Chapter 2: First combat and Special power


We leave the imperial capital and move along the road until we couldn’t see the gatekeeper. I told Kinoshita-san about our plan after the gatekeeper is out of sight.

– Walk along the road and head towards a village or any other city.
– Collect information about foreign country’s, so we could go there without any problem.
– When demons comes out, I will fight. Kinoshita-san has to stay behind me.
– We will runaway together if the number of enemies are 3 or more.

Kinoshita-san was surprised when I said I’m going to fight 2 demons at once. Well, I think demons around the capital aren’t strong. According to the usual RPG’s…

The reason I set the condition when 3 or more demons come out is because I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to protect Kinoshita-san. It is natural to withdraw immediately when enemy’s reinforcement come in the middle of battle.
I set a condition depending on the enemy’s strength. According to Kinoshita-san, I will withdraw when I judge I can’t manage it. I will be fine on my own but it is impossible for me to personally observe the surrounding. I expected an objective judgment.

[But, could you really fight? If it becomes unreasonable, we should runaway…]
[It is natural. However, it will be dark soon. Since it is dangerous to travel at night without any preparation, I want to reach the first village before nightfall.]
[In that case, I believe it is more reasonable for us to runaway to ensure our safety…]

Kinoshita-san seems to want to avoid fighting. However, I have to make sure that when it happened, I couldn’t yield.

[For now, Let’s start with one monster. Even if I look like this, I still have some experience in martial art. I’m worried about the strength of demons in this world too. So, we should have another discussion after the first fight, okay?]
Because I’m not backing down, Kinoshita-san has to agree.

[Understood. Let’s withdraw immediately when we think it is impossible. Safety First.]
[Understood. Let’s me test my strength with first demon that comes out.]

After that, a demon finally showed up after we walked for 10 minutes.

> Two wild goblins appeared.

Two goblins with clubs appeared in front of us and blocked the way.
Even in games, goblin is a common type of enemy, and this world’s goblin is a very ugly type.


Kinoshita-san shrinks away as she sees the goblin’s shout. I’m certain they aren’t something good to see.

[That is a goblin. Because I’m going to fight it, Kinoshita-san should fall back a little.]
[G-Good luck…]

Kinoshita-san backs away from goblin while I step forward. I face the right goblin who is swinging its club. I take the position so the other goblin doesn’t move forward while Kinoshita-san stays behind me. I just focus on evading without attacking for 2 minutes.
My body doesn’t move properly. But this position has a large field of vision, evading an attack after seeing its motion isn’t a problem. It seems what I trained in the former world wasn’t lost when I came to this world.
Let’s attack them soon since if I take too long, other demons might join the fight.
I start to run toward one of the goblin and strike at its stomach.


Dogo~. Gosu~. A great sound came from the fallen goblin. Uh, I defeated it. The goblin has died without disappearing is evidence that we aren’t in a game.


Kinoshita-san’s face becomes dumbfounded. I wonder if it might be something strange.

[Didn’t you just defeat it with just one punch? Why does it look so easy…? Was the enemy that weak?] [Spec: LOL one-punch man.]

About that. Just in case, I have nothing to say about my delusion but I guess it is safe now.
I could say this is a proof I can defeat goblins with “This”.

[I didn’t think about that at all. Goblins are famous low-grade demon in games, If Kinoshita-san fights it now, it might not work like this, but I think it should take 2-3 hits before die.]

As for the club, it will be painful if it hits. The chance of death is high for a frail girl like her.
To talk about death. Kinoshita-san’s face turns blue as I keep inquiring about it.

[Then, why? Why does martial art from our former world work really well?]

Well, I never thought about that… It is irrelevant to say it at this time. I think it is a bad idea to conceal it from Kinoshita-san who is my companion. So let’s tell Kinoshita-san about my secret.

[There is a reason behind this. I think it is useless to conceal it anymore, could you keep this a secret?]

I have a reason not to tell anybody, Kinoshita-san also worried about that.

[Understood. I won’t tell anyone. So, please tell me.]

After I heard her declaration, I start to tell her my secret.

[Actually…I can see this world like a game.]

Uh. It is no good if I don’t give her another explanation. Kinoshita-san also looks confused.

[In game, I can see my own HP and MP, offensive power and status. I can see it here too. Above all, I can confirm other people’s status as well.]

In a battle a little while ago, I confirmed the status of goblin first. And I chose to fight those goblins because when I compared their status with mine, I convince that I could win against them.

[There is a top-down map of this area like in a game. I can know the position of enemies with this too.]

Because I know the enemy’s position on the map, I don’t need to worry about Kinoshita-san being attacked and enemies reinforcement.

[Like a game, I can compare my strength with the enemy and I also know where the enemy is.]

I made the explanation considerably short but Kinoshita-san could understand it. Her comprehension is unexpectedly fast. This girl must have played a game to some extent.

By the way, this status and map are in my field of vision. It can be change between visible or invisible as I want, it doesn’t hinder my line of sight at all.
Because I know the position on the map, surprise attacks doesn’t work. Since I know HP from status, playing dead doesn’t work either. It is a little bit unfair.

[Well, that is unusual.]
[But is that related with defeating the demon in one blow? I think it is convenient but it has nothing to do with Shindo-kun’s strength.]

It is unexpectedly a little rude. But when you think about it properly, you will notice that.
Of course, it is natural. I have information advantage but that alone doesn’t explain how I can defeat a goblin in one blow.
Of course, I’m going to explain it too.

[That is a different power too. I snatched away the goblin’s skill and status with my power. It lets me become stronger as much as I take while weaken the other side. It is possible to defeat them easily.]

I can take their skill and status while checking the status. I can comfirm the position with by using the map. There is no losing factor. My defeat condition is only when Kinoshita is attacked when I fight with 3 or more demons.

While I’m giving an explanation about that, Kinoshita-san’s face become astonished.

[How could Shindo-kun do that? I can’t do it at all. People from school didn’t say a single word about it too.]

Because other people didn’t know. I confirm a lot of people’s status in the imperial castle and capital, but nobody can do the same as me.
So I didn’t tell anybody until now.
For this reason, I was driven out of capital obediently.

[By chance, Is this Shindo-kun’s blessing?]
[It isn’t.]

The blessing gift handling was really unexpected. This doesn’t diminutive that much. That isn’t something respectable too. My ability has different rule than this world’s rule.

[This is… a special power.]
[A special power.]

Kinoshita-san mutters.
A special power, it was a power I received when I came to this world.

[It is better to let you see it firsthand than just explaining it.]

I take a memo pad and pen out of my breast pocket. All the bags are left at school in our former world, but thing on our body were summoned together.

[What are you doing?]
[Wait a minute, I will write my status.]

Name : Shindo Jin
Sex : Male
Age : 17
Race : Human (Human from different world)
Skill : <Body reinforcing LV3> <Sword Mastery LV2> <Spear Mastery LV3> <Blunt Mastery LV1>
Special Power : <Power of life and death LV1> <Clairvoyance LV->

[This is a simple version. Here.]

I hand it to Kinoshita-san. Her expression becomes stiffer as she slowly read it.

[It is really amazing somehow. I want to hear about it more.]
[What do you want to know?]
[Then, First, let put aside the name and race. Because I know just from looking at it…]
[You are right.]

I was surprised when I saw the human from different world is written on race.

[What is about the skill? Are those blessings?]
[It is different. Blessings are one of a kind skill. Since the skill itself contains a natural talent or effort. The one which was given by goddess is a blessings.]

There are unique skill and rare skill too, but let set them aside for now.

[What’s the difference from special power?]
[Special power is power out of this world’s rule. It might look like skill but their effect is totally different. Because of this special power, I didn’t recived a blessings. I guess they won’t fit each other…]

It is outside the rule, in other word, a cheat. How could you received blessings with that kind of power?

[That <Power of life and death> and <Clairvoyance> are Shindo-kun’s special power. Could you tell me what kind of power it is…?]

I just explained it a little, but this time, let’s explain in a little more detail.

[<Power of life and death> could read as give and take. it is possible to take skill and status from enemy and give it to somebody else. Do you know about status?]
[Yes, because I played game once… But specifications of status is vary from game to game, right? What about this world?]

It seems Kinoshita-san have knowledge about games to some extent after all.
There are various kind of status in games. I write it down again while looking at sub-column of status screen.

[These are the status of of this world.]

LV : Magnitude of strength.
HP : Life point, If it reach 0 it will be either lose conscious, dying or death.
MP : Magic point, decreased when use magic.
Physical Strength : Offensive power, determines the power of physical attacks.
Endurance : Stamina, determines how long you could keep fighting.
Magic : Magic power, determines how powerful magic will be.
Agility : Speed, determines how quick you are and evasion.
Defense : Determines how much damage you will received when receiving physical damage.
Resistance : Determines how much your magic and abnormality state resistance are.
Luck : It influence many events.

[They are a lot after all. They are basically the statuses I saw in games. Beside, you can take it away from others…]
[Of course, I can take from demons as well as from a person. Their value will become mine if I take it. Oh, there are also statuses totally difficult to describe, let’s leave it for the next time.]

By the way, Kinoshita-san’s level and mine are 1. The experience from our former world doesn’t reflect in experience value of this world. However, even if we are level 1, our movement doesn’t seem to be worse when compared with our former world.

[Yes, it is okay. So you can became stronger as much as you took from the goblin.]
[No, I also took from the soldiers who kicked us out. Those goblins are using club right? They can’t have sword mastery or spear mastery.]

Both the goblins and soldiers had <Body reinforcing>. But I probably took it from those guys the most since they were fighting in a war.
By the way, the skills of people that I took until now are.

Soldier A
<Body reinforcing LV2> <Sword Mastery LV1> <Spear Mastery LV2>

Soldier B
<Body reinforcing LV2> <Sword Mastery LV1> <Spear Mastery LV2>

Goblin x 2
<Body reinforcing LV1> <Blunt Mastery LV1>
Note : A green small ogre. Their weakness is top class among the demons.

[How did Shindo-kun do that while being taken away…? Come to think of it at that time, you did have enough time to do that.]

[Well, I already knew my special power at that moment. I though the summoning fellows were doubtful and I was at the limit of my patience at that moment.

As a substitute for consolation money. Well, I didn’t get their permission.

[Then, doesn’t that mean those soldiers become weak now?]
[Uh, There is a limit of what I can take. They may not die when being hit by a stone.]

Well, they should be fine if they were hit since they have armor. I have no choice because they were hostile with us. I thought I might have to kill them while being kicked out.

[That much…]
[I think that was a good chance because I won’t forgive them for being hostile against us. I prepared various things while being driven out from city. Of course, I prepared to kill anybody who is hostile to me too.]

I declare it firmly. It is my resolution to live in this world.

[It seems I’m still not ready to do that. I can’t do anything in this state… I’m very sorry.]

Kinoshita-san is flinching while she says that. I will be in trouble if high school girl around here suddenly has a resolution to kill a person. If we become used to killing demons and people, we will have a problem when we return to our former world.
Me? I guess I will be alright since I’m proud of my adaptability.

[It is okay. You don’t need to go that far. It is my role to fight. So, should we return to the topic?]
[Okay, your other special power, <Clairvoyance>]
[It seems to let me see system window. I can see game-like statuses. It has 3 functions as status check and compare ,map and help.]

I previously thought a game’s system window is really a cheat.

[Does it allow you to do that much?]
[Uh. It’s a convenient ability.]

I think we could gather enough information to live in this world by this power alone.

[I know the first two functions from our previous conversation, what about the last one?]
I don’t understand it enough to give a good explanation. It is more like a glossary and Q&A that mixed together.]
[I think it gives a quick response for any question. Just that alone is enough to be called clairvoyance.]

Kinoshita-san could understand this. Since it is the same as having a cheat sheet in an invisible place.

[It’s amazing… Won’t they treat you like hero if you tell them about this?]
[Uh-huh. I guess that is unreasonable. Those guys only want “Heroes who have a blessing”. Beside, that country is quite quick, I mean the question about hero summoning. I think that country will make a move sooner or later. And people from our school might be brainwashed too…]
[P-Please wait a minute! Did you say brainwashed?!]

Kinoshita-san raises a loud voice and looks at me. Oh, Kinoshita-san didn’t notice it…
[Well, If they weren’t brainwashed, someone should protect us before we were driven out. Weren’t our friend and teacher there?]
[Err…, I have no idea of anyone who want to protect me, so I didn’t notice that. …Everyone, dropped water on me when I was in the restroom, and pretended not to see me… …Even teachers were laughing sometime…]

I think I caught a glimpse of Kinoshita-san’s dark past. Not just her bullying was known, it seemed they allowed it. I think that has nothing to do with the brainwashing.
I think I saw the light disappeared from Kinoshita-san’s eyes. I panicky send a sympathize glance with my eyes.[Spec : I think I see the first sign of Yandere here XD ] [NeroD:Looks like Mc days ahead are looking rough]

[Oh, I’m no longer worried about that now! I will be fine because Shindo-kun is here.]

She told me her backstory now. Let’s return to topic since it won’t be good if I dig too deep into this.

[We were driven out anyway, why should I complain when I was transferred to another world alone with a school boy? That is also unnatural.]

Kinoshita-san puts herself together completely.

[I think you are right. I think everybody was too calm in that situation.]
[The reaction of the school boy who shouted is normal in that kind of situation too. What unnatural was nobody followed him. The possibility of being brainwashed is very high if you include all the lines the princess spoke.]
[Princess’s line… Ahh!]

Her reaction is like she recalled something.

[Please let me apologize.]

When Kinoshita-san said that, she seiza without worrying about becoming dirty.

[Apologize? Why?]
[Because I said something unreasonable to the princess and Shindo-kun end up being driven out together. I’m really sorry to get you involved in this.]

She puts her hand on the ground and lowers her head. To put it simple, a dogeza. No, wait a minute, why is a high school girl performing a dogeza to her boy classmate?

[Wait, why did you dogeza like that!?]
[If it was just Shindo-kun, I think you would have been able to stay at that place. You wouldn’t have ended up in the worst situation like be driven out from the city. It is all because I spoke without a thought. And the worst, I screamed at Shindo-kun when you gave me a hand. So I have to apologize and thank you sincerity from now on.]

Kinoshita-san speaks while keeping her head lowered.
I see. I could have said the situation become worse by Kinoshita-san’s remark to some extent.

[Understood. I have received your thanks and apology, Kinoshita-san. But it isn’t a big problem. The princess might still have driven us out by all mean. I think she just used your remark as a reason.]

Kinoshita-san looks up, her expression looks anxious.

[Uh, without doubt. If Kinoshita-san were driven out alone, I intended to follow you too.]

I don’t intend to just show her my sympathy. I have to live in the same situation with this girl.

[Err, T-Thank you for that.]

Kinoshita-san becomes slightly red. Oh, her expression looks a little happy.

[If Kinoshita-san was driven out, It would have been hard for me to live there with people from our school who had a blessing.]
[That’s right. I really need to thank you.]
[At least, Kinoshita-san’s special power should be known…]

Kinoshita-san’s eyes are wide open.  Eh? Did I say something strange?

[Shindo-kun… Did you say I have special ability?]
[Didn’t I say it a little while ago? You won’t receive blessing if you have special power. Kinoshita-san is the same.]

Q : With special power, can you receive a blessing?
A : No, because a person with a special power won’t able to have a blessing. But not all summoned people without blessing will have a special power.

By the way, this is the answer to the question. It is beyond convenient. So let’s call help sensei.
Kinoshita-san stands up and looks at me

[What kind of ability do I have!?]
[Who know?]
[Who know!?]

Well, Even if you look at me with that kind of expectation, It doesn’t show on your status…

[I will write Kinoshita-san’s status.]

I write the status that shows on the window on the paper.


Name : Kinoshita Sakura
Sex : Female
Age : 16
Race : Human (Human from another world)
Skill :
Special power : <???>
Title : Summoned person, Person with special power

[The column of special power for other people is usually blank, but in Kinoshita-san’s case, it was written with ???. Perhaps it is because you still don’t know about the nature of the special power.]
[No way.]
[It is alright. It will show up sooner or later. At least I could protect you until that happened.]
[T-Thank you very much.]

Kinoshita-san turns red and becomes embarrassed again. Although I only saw her pale face full of tears, I finally see her smiling face. Uh, the face of cute girl who is embarrassed is great.

Q : What can you receive from demon you defeat?
A : Equipment. Parts. Demon stone. A lot of demons have a demon stone somewhere inside their body.  This demon stone has a lot of use in daily life, It can be sold.

Q : What is the demon stone? Please give me more detail.
A : A Demon’s core. Demons will die when it is destroy. Dead Demons whom demon stone wasn’t removed may become an undead. When selling it, color and size are used for evaluation. Basically the one with thicker color and bigger size will be more expensive.

Since help function could help me understand everything, I smashed a nearby stone with the club and created a make-shift knife to remove the demon stone from the goblins.

[Then, let’s go. According to the map, we should reach the village in about a hour.]
[Map is really convenient.]

I’m glad you understand it. I want to reach next village before dark if possible. It is around 17:00 when I look at my watch. If I consider the time and season, we still have about 1-2 hours before sunset. We might get there in time.

Come to think of it, my status increased a little. I feel like I should write it down with a little more detail

Name : Shindo Jin
Sex : Male
Age : 17
Race : Human (Human from different world)
Skill : <Body reinforcing LV3> <Sword Mastery LV2> <Spear Mastery LV3> <Blunt Mastery LV1>
Special Power : <Power of life and death LV1> <Clairvoyance LV-> <???> <???> <???> <???> <???>
Title : Summoned person, Person with special power

Well, It might be a mistake that I have 7 special power.

<~~~    ~~~>


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  1. Hmm… Am I the only one who thinks he became a cheat way to fast and in a weird way ?… I mean, the author could have just talked about his power in the first chapter, right ?…
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