Route to almightyness from 1HP Chapter 6


    Congratulations! The Demon Lord has evolved to 〇〇〇!

[…..I think……I have somehow fallen in love with you!]

It was a really sudden confession.

—-Until now, she had never let anyone get close to her. On magic power alone, she rose to the top and became the Demon Lord.

The people around her were all below-garbage waste, she never encountered a person who could match up to her until now. Even the possibility of such an existence was never given a thought.

And the result of that was decisive defeat by the man in front of her.

It was complete and utter defeat.

She, who received an overwhelming culture shock and fell into a panicked state, mistook panic for love. The time it took for that to happen wasn’t even that long.

No, to be precise…….it was the effect of the harem attribute.

Even though God said it was made as a joke, one way or the other, it seemed the settings of the attribute were done properly.

The Demon Lord, with flushed cheeks, walked towards Yuuki and threw her arms around him.

In quick succession, she buried her head into Yuuki’s chest.

The Demon Lord’s bondage type clothes had a lot of exposure in many places.

And Yuuki only had on a pair of underwear. Their skin and thighs came in contact with each other.(TL Note:0.o)

A sweet sigh from the Demon Lord, who had turned into a young girl in love, tickled Yuuki’s chest.

At that moment, something hard hit the abdominal region of the Demon Lord.

[…..What is this between your groin?]

According to words of the Demon Lord——inside the underwear, a tent was being pitched.

‘This is really bad,’ thought Yuuki.

Well, because of this situation, it was expected to be surprised.

To be frank, it was a fantasy Onee-san with deep red eyes. Furthermore, she was really pretty.

If I accepted her here, it would be easy to imagine graduating from my virginity. Therefore, the junior reacted honestly.

However, Yuuki had an important reason to not accept her feelings.

Therefore, heartbrokenly pointing at the tent between his legs, he told a sad lie.

[……..This is a Holy sword. It deals large damage to demons. ………And I have yet to dispel my battle state with you.]

The Demon Lord was astonished.

To be that powerful unarmed and to on top of that have a Holy Sword.

—-This man, how bottomless was his power?

Thereupon, the Demon Lord realized how small her power was in comparison.

—–Come to think of it, the life of a Demon Lord was nothing but boredom.

Depending on the talent I was born with, I didn’t even seek money or power.

Only the parents said, “to have that much power. If that’s the case, you should aim to be Demon Lord.” Since then, I was praised as a genius by my surroundings.

For some reason or another, I aimed towards being the Demon Lord. The path of stairs leading to it was climbed without any effort, and before I noticed it, I was seated on the Demon Lord’s throne.

And, the war against the humans was ended by one’s own overwhelming power too.

From there, it was just one worthless day after another.

The aides handled the politics. My job during the war was the ultimate weapon in case of emergencies. However, it was only that.

There was nothing to do but to just sit on the throne all day long and occasionally stamp some documents. If you were to refer to human years, I was a 17-year-old girl……From that point of view I can say—–It was really boring

However, she, at this moment of time, was seeing a whole new world.

One’s power didn’t work at all. This was a new universe!(TL Note:she puts it that way twice)

And she, just now for the first time since she was born, experienced such a throbbing in her heart——the throbbing of love.

She began to think of just one thing.

The Demon Lord’s throne she won without effort, there were no lingering attachments to that place.

[If possible, I wish to be by your side. I’m even resolved to quit my current job…..]

Yuuki heaved a deep sigh.

Quit her job……As I thought, there was a reason behind the sudden confession.

[Was it that much of a shock that her magic didn’t work…..Well, I guess that was the final blow concerning the situation about her job.]

So, as for the girl before my eyes, I think she has no talent for magic.

At any rate, judging from appearances, she seemed to be around 17 years old—she would be a low ranked sorcerer if she was staying at a location where slimes appear.

In her own way it seems, she had some insecurities about her job future.

Due to being too weak, she would always live side by side with death in fear and despair at her own lack of talent.

And along with that original source of suffering…..came an opponent who wasn’t affected by her magic—–Her spirit must have been broken.

And thus, she had reached a conclusion.

If oneself was weak, that’s fine. I already have no life after this. So in the future, in order to live, one must rely on a man, even if it meant being akin to a parasite.

Therefore, the sudden love confession.

—–Fu, how naive fantasy Onee-san, did you think it would be that easy?  After all, I am the weakest in this world. Moreover, I have yet to build even my own basic livelihood in this world. Therefore, there’s no way I can handle another person’s troubles.

[Let me tell you first, I cannot marry you.]

[Eh……?   Is it……no good?

[It’s no good]

Then, Yuuki began to think……Well, let’s assume I said it was alright.

The girl in front of my eyes has such a cute face. It would be a shame for such a good woman to rot here.

There were other ways than to rely on me like a parasite. What would happen to her own self-reliance?

And therefore, I made up my mind. “The resolution to quit her current job” was stated.

Somehow or another, she persisted in her job as a sorcerer.

So, if we assume that she doesn’t have the talent for it……as she can only manage low rank magic—-If she just stays bound by the limits of Sorcerer and does not see the other paths, wouldn’t her possibilities be thrown away?

[Besides, if you’re resolved, it would be better if you quit once and for all if that profession is useless……Instead of being stubborn, try another way. For you, there should be something that you want to do other than your current job. Don’ t you have a future dream?]

She discouragedly hung her head like everything had been seen through. Tears collected slightly in her eyes.

—–Truly…..This was a man without limits. To declare Demon Lord as a small job.

And the talk about future dreams.

I sat on the Demon Lord’s throne without purpose. Before this man’s eyes, he was able to see into the gap of one’s heart.

[A future…dream?  To me there is no …… such dream. If I had to say….it would be to walk the same road together, by your side]

—–How persistent, this Onee-san!  I cannot afford to support a woman who won’t become independent of me!

The way things are going…..Yuuki thought of the possibility of her becoming a stalker and following him.

While pointing to the far west and opening his mouth, he said an unreliable remark in order to keep her away.

[Well, there’s no feeling of wanting to be with you. So… a dream huh. That’s right, how about you aim for the desert?]

[…..Desert… that barren wasteland, what the heck is there?]

[Digging up the desert is good. In our world, that’s where dreams are buried.]

The Demon Lord laughed.

He was, perhaps, explaining the difficulty of finding a dream, and also saying that when you have found it, there will be difficulty in achieving it too.

That is, digging up the desert and finding buried treasure; it was that type of extraordinary thing.

She nodded a lot, and the Demon Lord said.

[You’re right, my current self doesn’t have a dream, I’m a dull woman without a purpose in life….If that’s the case I’m not qualified to stand by your side. I will go on a journey to improve myself. If….if so, I will aim for the desert until I find a dream]

[Oh, so you are going for the desert. Someday, I hope you can show me your matured figure.]

Yuuki said so while nodding.

‘Give up on the road of a sorcerer. There was a chance things might go better as a swordswoman,’ was what I was thinking.

I’ll bide my time until she becomes successful as a swordswoman and becomes an independent career women, and then I’ll be supported by her.

[You really are different…..will you listen to a small wish of mine?]

[What is it?]

[If you say you can’t accept me as I am now………one day, I will grow into a woman who can be a match for you. When that time comes, I will appear before you again…….At least my mantle……I want to leave it by your side.]

The demon Lord held out her mantle to Yuuki.

Yuuki received it with a refreshing smile.

——No matter how you look at it, it was bad to stay in just a pair of underwear.

With this, Yuuki was relieved to be able to hide his exposed back.

[Well then….until the day we meet again]

The next day, the Demon Lord’s castle was in an uproar similar to a beehive being poked.

The strongest Demon Lord in history, 300 years old, 17 years old in human years, suddenly declared her retirement from the throne.

To the influential demons who were trying to stop her, she said, with a bright expression that failed as demonic in every way,
(TL Note: could not make head or tails of this line—–引き止める有力魔族達に、彼女は憑物でも落ちたかのような晴れやかな顔でこういったと言う。)

[I—–will head towards the desert. In that place, is where dreams are buried]

Former Demon Lord: Natasha Erigaul.

—–Several years later, would be a girl referred to as “The Oil Baron.”


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    • FlameStrike

      He is isn’t he? Hahaha well at least it’s played for comedic effect properly. The vastness of the misunderstandings on both sides of this convo are hilarious.


      • I actually have the urge to drop this now…
        I won’t, I don’t give up because of one bad thing. But if this persists for a couple more chapters with no hint of it being fixed…
        I am sorry. But I am dead tired of these kinds of stories.
        Seriously, it has slowly crawled its way up to stand below NTR in my list of hated content.

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  1. i hope the MC finds out that his stat’s are broken and that he actually just defeated the demon lord/king/queen… Most likely he will be stupid and push everyone away and learn nothing about what he’s done and how stupid he really is… Cant wait for more… need next chapter!!!

    and Thanks again for another chapter…


  2. Vincent

    What’s with the trend with the MC being the most stupid character in the story?
    Seeing a slime, the first thing he think was to run away, he won’t even try fighting it.
    How can he know if he can defeat it, if every time he sees a monster, he runs away.


    • Mori Summers

      The thing is, it was a metal slime. He can beat a regular slime, but a metal slime has really high agility and defense, just like him. He thinks that he only has 1 attack, so he can’t damage it. He also thinks that he only has 1 HP, so one shot from the metal slime might kill him. That’s why he ran.


      • Vincent

        So every time he sees an enemy would he just run away, since he has only 1 hp?
        And it’s just that he wants the Former Demon Lord to become big, or rich so he can depend on her, wow what kind of person who depends on others to live.


      • Silver

        When the MC said Metal Slime he was referring to himself. The slime he encountered is a regular slime. The MC is a pussy. You can argue that he doesn’t take risk and clever that way but doesn’t change the fact that he’s scared as shit.

        note: so far after reading 6 chapters.


  3. ok, that was hilarious. And though continuous misunderstandings are a normal part of comedy, I kiiiiind of hope he brightens up, just a little bit. because if he spends the entire story being this thick, the gag comedy may begin to grow stale.

    good translation though, thank you for the treat 😀


  4. Puno

    This mc is so dense, it’s not even funny anymore. He thinks hes weak, okay that’s fine, quit crying about it and do something about it instead of running like a little retard(slimes are considered the weakest mob) quit being a pansy and fight it. This guy is running at mach speed and he doesn’t even realize it? Give me a break, and the mc thinks the demon lord is using low tier spells even though the spell obliterated everything in a mile radius around him, anyone that has a brain would find something weird with that, this guy must have never played a rpg in his life.


    • Heyyou

      The only explanation is that he thinks that that level of spells are weak and real sorcerers are much more powerful, which is still a retarded explanation.


    • Shiku

      Have you played an 1HP character in your game? Definitely… you haven’t… Please put yourself in MC’s shoes… if you found out that you only have 1HP and only a single scratch can kill you(literally)… Try to go casually, I dare you…
      In case for his speed… He did notice it himself, so he really relies in his agi in order not get hit.
      As for misunderstandings… First he met the Demon Queen in the slime area(which you say it’s the weakest one), our one of a kind MC thinks she really is low-tier Sorcerer. Second, he is more an RPG player than you are… he is basing it from his 1HP(which is technically not), no matter how grand the special effects are(the scorched land)… If he can’t see the DMG for himself, it’s still futile!
      If I had to say it myself, the misunderstandings are cleanly well made. No Forced Situation shoved in there…

      “The Oil Baron” is another misunderstanding for the reader… It’s not what you think it is(petroleum or whatever), it’s more like skin oil or a skin lotion in a form of oil… Hence, she is called “The Oil Baron/Tycoon” because has the monopoly of it… It’s clarified at the end of Arc 3, after the next arc.


      • Heyyou

        Actually, he is a shitty RPG player. I don’t know any RPG system in which you would receive 0 damage(for example, in DnD if you get hit by spell and pass a save, you will still receive a minimum of 1 damage from attack spell) from attack that hit if you don’t have some special effects on you(which he knows he doesn’t have) so if you were experienced RPG player, you would wonder why your single hp didn’t go to zero when you got hit, you should have noticed that something is strange with that.


      • No not really some RPG if you use magic against an magic resistance enemy damage become ineffective basically enemy can nullify magic attacks so only physical attack works FYI magic doesn’t work on metal slimes and they have a high evasion rate making it hard to kill them


      • Heyyou

        I though that i mentioned “you don’t have some special effects on you(which he knows he doesn’t have as he didn’t see any on his status) “. Also, he did get hurt by the magic attack, he felt like a mosquito had bitten him so i can’t see how he doesn’t get that he actually have higher stats than he thinks. The problem is that i have yet to see a game or rpg system where you wouldn’t get hurt by attack that hit you without having special immunities, for example, black dragons(magic) from Heroes of might and magic, werewolves(physical) from Disciples, ghosts from a lot of games, etc. The thing is, the MC is just really stupid or shocked because i can’t imagine a reason why the MC would think that an attack that leaves a 200 meter crater is weak and that it would do less damage than a slime. Also, don’t call the damage to surrounding “special effects” because they aren’t in a game.


      • Lowlightt

        Depends on the game, in jrps its possible to have enough defense or magical defense to negate all dmg. So again seems like you don’t play enough RPG’s especially if your first rpg idea what a western style rpg with an Asian Protagonist.


      • Silver

        Umm.. 1st of all MC is bathed in a huge spell. He noticed the slime died but did not check his status and decided he has high magic resistance when he didn’t notice it in his stats. (Any decent gamer would notice the discrepancy and check their status)

        2nd MC is a pussy. Ran full powered away from Slime and see another one, goes into panic but was level-headed to conclude he has magic resistance and determined he was attacked by a low level magic when the after does not concur? Seeing an enemy Sorcerer in the middle of Slime field and reach to the conclusion that it is weak is fine but seeing that kind of spell damage and say it’s weak?

        3rd He has 65K AGI/DEF compared to the other 2 heros. Disregarding DEF with 65k AGI no attacks would land.

        4th This may apply or may not. However, Hero’s can be revived over and over again. That is if they wanted him to be revived.

        The only 2 things that I can reason with as to why he decided to run away from monster is one, that in most game back in the day, there was something “called” lowest damage dealt that rest of 1. So no matter how much DEF you have/accumulated you will take damage of 1 Hit Point. But with his 65K AGI this shouldn’t be a problem. DODGE all day. Two, he has no experience as to how fight.

        So if damage dealt is set to minimum 1HP and him having no combat exp. I can see why he is scared as shit. However that doesn’t explain the fact as to how oblivious he is with magic and how it progresses in terms of damage/aftermath.

        Therefore we can conclude he has little to none gaming experience. Just an AVG guy who is very sexually frustrated and level-headed when it comes to relationships.

        Note: Writing this actually made me calm down and distracted me from getting very mad at this dense of a MC.


  5. Unknown

    Damn it! Dense lv should have a limit. This guy just waste a really good Harem member like she was nothing. I will still like this novel but just my opinion can you really be that stupid not noticing she was a Demon Lord after all that spells she cast like nothing, which destroy everything and everything around it, but he doesn’t even have any suspicion about it?


  6. Yukino

    Thanks for the chap Nero sama~

    Which one in the cover is the demon lord. I might remember it wrong but the description said she have silver hair. However, a kyonyuu maou-poi wearing mantle onee san is clearly the red hair woman in the middle.

    P.S. I somehow saw ‘oil baron’ as ‘loli baron’ before I notice my mistake while reading the comment, Teehee~


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