Potential Projects Found…


Ok people rejoice for it seems I have found some interesting stuff to mess around with.

Check out the new Teaser page for the info…
Anyways…I’m going to do a chapter from each to get a grasp of the story and how difficult it is for me to translate them, then choose which one I’ll do as the main project and make the others side projects.
If I can’t choose I’ll just put up a poll or something.


31 thoughts on “Potential Projects Found…

  1. RobotLove

    When you choose a project please don’t translate 10 chapters then take be inactive right after hooking the readers. That’s just being an asshole. If you choose to translate at least commit to 1 chapter per week. If not just don’t a be translator, translator’s are very respectable people committed to translate chapters to readers everywhere.


  2. havisu

    for the teaser,
    i might like bereave or bereaved and “if you’re man…” since “hisshou dungeon” looks like it’ll be happy go lucky story..
    to be honest i prefer reincarnated, dark protagonist that died from uncertain tragedy than a protagonist that choose to live in other world because he want to…


  3. sdeligar

    All three look like they could be fun. No way to tell right now of course. Looking forward to seeing them.

    Also please ignore the complainers. While I agree it sucks when someone drops a story you like it’s your talent and your time that’s being used. Thank you for translating these and sharing them with us less talented people.


  4. asas

    btw just wanna ask, do you need any permission for translating any of these?
    because one of my japanese friend keep saying about needing permission even though it just a fan translation


  5. Irina_Akashira

    Oki, thanks for your hard work till now with Metal Hagure

    For me Bereave is the most interesting, or second option Hisshou Dungeon

    Bur in my opinion If you’re a man then there’s no other choice than aiming for King, right not seems interesting
    The MC seems a mix of Detective Conan and Astroboy

    Pd: Can you or someone els here respond a question

    For the Hisshou Dungeon’s Synopsis, It have a thing that isnt clear

    The MC is forced to become in a Dungeon Master or no?


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