Chapter 1: Hero summoning and imperial capital banishment


When class ends and preparations to return home is about finished the view suddenly changes..

The usual classroom is turned into a large middle age Europe-style hall. When I looked around, there are fellow students from the same class nearby. There are also other classes of different years and teachers a few distant away.

[Is this a dream?]

It seems this is a rumored daydream. No, this is a lucid dream with self-awareness. However, the information obtained from dream by the five senses is incomparable. At this moment, I concluded that it wasn’t a dream and decided to analyze the information.

For the people nearby, half of the are engrossing and another half are panicking. Wow, one of my childhood friend (male) looks calm as usual. That fellow is daring. I have never seen him shaken at all.

I saw people are observing us from a distance away, they wore middle age European-style clothes and clearly not are student from our school. Some are in dress(TL Note: Priest clothes I guess), some are in suits and some are dressed like soldiers with iron armor. And because of the Middle Age style European building, our clothes looks out of place.

In the meantime, one of those people steps forward.

[Everyone, please listen to me.]

A voice of the girl around our age, perhaps. That girl wore a gorgeous dress. Her presence was remarkable even though there were people who also wore a dress too. Oh, what…… Just a few word, she is a princess no matter how you look at it. Thank you. By the way, there is a king-like old man next to her, being completely overshadowed by the princess.

[I’m Eludia kingdom’s princess Christia. This world is called “Arcs” it is different from everybody’s world . All of you were summoned here by the hero summoning ceremony.]

She is a princess after all.

She picks up the hem of her skirt and bows elegantly while she gives a self-introduction. Most of the boys blush and are fascinated. Most of the girl are captivated too.

Me? I think she is a beautiful woman but I don’t become too fascinated by her. My childhood friend (male) is also the same too.

I could understand the current situation from princess’ word somehow. It is the common story of another world summon. The usual story of becoming a hero. Usually in the novels, the next thing she is going to say is to ask us to defeat a demon king or an evil deity.

[I want everyone to save this country and to defeat the demon king.]

Indeed, This is the usual fantasy…… Although I confirmed it wasn’t a dream a little while ago, I still feel some anxiety.

I try to pinch my cheeks for now, umm, it hurts. This isn’t a dream after all.

[What is this?! Why did you suddenly bring us here?!]

The boy from another school year shouts. It’s a natural reaction. However, only that boy had a big reaction, the surrounding people don’t show any positive reaction for his remark. If one person has a big reaction, it should be a lot of people who have the same reaction in the normal situation.

[We apologize for summoning all of you here for our own selfishness. We are really sorry.]

Princess Chistia bows down deeply. When she looks up, I see tears at the corner of her eyes.


The male student who raised his voice flinched. If you made beautiful girl cry, your impression from the girls whom you aren’t close with will be lower.

However, I feel the princess’s tear is unnatural in my eyes. [Spec: I read too much novel to know what this mean. XD]

[However, The goddess told us the only way we, the human are to survive is to summon the hero!]

Princess shouts out with sorrowful voice. The boy who raised his voice is looked at coldly by the surrounding students.

But goddess…… That word seems important again. And again it’s the usual fantasy.

Perhaps, there’s a holy sword too?

[I’m sorry for confusing you. I’m sorry, but could you explain to everyone?]

[Please leave it to me. I will explain in place of the princess.]

A civil officer took over the conversation from the princess who cried and explain some information to us.

To summarize. Because of the explanation of that guy is too grandeur.

This is a fantasy world of sword, magic, demon and demon king.

  • Demon king tries to destroy mankind.
  • Demon king is hostile with goddess.
  • Hero summoning was performed by the oracle from goddess.
  • Everybody in school were summoned here as heroes.
  • As for the one who was summoned, They will receive a blessing (Gift) from goddess.
  • Blessing (Gift) will be either special ability or skill.
  • Method to return us to our former world is unknown.
  • If demon king is defeated, the method to return to former world will be told by the oracle.

When everybody knows there is no method to return, they become grieved. But when the story continues and the method to return will be told by the oracle of goddess when the demon king is defeated. It makes us despair without any choice. Uh, it’s a scam trick.

I think it is dangerous to trust since we received an information from only one source. Especially the story of the oracle sounds too convenient for their side. The person who performed the summoning might not be a good person, it happens quite often in the fiction. Actually, the summon country might be the last boss too.

However, because we have a little information about this world, I guess it is a safe choice to do what this country told for a while, at least while we gather some strength and knowledge.

First, it needs to be checked what kind of blessing (Gift) we, the heroes have. There is a magic tool (Magic item) called “Sacred gem of blessing” in this country. It looks like a large crystal, when the holder of a blessing (Gift) places their hand on it, it will shine and display what kind of power they have.

Right now, We have to wait in-line because the country we are currently in has only 10 “Sacred gem of blessing”. There are 800 people in our school. Assuming it takes 1 minute per person, it should take around 80 minutes.

By the way, the words and letters are completely in Japanese. They match up with hiragana, katakana, kanji and simple english (Japanized english) in our world. I thought it is because some translation magic but it the usual Japanese.

Was this world made by Japanese people?

My turn finally came. It is around the 60th person. In other words, it’s just about an hour passed since summoning. I place my hand on sacred gem the same way as everybody else.

I hear an exciting voice from surrounding people who are waiting for their turn. That is a strong-minded girl group from the next class. Nothing good will be happened if you relate with them in our former world.

I think there is a timid girl in the same class as them. Maybe.

Leader girl is making fun of the timid girl.

[Why don’t you have any blessing (Gift)? You really are garbage.]

[Just now, everybody received a blessing (Gift) except you. Seriously.]

[That is…]

The timid girl looks blue. Soldier give an instruction in hurry.

[Tell the king and princess quickly.]

It seems that timidly girl doesn’t have a blessing (Gift) somehow. I have that assumption from civil officer’s explanation and that soldier’s panic.

However, judging from the tone of those girls, her situation is that of being bullied in our former world. It seems something like this was happening next to my class… It’s sad.

By the way, the timid girl is quite cute. She has braided hair, glasses and book committee’s dress  style but the material is considerably nice.


It doesn’t shine when I place my hand on the sacred gem either. And it has been a while too. It doesn’t shine after all. It seems to be the same as that timid girl or perhaps I should say, I am.

[There is someone who don’t have a blessing (Gift) here too!]

The soldier in front of the sacred gem raises the voice. It seems they have to report to the king just like that girl. I have a bad feeling. A really bad feeling.

Shortly after that, the king and princess rush over here. The old man who was next to princess is a king after all. Me and the timid girl are lined up in front of them.

[Are those two the people who didn’t receive a blessing (Gift)?]

[Yes, the sacred gem didn’t shine.]

With the soldier’s confirmation, those two people have a troubled face.

[All of the hero who came from another world should have a blessing (Gift) by the oracle of the goddess.]

[Umm, I can’t believe the oracle is wrong.]

[The Goddess can’t be wrong. She is an absolute existence.] [Spec: I saw a lot of the have a mistake. :P]

No, how could she be an absolute existence when a demon king is rising? It seemed the princess believes in the goddess blindly. Although faith is free, it won’t be good if they don’t think about the reality.

[Then, these people aren’t heroes.]

[Umm, perhaps they are low born or have commited a great crime in their world.]

King and princess say something on their own convenience in front of me. Of course, I’m not like that, I think.

Summoning us on their own convenience and then treating us as incompetents when we don’t have a ability. Uh, the boy a little while ago was correct after all. At this point, my evaluation of this country is a minus. And the evaluation of goddess who made this situation despite having had an oracle beforehand is a minus too.

The glances from the surrounding people is unnatural. They look at us like we are criminal. My acquaintances are among them too. There is a childhood friend (Female) who knows me since childhood. Childhood friend (Male)? His expression is still the same but he doesn’t try to stop them. That fellow is that kind of person.

This conversation was turning bad, speaking of this situation, perhaps it is because of brainwashing.

Meanwhile, the timid girl who looked down all the time is looking up.

[I-I didn’t do any crimes! I’m sure goddess forget to give us a blessing!]

The timid girl couldn’t endure it anymore and interrupt the conversation. I agree with her opinion too. However, it might not a good idea to make light of religious belief in front of a fanatic……

[You insult the goddess! Such people can’t be heroes! Kick them out of the castle immediately!]

As I feared, the princess became really angry. Beside, I who didn’t intervene seems to be kicked out together too.

And nobody trying to stop it proves the theory that the summoned people are being brainwashed. A person who hasn’t been brainwashed will understand it clearly. People who summoned us on their own convenience and then drives us out don’t have good intentions.

The soldiers grab me and the timid girl’s arm. My childhood friend (Male) ? That fellow doesn’t move either.

[No! Release me!]

Me and timid girl were taken by the soldier and walked out of the castle. I felt relieved as she said a lot of outrageous thing. Those people really don’t have good intentions. It wouldn’t be funny if they were going to kill us in that place. When I think about that, being driven out is a lot better. Or perhaps killing us in front of them might remove their brainwash……

Of course, we won’t go down without a fight if they want to kill us.

People deserted us because of being brainwashed. I shouldn’t think about them too much. Well, their treatment shouldn’t be worse than mine.

While I was thinking about that, we left the imperial castle. Well, should we look around the town first? The Imperial family and nobles are untrustworthy but the town’s people might be better. From the civil officer’s explanation, it seems this is the imperial capital. We shouldn’t stay here for too long no matter what.

[We have left the castle, could you release me soon?]

I asked soldier. However, the soldier replies with disgusting smile.

[No, For you guys, not just the imperial castle but also the imperial capital too.]

[A true exile, go and die on the road outside the capital.]

From  those words, I understood from the bottom of my heart that this country is nothing but garbage.

They drove us out from the imperial castle and exiled us from the capital in order to prevent us from showing up in front of those heroes. If humans who don’t have the power to fight goes outside the city where demons are, the chance they will die is very high. Higher for someone who was summoned from another world, who doesn’t know the rules of this world and don’t have a blessing (Gift).

That is enough, there is no need to endure it anymore. Those guys are enough of a reason to abandon this country.

Let’s prepare ourselves. Prepare to live in this world.

While we were being taken by the soldiers, I confirm the state of the city. It is middle ages european style just like the castle. I want to go sightseeing some of beautiful building inside the capital if I can. However, with our current situation, I don’t want to come here ever again.

This city is surrounded by wall and has 1 gate on each sides. We arrived at the north gate.

[Get away quickly.]

[Why was those guys summoned here…?]

Those soldiers release us outside the gate, it was abuse. Moreover, the tell gatekeeper did not let us near the imperial capital.

[gusu~, gusu~]

The timid girl sits on the spot and cries bitterly. I want to leave quickly…But I couldn’t leave her alone.

I try to approach her as gentle (not gentle) as possible

[I’m 2-B Shindo Jin. What is your name?]

Timid girl looks up and watches me. Her aspects are good when I see her up close. Her crying face ruins it but her aspects doesn’t change…

[gusu~. I’m, 2-C Kinoshita Sakura…desu.]

[Kinoshita-san, right? What will Kinoshita-san do from now on?]

As Kinoshita-san hears my question, her expression turns into despair.

[It can’t be help… being thrown out into this kind of place… I’m going to die…]

Her mind seems to be weaken greatly. Uh, it is natural to think like that. We are penniless in a different world. We don’t have any connection. And we have hostile relationship with the royal family. It’s checkmate. Truly checkmated.

[Kinoshita-san. I’m going to walk along this way, to reach another village or city.]

Kinoshita-san looks back at me and becomes confused after I said that.
[There are demons outside! We will be killed before arriving at a village! Beside… If I stay here, someone might help me enter this city. It is possible the people from school may come here and the soldier at the gate will defeat the demons…]

That is very convenient. Weren’t you driven out from castle by that country? It is really sad, I could object against all the hopes Kinoshita-san tried to cling to.

[It might be impossible. I think the traffic will decrease because it is going to be dark soon. The people from our school don’t think we are outside of the imperial capital and they won’t go outside the city immediately because they aren’t heroes yet either. Since gatekeepers were informed not to let us in, they might not help us when we are attacked. And above all…]

[Above all?]

[I don’t want to be in this city. I don’t want to be indebt with this city. What about Kinoshita-san? Do you want to stay in this city? Or do you want to help me?]

If this fellow is unhappy, I will go alone. Kinoshita-san looks down and thinks after hearing my words. Then she looks up as she resolve herself 10 seconds later.

[I also… don’t want to be in this unpleasant city. If I received a favor from this city, it is impossible to go to another city, no, I want to go to other countries.]

Kinoshita-san also has the same idea as me. Right now, we don’t just hate this city but also the royal family who are at the top of this country. We simply hate the whole country.

Kinoshita-san keeps looking at me and talks.

[Please. Please take me with you. I will do anything. I will try hard so I won’t drag you down. So, could…]

[Understood. Let’s go together.]


Kinoshita-san becomes dumbfound. Well, when you ask for it and get an okay answer, isn’t it strange to act like that?

[Is it okay? As you can see, I’m slow. Although I said I will work hard not to drag you, I probably will.]

She suddenly changed, it seems she has no self confidence. I mean she is a girl who has a really low self-esteem.

[From the beginning, Even if Kinoshita-san didn’t say so, I planned to invite you. Isn’t it natural for us who were thrown out to place like this to help each other?]


When I said that, Tears spilled from Kinoshita-san’s eyes.

[W-What’s wrong? You’re crying again, what’s the problem?]

[No… I haven’t heard such kind words is a long time…, these are tears of joy…]

The environment that surrounded Kinoshita-san is more severe than I thought. The bullying that was taking place in the next class to let her cry like this just from hearing these words. Such an unfortunate person is weak to these kinds of words. Kinoshita-san’s eyes which are wet with tear are glittering as she looks at me.

[So were settled, let’s move quickly. We should reach another village before the sun sets…]

[Understood. I will follow you. Err, what would you do if I want to defeat the demon king and return to our world?]

Just because we don’t follow this country, it doesn’t mean we don’t think about it.

[Just because the demon king is defeated, it doesn’t mean we can return. There is no guarantee of what the goddess and princess said either.]

[There was certainly no evidence.]

If I’m not mistaken, there could be someone who could fix that place.

[So as the princess said, when the hero defeats the demon king, The oracle from goddess will come and inform us of the method to return.]

[Yes. She said that.]

Everyone heard about this. I felt a sense of incompatibility at the time when I heard it…

[I didn’t hear a single word from goddess during that conversation. In other words, it is possible that the goddess “Knows the method of return”.]


I arrange the word properly.

[I don’t think goddess will teach us the method to return even if we defeat demon king since we don’t meet the hero’s requirements. Then, we rather look for it by ourselves. Although we don’t know if we could return to our world or not, Let’s hang it as a bait for the time being. The possibility might not be low either.]

[That’s amazing. I never thought of that…]

You may praise me more.

[You are totally different from me who could only cry…]

It’s sorrowful tears this time. Sad cry→Happy cry→Sad cry. You do nothing but cry, Kinoshita-san.

And it’s good to praise but it is troublesome when it turns to be self-torture. I have to help Kinoshita-san.

[Don’t worry. Because I will protect Kinoshita-san. So, let’s go together.] [Spec: flag is raised!!!]

She wipes her tear and replies.

[……Understood. Although I’m a careless person, but I will be in your care from now on Shindo-kun.]

[Same here. Kinoshita-san.]
Although there is some sense of incompatibility in our greeting but Kinoshita-san ends up taking my hand. She puts in some effort to stand up.

Thus, me and Kinoshita-san who are driven out from imperial capital are going to travel around this different world.



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  1. Mach

    They didn’t learn from novels that well… And I guess they are racist against demi-humans and intelligent beings who aren’t human.

    Or that the goddess is a bug, or, is just the CPU for the “system”…

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  3. sigh

    the MC is pretty rude dont you think?
    they were both kicked out and have the same status as exiles, so why wont he call her by her given name but keeps some distance?
    thinking he wanted to set off alone but since she’s a girl and crying he approached her and “planted a flag”


  4. As long as it doesn’t turn into a harem or a cooking show, I’ll like this series.
    Every other series usually has a retard and terribly written harem. So hopefully this is different.

    I just want a series with a bunch of friends (not-harem with at least 1 other guy mixed in, that isn’t a trap) going on adventures to save the world.

    Instead of reading about 12 year olds having sex (gun ota), cooking (death march), or cliche’d harem antics (every series with a harem), I really, really, hope this is either non-harem romance, or an adventure series.

    I’m no longer a horny teenager fantasizing about orgies, nor a perverted lolicon so I’m quite tired of harems.


  5. I would love it if she actually died and DOESNT have an ass pull revival it would be mad but judging by the romance tag and lack of Tragdey tag I doubt it. But man that would be crazy plot twist. Don’t get me wrong I’m a man of romance myself but all action adventure with romance tie in the romance is shit. And most of the time makes no sense and only happens because she is cute or has huge tits


  6. Yiguzhu

    “[Same here. Kinoshita-san.]
    Although there is some sense of incompatibility in our greeting but Kinoshita-san ends up taking my hand. She puts in some effort to stand up.|”

    That sense of incompatibility… Better be ready anytime for any NTR


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