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Looks like I’m gonna have to find something new.


17 thoughts on “Status news

  1. I want to know if he plans to continue the web novel or drop it for the light novel version, if so I see no future in me translating incomplete work and I’m not messing with the light novel either.


  2. jorgelotr

    Since we have 2 threads, let’s leave it here too.

    This is the author’s tweeter and it seems that he’s still working on HP1 and Dungeon Seeker. I checked and both series have been picked by a publisher (as the fact that the image on the project page comes from the cover of the 1st volume published last December), so chances are high the works got deleted to leave just the printed version as a source. This means that if the project is going to continue beyond the last savepoint on the archive, we’ll have to wait for the LN to catch up.

    Another point hinting that the reason of the deleting being the publishing is that there are no valid archives for the series from after December, when vol 1 went on sale.


    • it actually makes sense since most of the chapters belong to volume one and he has barely even started volume 2. Volume 2 would already surpass what is already available in total right now. it takes about a half a year to a year for most people to finish writing a whole volume. buying the volume will be necessary past the very beginning of volume 2. I don’t know how to extract the text into a document, so that will have to be researched in the future.


      • jorgelotr

        I think that there are some OCR engines that extract the text in a photo or scan 8or any image). I don’t know how accurate Japanese one are, though, but a quick glance to some OCR-extracted RAWs tells me that they may be better than Western ones.


      • jorgelotr

        I’ve tried this one:
        and it seems good. However, when selecting chunks of text too big, some mistakes appear. If you use it, I suggest you either going line by line or identify the wrong sections, scan them again and replace the text with the correct one.
        I suppose the reason for that stems from the fact that the software was most probably made with manga in mind (or short strings of text in pictures). either way, is not so much work.


  3. jorgelotr

    In order to dispel all of my remaining doubts, I kept searching. However, now I have even more doubts.

    The “copyright infrigement” mentioned by lygarx was, even though I’m not sure in what way, a plagiarism/homage in “Dungeon Seeker” of internet ghost story/legend (as in “urban legend, but on the net) “Hasshaku-sama ga tatakaretemamsu” (as I’ve not read Dungeon Seeker and only have a vague outline on what happens in Hasshaku-sama). It seems that sakamoto666 got a bit cocky and there were some flame wars that ended with punishment from Sousetsuka ni Narou (deletion of his account and novels after a set amount of time to let him apologize before everything was weeped out).
    The apology:

    The weird thing is that the offending work is Dungeon Seeker, not Metal Hagure, and while he’s said that he won’t write on the net anymore and perhaps willquit writing altogether, despite Metal Hagure seeing its only volume release shortly after the big wipeout, Dungeon Seeker has seen two volume publications, the first of which came out more than half a year after the takedown and the second just last month. While I can surmise that the story must have been rewritten to leave out the plagiarized part, it still beffudles me how come the work under suspicion is clearly continued while the allegedly original work is in a limbo.


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