Route to almightyness from 1HP Chapter 4


Well folks once again here’s another chapter took me awhile because of a few terms but now I’m finished. Oh and some thanks goes to tsaltran for helping me with some terms. Anyways I’ll start on chapter 5  soon I would today but I’m engaged in playing a Beta.

Yuuki who was declared useless by the king was thrown outside on the road with only his underwear left on him.

When I looked backward, I saw Noranouk (the country that the scum king rules) surrounded by high walls.*(If you have a better translation for the country name ノラヌーク please enlighten me)

Well, frankly speaking, I am thankful that I was declared useless early on instead of being worked hard as a hero in a place similar to a “Black Company”.

However, there was a serious problem about what to do about food, clothing, and shelter.

I was carried here by that soldier Onii-chan, and because I was thought to be too pitiful, I was given information about the neighboring country.

It seems if you register with the Adventurer Guild, you would be able to get easy work like rearranging warehouses without the danger of risking your life.

Now then, I should aim for the neighboring Lindahl Empire. However…it seems it will take about 4 days on foot.

Since some time ago, I had been hungry because of my empty stomach, and it looked like I’m in a considerably dangerous situation.

I was told there were some inns along the way, but I highly doubt they will let me stay, considering I’m only wearing a pair of underwear, and above all else, I’m completely penniless.

Since there was no point in just standing there, Yuuki took a step and began walking towards the east.

And, now, while walking through in the forest……A slime suddenly appeared.

A RPG type thing, it was the weakest of the weak. Even at level 1, I could somehow handle up to two of these with my bare hands

However, Yuuki’s current status was that of a——{Metal Slime}.(TL Note: A Metal slime is a monster from Dragon Quest with high defense and agility stats but low HP and MP)

Maybe like in that game, the attack would miss and I wouldn’t receive any damage since I’d cancel out the regular attack.(TL Note:Metal Slimes are really freaking annoying to kill)

But, strictly speaking, in comparison to a Metal Slime, my constitution was weaker.(TL Note:Metal Slimes have more than 1HP)

After all, my HP was 1.

With just one single blow, it’d be game over for my life.

Inevitably, he turned around, and with a dash, ran away.

He escaped while in a trance. Because of the fact that he could die in one hit, more power flowed into him.

While running, a dry, panning sound could be heard similar to the noise when a whip is cracked.

That sound was the result of the shock wave emitted when a mass, going beyond regular speed, pushed out the air in front.

—–That was the signal that Yuuki broke through the sound barrier.

The Agility stat influenced one’s evasion rate. Pure speed, in other words dash power, was physical strength……which belonged to the Attack Power category.

As of right now, Yuuki horsepower(HP) was larger than 100 million(10^60 power) and he was currently dashing at full power.

Mach 7. Mach 26. Mach 62. Mach 90, and the acceleration increased even more.

While Yuuki fled from the slime, the surrounding trees were mowed down because of the shock waves he was producing.

Due to the increasing acceleration, the power of the shock waves continued to grow closer and closer to calamity level.

In the travel direction, all trees within a 100 meter radius were being blown away similar to a hurricane,.

However, desperate as he was, he didn’t take notice of what he was doing.

Then, after about 3 seconds at an average speed of about 30,000 meters per second, he, who ran a total 90 kilometers, suddenly stopped.

And, for the second time, a slime appeared before him.

Yuuki turned pale as the blood drained from his face.

—–Did this slime cut around me!? Was my average speed at the same level as a metal slime? And was that why it was able to follow me, since I’m at the same speed? (I’m not so sure about this whole paragraph it should be more or less correct)

He didn’t notice that the original slime 90 kilometers behind him had already died when it got caught in the shock wave.

And, at the same time and place, the Great Sage Signum was within that forest, cross-legged and engaged in the middle of Zen meditation.

Once, after a discussion with the Noranouk king about the treatment of the summoned heroes, the king officially condemned him to banishment.

And thus, this forest was now his current home.

The tradition from ancient times stated that, {Never abuse summoned heroes} or so the legend says.(TL Note:basically don’t abuse the summoning process itself)

But presently, that was what the Noranouk king was doing. Heroes were summoned at random, and like a slave, made to charge towards the Demon Lord’s castle.

In war, it was understandable to let the heroes be the vanguard of a large army.

However, what the Noranouk king was doing—-was amusing himself by making the heroes charge the Demon Lord castle alone, and when they die, forcibly reviving them.

As for the king’s true intention, even I, who was a sage, have yet to understand.

However, there was one thing that I can say with conviction.

—-That is in consideration with the ancient legend.

If the summoned heroes are abused—-then the laws of the world will collapse, and the human race will face a calamity the likes of which they have never seen before.

Having finished the Zen meditation, he stood up, and at the same time, sensed an overwhelming, spiritual mass, located 7 kilometers away.

And 2 seconds later–he saw it.

While destroying the forest with shock waves, it advanced.

Was it a god? Or possibly a devil? That I do not know. Either way, Its figure was that of a calamity level life-form.

Wrapped in a mix of scarlet and blue flames produced by the result of the frictional heat igniting the air—-was a boy in his underwear running at full speed.

The sage’s whole body broke out in goosebumps by the spirit pressure that passed by in an instant, leaving him completely chilled.

And then moments later, he began to vomit.

Suddenly struck with dizziness, he fell down in place.

[That thing was…..definitely that……therefore……I told the king….]

And, he continued.

[The laws of the world have……fallen into disorder…….]

※The physical phenomena that would occur at super-speed, has been ignored and modified for convenience.


27 thoughts on “Route to almightyness from 1HP Chapter 4

  1. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Here are some edits:

    “… and because I was though of as being too pitiful, …”
    “though” should be “thought”.

    “As for the king true intention, even me who is a sage, have yet to understand it.”
    “king” should be “king’s”.
    “have” should be “has”, I think.

    that I do not know, either way, its figure is that of a calamity level life-form.”
    “that” should be “That”.

    “The sage whole body breaks out in goosebumps by the spirit pressure that passed by in an instant, leaving him completely chilled.”
    “sage” should be “sage’s”.


  2. Anon

    Thanks for the chapter but just a thing: 10^60 is not 100 millions,

    100 millions is 10^8,
    10^23 is the number of atoms in the universe
    this dude has the number of atoms in the universe X itself X itself in HP, strenght etc.,

    actually it’s kinda strange he’s just so LITTLE strong and fast


    • Anon

      whoops took my numbers wrong atoms in universe is 10^81 nvm, it kinda seemed strange,

      still 10^60 is millions of millions of millions X ..X…. 10 times


    • The term 那由多 means a really big number which is often said to be 100 million so I just put that down and the other definition of it will either be 10^60 or 10^72 I could put it was larger than 100 million


    • Blank

      lol who needs HP and attack when you have stats like that.

      His running is considered an AoE attack for gods sake, and since his def is the same, he is nil invulnerable, especially with the whole revival system — max damage he would probably receive would be around 1-10, so barely any pain at all.


      • It is worse than you think actually.
        It isn’t that he has no HP and Attack.
        It is that they are so high 10^60 (Ten to the power of Sixty), that they don’t fit into the Status screen, so it shows up as 1 HP and 1 ATK. When it is actually more like:
        HP 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000etc
        ATK 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000etc

        The title of Broken Hero wasn’t because of his DEF and AGI. It was because of his skill that makes ALL other stats BESIDES those two, into astronomical figures.

        In DQ terms. It is as if the Metal Slime not only decided to level up to 999 gaining maxed out DEF and AGI, the game glitched and gave it infinite HP and a OHKO ability.


      • Blank

        Seriously? Darn, and they (God and the other 2 heroes) considered the Harem stat as a joke, it’s way too OP to be a joke with this, 5300 points into = 10^60 for HP, MP and Atk, and 65k for Agi and Def.


  3. Victor DoUrden

    World has bug… needs patching clearly. Can’t wait for next chapter full of stupid nonsense cause fuck all laws and rules, right? Newton go f yourself I guess right?


  4. lol oh my god i can not believe it… he seems invincible, stupid, … The best MC type there is… the thing that brakes the worlds logic and order in a young man running through the lands destroying everything in only underwear… i wonder how much he’s going to level up killing monsters with his shock wave’s… all the very powerful people fear him right now and everyone else thinks he’s weak and feels sorry for him…lol… cant stop laughing


    • I was reminded of an episode of an old anime. With a woman on a motorcycle trying to chase down her lover who runs around the world at speeds that match her motorcycle. Which BTW is faster than any motorcycle on earth should be capable of.


  5. Victor DoUrden

    “Wrapped in a mix of scarlet and blue flames produced by the result of the frictional heat hitting the air—-was a boy in his underwear running at full speed.”
    Seems he wears the same undies as hulk and goku. Make an armor out of whatever that underwear is made of and well shit… your a god with a more OP defense then this MC


  6. SoicalDebacle

    Including links in your text on interesting terms , REAL FUCKING IMPRESSED! (not sarcasm, you saved me 5 seconds looking it up. Thank You.)…. cough! Thanks for the chapter.


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