Route to almightyness from 1HP Chapter 8


Well here’s chapter 8 it took awhile but it’s done hopefully I can get chapter 9 up this week too….well anyways enjoy the chapter

Succubus Queen: Latter part ~Girl meets miracle boy~

Later that night.

When Yuuki woke, a girl in her underwear came into view.

Moreover, she was pretty, very pretty. Although she was cute, she was also a girl with a tremendously erotic atmosphere.

—–What on earth is this situation?

When Yuuki began to think of this as suspicious, the girl began to wake up.

With a charming gesture, she rubbed her drowsy eyes.

[You are….?]

[I am a Succubus.]


[I…….I was defeated by you]

[Defeated… me?]

[Yes, while you were sleeping…… Even though you were in that state…… You are really strong…… Even though I attacked you while you were sleeping…… It didn’t have any effect…… I was completely defeated.]

Sarutorinu’s plan was simple.

Acting as a harmless city girl from the start would take too much time.

First of all, she honestly told Yuuki that she attacked him while he was sleeping.

If he was this strong, she feared that nobody in this world could hurt him. She guessed it was possible that the former Demon Lord, Natasha Darkness Flare, couldn’t hurt him either.

Thus, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to reveal herself as an enemy since her presence wasn’t much of a threat.

Above all…… After revealing everything, she could just make up a lie about falling in love with him and seduce him that way.

In terms of love tactics, it was a somewhat forceful method, but Sarutorinu was confident that she could manage it somehow.

Her opponent was unusually strong but—-It didn’t change the fact that he was an adolescent boy that was curious about sex.

[……I see……I defeated you, didn’t I?]

[That’s right. I’m sure I attacked you.]

Yuuki thought.

The girl in front of my eyes was dressed only in her underwear. Furthermore, she introduced herself as a succubus. And it seemed that I was attacked while I was asleep.

Certainly, to Yuuki’s knowledge, a succubus was supposed to be very erotic.

It turned out like this.

No questions asked, it would be a demon that rapes men.

There can only be one answer.

In other words—–While sleeping……I seemed to have lost my virginity.

With such a beautiful girl as the partner there was nothing lacking, it was the best thing you could ask for.

However—–there was no memory of doing it with her.

How pitiful

[……Is such a thing…possible… not notice while sleeping.…..]

[Certainly, you did not notice at all]

My first time that I’ve seen in dreams…For it to be like this…. Therefore, he asked.

[How was I?]

After thinking a little, Sarutorinu said

[Was it hard…..or was it soft……I didn’t understand it well. It was a smooth slippery feeling….」

[ I see…. it’s certainly like that… It looks soft on the on the outside but it’s actually really hard.]

Sarutorinu thought. Now that he mentioned it, before he started a fire in the mountains, he ran with tremendous force

[And you were extremely quick]

[Too quick?…..I am sensitive so……After all, am I too quick during the real thing?…….yeah… I was aware of that.]

Yuuki had a dented expression like he witnessed the end of the world. Well, that aside, there were a lot of things he must ask.

[What kind of things did you do to me? I want you to tell me in as much detail as possible.]

At any rate, it was the first-time. Even if there was no memory of it, I want to have the knowledge of it.

[It was stiff, but soft and slimy……It wasn’t something that could be thrust inside the body….For the sake of putting it in, I swung and dropped using my whole body. But it couldn’t be put in.]

Apparently, Yuuki was relieved because it seemed to just be attempt. Even though she used all her weight to swing her waist in a cowgirl position…. it never happened.

[That sort of insertion. Have I died? No, I am all right. I think I’m just barely hurt.]

With wide open eyes, Sarutorinu

[Even after being attacked…..Is that what you’re saying? Even after I swung down and down again?]

[Even if it was thrust into the middle of the body, it was only an attempt.]

Beyond surprised, Sarutorinu floated an amazed expression and laughed. It seemed my existence was worthless before this boy’s eyes……I assumed it was to this degree. Therefore, I revealed the surprise attack.

However, to not even recognize an attack as an attack.

—–Really…….it was a person whose depths wasn’t known

Nevertheless, she had confidence. Even if her abnormal physical abilities were shown… the current state of things, she wouldn’t be able to win without using poison.

Sarutorinu had prepared a handbag filled with white bread and good quality wild boar meat. There were 10 pieces of first sized bread and 600 grams of the meat

Poison was mixed in all of it.

The Mandrake and wolfs bane were grinded.

After being boiled down for three days and three nights, they were transferred to a pot, and in addition, the toxicity was strengthened with magic.

For an example, let’s say an archer coated his arrowhead with this during a war. When the arrow grazed the target…….the poison would invade from the small wound, and the meat would rot suddenly and the bone would dissolve.

The effects of the poison were tremendous. It would only take around 15 seconds for the person’s upper body to melt into stew.

Ensnared by seduction techniques, your guard will relax…….with the poisoned food hidden in the grass—-I’ll catch you.

[You are a really strong person……I apologize for attacking you.]

[No, I’m happy. Don’t worry about it]

[You were happy!? You are unexpectedly that kind of the guy……]

At any rate, she began to talk

[I am a Succubus. If a strong man appears before my eyes……My body feels hot. Could you relieve my hot body?]

She licked her lower lip and looked at Yuuki’s eyes with an upturned glance.

And then, she slowly approached Yuuki and let out a sweat sigh to his ear.

Ohhhh, Yuuki thought. Certainly……this is a declaration for the second round.

——Yes, with pleasure!

Then, Yuuki noticed.

He noticed her well-hidden brassiere string――and saw a necklace with a huge gem on it.


This is…..I think.

There must be a good background story.

She looked almost around the same age as Yuuki……it was unlikely she could buy this kind of expensive thing with legitimate business.

In other words……Since she was a Succubus——Perhaps, she was a prostitute.

[You….what is this?    Such a thing seems to be expensive……why does someone your age……]

Certainly, even by noble standards, the necklace couldn’t be considered cheap.

With the price it was bought at, you could buy a few villages. It was a gem bestowed with magical effects.

Specifically, magic to halve effects such as poison was kneaded into the amethyst.

[I don’t walk a path that is praised by others. That is the line of work I am in……..because of that, I bought it with the money I saved.]

—–As I thought……this person was a prostitute.

That could have been dangerous, Yuuki thought.

If I had embraced her here, who knows how much she would have asked for later.

And, the people in that kind of business often have a large group of dangerous onii-sans backing her up.

With cheeks faintly dyed pink, Sarutorinu floated a bewitching smile.

[Well then….please have sex with me]

[I refuse!]


Sarutorinu’s face had a perplexed expression that couldn’t be hidden.

Certainly, it may have been pushy….. but her beauty was that of a succubus queen. No boy of that age should’ve been able to resist…….

[Why is it?   Why don’t you want to have sex?]

[That’s because you have lied. I understand everything now. What kind of painful experience do you plan to make me go through afterward?]

[Wh….why do you think such a thing!?!?!?!]

That’s right. Sarutorinu planned to finish him when he woke up in the morning……she planned to make him eat the food she brought.

The plan would be accomplished and the situation cleared….is what should have happened.

But, the boy realized everything. Faced with an opponent with an overwhelming power who could realize everything, just when she prepared to face her doom, he started to walk.

[You know, I smell something really good.]

Because it was only a whisper, the words did not reach Sarutorinu.

He advanced straight toward the grassy place. In that place was Sarutorinu’s luggage—–The place where the food filled with poison was hidden.

—–As expected, this man has realized everything.

While floating a smile similar to resignation, Sarutorinu hung her head down heartbrokenly.

[Is this your luggage?]

[Yes…. I was going to give you that food earlier]

When he emerged from the grass again—–Sarutorinu unexpectedly saw an incredible sight.

While walking this way, he was hungrily devouring the white bread.

And then, he began to roast the dry meat over the fire.

The meat’s fat was being melted by the fire and made a pleasant clapping sound. He placed more and more of it over the bread.
[…..What on earth are you…….what are you doing?]

Sarutorinu who was frozen, was finally able to say.

[Well……I thought you were going to give it to me?  I’m very hungry you see……..]

Then, she finally noticed the unusual phenomenon.

That there were no changes to his physical condition after ingesting that strong poison that would turn you into stew after 15 seconds.

[…………How do you feel?]

[Oh, is it not ready yet?]

As you know, Yuuki hasn’t eaten anything for the last 3 days and nights. Anyone would eat 3 or 4 piece of bread immediately too.

[Although I had prepared it…..You were able to..?]

——-From the beginning…….did this person already take an antidote?  Just like that time when I murdered Onee-sama……?

In fact, Yuuki’s HP has decreased by about about 800,000 points. And it continued to decrease. The effect of the drug would last roughly 10 hours.

By time the next morning, his HP would have been reduced by one hundred million—–At any rate, his HP is way beyond one hundred million(10^60).

With digestive organs at that level even diarrhea couldn’t happen.

[……..It is a complete defeat. Do as you like: roast me, bake me, or whatever you’re gonna do]

[Ha ha, certainly, you were screwing with me from the very beginning, and I do feel a certain degree of hatred about that matter. However]

and while saying that, he gently patted Sarutorinu’s head.

[I will—I will forgive you]

Even though she went so far as to have sex with him and to try to rip him off after that but……She planned to give this food to the starving Yuuki.

It seemed she was a good child.

But, she shouldn’t earn money that way. Speaking of what was bad, it would be her environment that was bad.

[…….I, who did all these thing……you’re going to forgive?]

To her question, Yuuki responded with a smile as innocent as the blue sky.

[Hatred gives birth only to hatred. Retaliation invites only retaliation. And—-In the end, there’s nothing. You who walks on the other side of the road……should understand that the most.]

Once I was poisoned by Onee-sama….I responded to that by poisoning her.

Sarutorinu thought.

The boy in front of my eyes drank an antidote from the beginning so he could be served poison.

As for me, I took an antidote so I would be fine when Onee-sama served me poison.

It was similar until there.

However, we responded differently.

Myself—-I murdered my older sister while shedding tears.

As for the boy—–he forgave everything with a carefree smile.

Then, tears overflowed from Sarutorinu’s eyes.

—–Truly…….it seemed this person really was unfathomable.

That time when Onee-sama was murdered, if I was able to smile like this boy——How would it have turned out?

—–Even now……..if I was able to take Onee-sama’s hand and walk the same path………possibly, we may have been able to live happily.

Large drops of tears continued to endlessly flow from her.

[Also, the current you…………this may be a rude way of saying it, isn’t walking on the right path. I’m sure you’ve realized that by yourself now]


[You…….Live on a different road from now on.]

She looked towards the moon with a wistful gaze.

[It’s already too late……Because, I am already stained]

[No matter how dirty you are, the majority of our body is made up of water. Your body will someday wash away all the dirt and be purified.]

A moment of silence.

——-Though it was the kind of speech that set one’s teeth on edge, why……….when this person says it……….do the words have such a powerful effect.

Sarutorinu unintentionally floated a smile.

And……started thinking.

The crime of killing my older sister won’t disappear. Even if I wash her blood away with mine, the Demon Lord territory will not change. But, if it’s me——the me who was able to meet this boy——Perhaps there will be a time when change is possible.

The chain of the hate which was born from now on……I might be able to stop it.

It may be possible to put an end to the cycle of tragedy.

[………I wonder if I can do it?]

[Just now… smiled you know?  A woman who can make such a beautiful smile……..The previous tainted path does not suit you, I think——That is my answer]

And, then, Sarutorinu noticed.

The beating of her heart in the depths of her chest.


Until now, though she had associated herself with various men of her race—–This was the first time she had such feelings.

And as for her………she was a succubus with a strong sexual desire, so she could not suppress the throbbing of love.

[My body is really flushed……In the future……do you want to associate……with me?]

[If you…….could clean your hands, I would gladly accept your feelings

Yuuki thinks.

As evidenced by her giving me bread, she really seems to be a good person.

Various things happened as a prostitute, but there seems to be a place that she yearns for. The proof is that she wants to wash her hands of this business and move on in a positive way.

However………Unless she completely cleans her hand of being a prostitute, I really don’t know how much I’ll be charged later.

I am penniless. I don’t want to be ganged up on by scary onii-sans when I can’t pay the money.

[Later……The remainder of this food………Could you give them to me?]

[Yes, it’s all right. For the path I’ll walk in the future, it is something unnecessary to me]

——-Oh Yeahhh!

The tension of Yuuki was at a max state. For the time being, the trouble of what to eat tomorrow was now gone.

[Just one thing……….will you make me a promise?


[To break away from the dirty path——-It will surely take time.]

[However..] she says a little reservedly

[However, in exchange for that, when the time comes, without fail………….please have sex with me. This is the proof of that promise……..while I’m not at your side……]

She held out the amethyst colored necklace to Yuuki.

[Such an expensive thing……..are you really sure?   In order to buy this, your own body………This ornament…….Isn’t it necessary for you?  Isn’t it something you need in preparation of washing yourself?]

[It’s alright. It was an idea to fight poison with poison from the beginning. If I depend on such a thing…….Nothing will change]

Jewels and gorgeous clothes……are the necessary weapons for a prostitute to draw in customers.

Yuuki was impressed by her firm determination to hand over such things.

[………I’ll gladly accept]

[Ah….also, this too……]

From the bag full of food, various colorful jewels were taken out.

Although much more inexpensive compared to the amethyst, each one of the jewels had an anti-poison effect.

[These are not necessary too……Because it will become a burden, except the amethyst which is the proof of the promise, you may dispose of them if you want]

[……….Eh, is it really ok?]

[Yes, it is all right. Well then—–until we meet again]

In that way, she flapped her jet-black wings while giving a smile with faint regret.

Now then, Yuuki thought.

Though I do not understand, somehow, I received about 10 jewels.

With an excitement that couldn’t be suppressed, he shouted toward the night sky.

[Though I do not understand it, but——I’m now Riiiiiiiich!!!]

Towards the Devil Derritory Rosenberg autonomic country, with determination, one girl flew through the sky with jet black wings. And then, she muttered to herself.

[That there was such a person………among the humans with such qualities, I seem to have been misunderstanding the humans……. In our country…….We treat the human serfs as livestock………this will have to be reconsidered]

——Demon King of the Night: Sarutorinu Markias

On her agenda, she proposed a policy to abolish serfdom to reconcile with humans……..It was after the encounter with Yuuki.

And 5 years later, the existence called ‘serf’ disappeared from the demon country.

At that time, those who opposed her idea were punished severely.)

However——Not even one person was assassinated or poisoned at all


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