Meh x2


Someone has picked up “Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou” and you guessed it, on the same day that “Bereave or Bereaved” got picked up….what kind of twilight zone world am I in right now  and people I don’t want to jinx it but I’m thinking that “If you’re a man then there’s no other choice than aiming for King, right” might get picked up also….still less work for me.

Anyways here’s the link to “Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou” —>

I’m starting to think that the world is out to get me or something


82 thoughts on “Meh x2

  1. MXMach

    Maybe you awakened to a super power? the power of “I will translate this one chapter and another person will translate in the same day 6 more of this!”, honestly if this is the case, select more WNs? xD


  2. D

    Ok my research about Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou not have a translator wasn’t as sound as I thought sorry *commits senpaku*(with safety scissors)


  3. David

    Considering you put them under a ‘Teaser’ tag it’s no surprise that others would take them from you once they find it interesting. That’s what translation teasers are for, after all.

    You better put the project you wish to translate under a ‘Main Project’ tag or something.


  4. Holy suzy sheep! Twice in a row, what is the odd?

    I mean, Sheeprabbit put up a mess of teasers and a long time before they get picked up, one by one.

    You got talent for picking series, it seems~


  5. Raven

    Sheeprabbit he give us hope for nothing when he translated those novels.
    It seems he likes to violet it……………………………………………………………………………..the novels I mean.


  6. majestix1988

    Real de Level Age Shitara Hobo Cheat na Jinsei ni Natta (Web Novel) or choose this one check it on animesuki for details


  7. D

    Real de Level Age Shitara Hobo Cheat na Jinsei ni Natta
    synopsis:Natsuno Taiyou is an RPG addict, but he doesn’t particularly care about the story or defeating the last boss, what he does is leveling his characters to the max then it’s done and shelved. His latest game is played on apple phone and just as he about to reach the max level, the phone was ran over by a truck and crushed. Dejected, he skipped school and just watched the phone remains on his room table, then he swear he will re-level it again no matter what. Then, just at that moment, light gushes from the phone and formed an entity, a fairy named Hera who claimed herself to be a Level Fairy.

    Hera told her to do useless things repeatedly to increase his level in reality. Although suspicious at first he tried to do it and it did work! His ability does increases! Especially Strength. Thus he began earnestly raising his level…. digging hole and fill it back in, dig it again and fill it again, opening window and close it, open it again and close it…. throughout the process he was questioned by patrolling officers several times since no matter how you look at it he is deadly suspicious~

    During his return from the police station he encountered his classmates, a triplet bishoujo. All three of them suddenly confessed their love to him…. This marks the start of his new (harem and cheat) life.

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  8. Lonjest

    Must be taking a break from TL’n it seems, or you given up?

    Majestix1988 seemed to pick a good LN for ya to do. I’m for it. I see it as a teaser, hope to see chapters for it soon.


  9. For some reason, I keep coming back to this blog every week. I dunno why, but my brain just keeps bringing me to this place…. XD
    I hope you can start translating something sooner or later. It’s really hard to translate something after going on a hiatus (even if that ‘hiatus’ is just a few days long lmao)… I hope you get your drive back or something. Idk.
    Well, translating something or not is all up to you in the first place…


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