Metal Hagure chapter 10


Looks like Chapter 10 is finished thanks to lygarx…Also for those who want to know, I’ll be back to releasing chapters near beginning of July.


The series is probably still ongoing. But the novel is no longer web novel past the very beginnings of volume 2. I don’t think the author is even done writing it, it takes a long time for many people to write a volume. Not like the translation is anywhere near that, so it should be fine. That publisher tends to demand that the author delete their ncode account and series. Remember Mahouka used to be a web novel. I am sure if we wait a few years, this may one day get an anime and get licensed. But that is like 6 or so years in the future. I suggest every one to buy the volumes when they come out and scan and extract the text. I use machines to convert to romanji  and an assortment of dictionaries. I may do more chapters of this in the future. But only…

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6 thoughts on “Metal Hagure chapter 10

  1. Haha

    As good as the novel is, I dont think its worth it to work on an incomplete novel..
    I sudgest you drop the project and take other project to translate.


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