged from her back.

She faced the direction of that scum’s country, her destination. It was necessary to confirm right now what occurred.

In her mind, what floated there was the figure of one man.

—-It was a black haired boy in a pair of underwear.

Mankind’s strongest and Demonkind’s strongest—The decisive battle was about to begin.


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