Route to almightyness from 1HP Chapter 7


Sorry for the late update was feeling under the weather for awhile but I’m all better now and also the author seems to be changing stuff within the chapter like names and stuff so I had some troubles anyways here’s the chapter……

Succubus Queen: First Part

2,000 kilos North from the Marduk Country.

Leaving the main road, past the sacred mountain of the flame dragon, a granary was spread all over.

The fertile black soil of Cherurosa’s was spread all around the granary which supplied 40% of the continent’s wheat.

But, 99% of the people living here in this land were human serfs, and the remaining 1% were demon women who ruled it.

Demon Lord territory, the self-governing Rosenberg country.

Swirling with lust and conspiracy, this was the demon country which the demons of the night, Succubus, controlled.


The town was complete wrapped in a demonic purple fog mixed with scarlet.

In the dinner room of Rosenberg Palace, two sisters were about to begin dinner.

One girl had silver colored hair and transparent skin. Also worthy of special mention were her pink colored eyes. A human would only be able to describe her appearance as that of a 16 year old.

And, the other person, who also had silver hair, was a woman who looked to be in the latter half of her twenties.

The charm of those two brought on a fascination that could not be described with words. There wouldn’t be a man who wouldn’t fall for their smiles.

[Onee-sama, at last……our sisters’ earnest wishes will be achieved tomorrow.]

[Yes, all the nuisances are gone. Tomorrow is the day I become king…… really was long]

[The King of the previous generation……After poisoning the mother who was King two generations ago, us sisters’ circumstances, in one word, was the worst…… those guys…. after strengthening the brainwashing of the serfs……feasted on our sex magic…..Onee-sama…..was forced to become the partner of those lowly serfs….]

With a distant look, the older sister, Adeline, floated a sad smile.

[For the royal family to fall to such a fate. As for you, while hiding your social status, you had to journey to the area under direct control of the Demon Lord after being exiled… must have suffered from hunger during your journey.]

[No, my hardships compared to yours Onee-sama….]

Adeline finished brushing her hair.

[Sarutorinu, (TL Note: if you got a better way to pronounce this name please tell me~~サルトリーヌ). it was all thanks to you. You, in the area directly under control of the Demon Lord, ensnared influential demons with seduction techniques and established a haven for us sisters.]

[No, it wasn’t like that Onee-sama, I just made a good foothold. Onee-sama, against our enemies……Our first achievement was getting revenge for mother.]

[Well…..80 percent of the things I did……was poisoning. You were disgusted with my methods at first. However, you soon became my right arm, even for assassinations, so let me once again express my gratitude.]

Sarutorinu nodded.

[All of it was handled according to Onee-sama’s instructions…..Infighting creates a power struggle, the act of retaliation turns into revenge. And, in the end, assassination is used—–It is the fate of a Succubus…….]

[……The previous king……poisoned mother, and then was poisoned by me……this is what they would call karma don’t you think?]

And then, with a *pan*, Adeline struck her palm.

[Let’s now put a stop to this gloomy discussion since today is us sisters’ victory celebration.]

[That’s right Onee-sama.]

The two people picked up their wine glasses.

[Cheers] [Cheers]

The moment when both of them took a sip of wine, Sarutorinu’s complexion became blue and then changed to purple.

And then, she fell down in place.

[Onee……sama……..?  Why…….?]

Adeline laughed.

[It’s a fast-acting poison. It’s already too late to be saved. You hated it at first, but soon, you had a foot on the path of carnage. You understand now don’t you?]


[The biggest influence inside the palace as of now….is our faction with the two of us at the top. Supporters of both of us noble succubus are plotting power struggle with each other like a hobby……..You are in the way of strengthening the new administration foundation, Sarutorinu]


[When there are two boatmen, the passengers feel uneasy. And the guys who feel that uneasiness begin to think, ‘One of the two must be kicked off.’ Only that will make you break a cold sweat……right?](TL Note:Couldn’t quite get the last line.「船頭が二人もいては乗客は不安に思ってしまう。そして不安に思った奴らは考え始めるの。どちらに従い、どちらを蹴落とした方が――より甘い汁をすすれるか……ってね」)

And, she continued.

[You have already stained yourself with blood. If so, it’s not strange for you betray me at any time. The preparations are set too….don’t you think? The seedling of anxiety must be picked early……it was something I had expected to teach you one day.]

Seeming a little sad, she spit out.

[In the area under control of the Demon Lord… should have behaved yourself, or possibly……stayed away from the path of destruction. If you had never dyed your hands with blood and stayed a child—–then you wouldn’t have needed to die.]

Adeline, with her back to Sarutorinu, stepped forward from that spot and began to leave.

And then, while walking, Adeline’s legs gave in.

Then, she fell over.

—–Power does not enter her.

[Onee-sama…..Sarutorinu is sad]


All of a sudden, in front of the Adeline, a vial with green colored liquid in it was held out.

[This is the antidote to the poison I served to Onee-sama.]

With a hollow consciousness, the whipped body act, Adeline desperately reached out her hand for the medicine.

But, Sarutorinu threw the small vial onto the floor and trampled on it.


The green liquid was absorbed into the carpet.

[Onee-sama started it first……since today is the victory celebration, right? You made a plan……This is the time when humans and demons lower their guard the most. And Onee-sama, please tell me–If you don’t strike at the time like this, when will you do it.]

Sarutorinu had tears in her pink colored eyes.

[In truth……if Onee-sama didn’t set up anything…….I intended to give this medicine to you immediately…….

Unable to hide her overflowing tears, she continued.

[I……..Sarutorinu had noticed. As we sisters approached the throne……Murderous intent began to sprout within Onee-sama’s eyes……If today, if Onee-sama didn’t set up anything, I was going to take responsibility for planting the poison……In the worst case, I was prepared to be beheaded. If, in the case I was shown kindness and exiled from the country, I planned on relying on our friend Erigal, no she’s the Demon Lord now, and retiring to the area she directly controls…….]

But, she continued further.

[Onee-sama acted as expected…..and crossed a line that should have never been crossed. I…..I…..believed in the bonds of us sisters. For that reason…when I became aware of your murderous intent, I didn’t want to believe it. At that time, I felt hatred towards Onee-sama. That’s why, Onee-sama, I planted the poison]

Everything became clear. Having given up, Adeline asked.

[…..But…..why……are you…..not dying….?  Certainly………ingested poison….]

[One hour prior to today’s dinner……I used several different kinds of antidotes in order to nullify all the poisons Onee-sama could use.]

[Is this retribution……did I invoke retribution…..Sarutorinu…even you…someday…]

Nodding a great deal, Sarutorinu said.


In that way, Sarutorinu advanced and became the next queen of Rosenberg.

And, to her sister’s back, said words of farewell.

[—-Thank you for the last bit of guidance. As for me…..whether it be a relative or anything—-I won’t place any trust in them. Therefore, I will get rid of anyone in my way.]

2 months later

Something of a mysterious nature was born in the Marduk country ruled by the humans.

Various rumors spread among the demon tribes about Natasha Erigal’s, the strongest Demon Lord in history, sudden retirement from the crown, and among those was one with high credibility:

That the Demon Lord came in contact with that unknown existence.

And now, a secret letter reached the Queen of the Rosenberg’s self-governing country on the border of the Demon Lord territory.

At present, that unknown existence was only known by powerful high-class demons who could sense spirit pressure.

That spirit pressure was on such a ridiculous scale that it wasn’t even possible to guess it’s power.

“Something like a disaster” was the only way that it could be expressed. The current circumstances weren’t understood as of now. Besides, at this time, there was unrest about the retirement of the Demon Lord from the throne——When the knowledge of a being whose nature could not be known spread to the people of the lower classes, needless confusion would occur.

And therefore, who could perform the duty of Scout from the Demon tribe was limited.

The unknown existence’s spirit pressure had already been sensed. Besides—-To get away from the central of power which a lot of people are die trying to be.(TL Note:not sure about this one~~~既にその霊圧の存在を感知しており、なおかつ――中央権力から遠い場所におり、死亡したところでそれほどには差しつかえが無い者。)

With that kind of thing, she was chosen.

Coming in contact with something whose nature is unknown, perhaps she might be killed. It is the worst thing that could happen to the person who goes to investigate.(TL Note: Not sure about this either~~~得体のしれない何かに接触し、あわよくばその殺害を、最低でも何者であるかの調査を行えと。)

I don’t know what the truth is, perhaps she was murdered, it is the worst that could happen to person who goes investigate.

—–The Queen of the Succubus, Sarutorinu Markias, was an expert at seduction and poisoning.

Now, in the mountains.

In a small clearing, a small fire was shining against the darkness.

Lying down in that vicinity—–was a boy in a pair of underwear wearing a black mantle.

His old enemy had constantly followed him everyday since the time he began his trip in the other world. In other words, he was exhausted from the drama of escaping from the slime.

[Has it been 3 days already……mother’s pork miso soup…I want to eat it….]

If I arrived at the sacred Lindahl Empire, a neighboring country of the Marduk kingdom, it was said that I could get an occupation without any dangers.

For that reason, I kept walking towards the Lindahl Empire without eating or drinking.

At first, the Sacred Lindahl Empire was a distance of about 120 kilometers to the west.

And, as of now, I am in the mountains that are 870 kilometers northeast of the Lindahl Empire.

Today, when I asked a traveler who passed by, “How can a person have such a bad sense of direction. I mean that’s a distance that takes 3 days to cover on foot isn’t it!?” is what he said.

Yuuki sighed deeply.

[Surely, I didn’t think I would without noticing come across a warp zone while normally walking.]

In fact, while playing a game of tag with the slime, he didn’t notice that, every time, he covered a distance of 100 kilometers.

[Really, a lower magician using nuclear weapon class magic and involuntarily encountering a warp zone while walking….just what is with this strange world……]

—–No, what is up with you?

If a person knew of his circumstances, that tsukkomi would have been inserted there. Unfortunately he was traveling alone.(TL Note: shouldn’t had sent the Demon Lord away now there’s no one to play the straight man)

[Haha……at any rate I’m still hungry….]

At that moment, a sweet aroma tickled Yuuki’s nostrils.

[It feels like…..I’m getting sleepy….]

As the sweet air was inhaled, intense drowsiness began to take over.

And with that, he fell into a deep sleep.

Then, a shadow approached him. The black shadow was illuminated by the campfire—–It was a girl with long, silver hair and jet black wings.

She was wearing the battle costume of a succubus: fishnet stockings in a black leather suit and a large scythe which the followers of the god of death use.

Clearly speaking, it was an appearance like that of a bunny girl without the rabbit ears.

—-It was the queen of the succubus: Sarutorinu Markias.

A few hours ago, she witnessed the life-or-death struggle with the slime……and was astonished.

[Wha, what is this power……]

And thus, she began to think up a counter plan.

No matter how you thought about it, there was no chance of winning if it was a frontal assault. Then, she comes to a conclusion.

Earlier, Yuuki inhaled a sweet smell before falling asleep.

——It was a special incense that induced sleep.

A pink light in her eyes glittered mysteriously in the pitch-dark night.

Sarutorinu raised the large scythe and swung it down towards Yuuki’s neck.

A mysterious phenomenon occurred.

The blade which was supposed to penetrate the skin and cut through the meat slipped off of Yuuki’s skin easily.

For a second time, it was raised again swung down.

And, as before, it smoothly slid off.

—–What is with this situation?……This person…….are weapons……not effective against him?

However, she didn’t give up.

Since he smelled that incense, he wouldn’t wake up for at least 5 minutes.

With the time left, the scythe was swung down many times.

And 4 minutes later, she realized physical attacks are completely useless and switched over to another plan.

———By the way, the damage Yuuki received at this point in time was approximately 2000 points.

With Yuuki’s defense power of 65536, generally, that was a large amount of damage to pass through. She has displayed power which was worthy of praise even among higher ranking demons.

However, Yuuki’s HP stat was greater than 100 million (10^60 to be exact).

In layman’s terms, her attacks were like receiving a constant oil massage.

Now, let’s return to the main subject.

About the next plan that she took.

First, the black leather suit was taken off. What appeared was silk white skin illuminated by the moonlight.

Both the top and bottom underwear was purple and a garter belt was attached through the fishnet stockings.

The light of a succubus dwelled in those pink eyes.

“Even if it’s useless, you have to try everything.”

If attacking Yuuki didn’t work, she will use sexual appeal and kill him with poison when he lowers his guard.

She laid down beside the bonfire dressed in her underwear.

With this, all the preparation were finished. Now, we just have to wait till the prey wakes up.

With this, the previous show ended..

Next time……The misunderstanding about Yuuki and Sarutorinu’s sexual relationship is about to explode.


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