Chapter 4: Goblin General and Special Power enhancement


Author Notes: I wrote about skills to some extent but status wasn’t. I can’t keep record since there is too many changes.


I confirmed that the goblin general was leading a crowd of 10 goblins with map, to avoid the fight with them, we made a big detour.

Our target is the goblin sorcerer, we have to defeat the goblins and goblin swordsman’s on the way.

With the one-hand sword I took from a goblin swordsman. It is a lot better than being bare handed. I decide to use a sword because when you think about fantasy, you think about sword and using a club is unpleasant, even if my <Blunt mastery> is higher than <Sword mastery>.

I use map to confirm the 3 goblin sorcerers’ position in the forest, it seems they act alone. Magician-type goblin except goblin healer and some of the goblin shaman seem to act alone. Magician-type goblin with direct fighting force might prefer independent action. Or people who are working hard alone could use magic? It is so sad when I think about that.


[Chanting is fundamentally necessary for magic. Although it called chanting, you don’t actually need to raise a voice, but you can invoke it with the right motion…]


I explain about magic while walking.


[Invoke with the right motion? Is it understandable by seeing it from outside?]

[While chanting, magic formation’s symbol and color will appear. Magic will be invoked after some time past depending on each incantation.]


Naturally, I could explain it with confidence because of help-sensei. Since help is my ability, it is the same as me knowing it.


[But in a game, to reduce chanting time, you need to get rid of something, How could we do it in this world?]

[Oh, we can. With skill <Chant omission> or <No chant>. It seems <Continue magic> is a magic support skill too.]

[But isn’t it rare for goblins to have that kind of skill?]


I confirm the status of the individuals we are approaching to make sure.


Goblin sorcerer

<Fire magic LV1> <Ice magic LV1>

Goblin magician’s staff

Classification : One-hand cane

Rarity : Common class

Remarks : Raise magic power a little.


[I confirmed it doesn’t have that skill. It seems this guy can use fire and ice magic.]

[That goblin can? I’m a little surprised.]


Sakura’s expression looks surprised. Although I didn’t imagine any goblin using magic, let alone use two or more types of magic.


[Well, it’s fine because magic can’t be invoked if I take their skills during chanting.]

[Come to think of it, what is our strategy to fight this time? Is there something I can do?]


Sakura shows her motivation, but unfortunately, there is nothing she could do in this battle.


[There is a strategy but sorry, it isn’t Sakura’s turn.]

[Is that so? It’s a little disappointing, and what is the strategy?]


Sakura doesn’t say something unreasonable and goes along with it obediently.


[Isn’t the goblin sorcerer alone? I could stop the chanting if I strike it in a 1-on-1 fight. I will take the skills from them during that time. I will defeat it after I’m done. It might be bad for Sakura but please deal with the other enemies when they come closer.]


I know the enemy’s position with map but it is still troublesome when they come closer. I’m sorry but I want you to cover for it when that happened.


[Since I can’t kill monsters now, can I just stall them?]

[Oh, you don’t need to overdo it. I can’t let Sakura to do something unreasonable just because I want magic.]



Sakura joyfully replies but I forget to mention there is no monsters around the goblin sorcerer. They may come if they heard the sound of magic but we don’t need to worry because I won’t let it use magic.

We get closer to the nearest goblin sorcerer. We hide ourselves in the bush and start the briefing before the battle.


[Without <Chant omission> or <No chant> skill, invoking magic requires a certain amount of time. Two magics that the goblin sorcerer can use are fireball and ice ball. Chanting is about 5 seconds. So I have charge it without killing to prevent the chanting. When it starts chanting, I will hit it again within 5 seconds. I will take <Fire magic> and <Ice magic> during that time.]

[I have to watch out for other enemies during that time, right?]

[Yeah, our priority is magic, so I will defeat other goblins without taking their abilities during the fight.]


That is all I have to tell her, Sakura leaves quietly after that. This is because of the danger when in the line of fire in case of magic beening used.

I give a signal to Sakura who is slightly away. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Charge!

I rush out of the bush, charging at the goblin sorcerer. It’s surprised when it saw me came out suddenly. It starts to chant but it’s warrior partner is too far away.


[Too slow.]




My body collides with the goblin sorcerer, staggering it. Naturally, the chant is interrupted. I also start taking it’s skills too, taking magic skills is the top priority. When I look at sorcerer’s status, the points for <Fire magic> skill is decreasing rapidly. That points flows to me and I obtain the world magic that I want.

This idiot doesn’t learn, it starts chanting <Fire magic> again, but I didn’t charge it this time. Because the point of <Fire magic> will be 0 before it’s finished chanting.

The magic formation caused by the goblin sorcerer’s chant disappears after 2 seconds.




The goblin sorcerer doesn’t knows what happened. I use this chance to take <Ice magic> too.

Even though the  goblin sorcerer doesn’t understand the situation, it starts chanting <Ice magic>. I must not let it finish before I take it completely… I approach the goblin again and charge it to stop the chanting. Good, <Ice magic> was taken too.

Goblin sorcerer doesn’t have any skill left but its magic status is still a valuable source of improvement for me.




I put an end to it’s life with my sword after I take all it’s status.

I defeat it without letting it cast any magic after all. If magic is invoked, Sound will draw other goblins and Sakura might need to act…

Sakura returns to me when I extract the monster stone.


[Thanks for your effort. It doesn’t seem to be any trouble for you.]

[Yeah, I’m glad this strategy works. I can obtain the magic I want.]


I check <Fire magic> and <Ice magic>.


<Fire magic LV1>

Fireball, Fire barrage, Firewall.


<Ice magic LV1>

Ice ball, Ice barrage, Ice wall.


Eh? The magic that goblin sorcerer can use is a lot. Well, since it’s nothing serious, let’s study it later.


[Let’s attack 2 stray sorcerers and return to the village. Since we have to sell monster stones and prepare to fight the goblin general and goblin healer.]

[Understood. Is the strategy the same?]



I confirm the goblin general’s location with map and move away while heading toward the rest of the goblin sorcerers.

In the end, I was able to defeat all of them with the same strategy. Because they tried to chant without thinking about anything else like the first one, I didn’t have any problemd dealing with them.

Of course, I took all their magic skills but I was surprised to see that magic has a lots of variation.



<Fire magic> <Ice magic>


<Water Magic> <Thunder Magic>


<Wind Magic> <Earth Magic>


Even all the skill points I took could turn into first level only, the result is really good. According to help-sensei, the basic attribute seems to have <Light magic> and <Dark magic>. By the way, I intend to take them too because goblin shaman has dark magic.


[Sakura, can you come here for a moment?]

[Okay, what is it?]

[I will use magic. I want to know what it feel like since I never used it before.]

[That’s right. It is the first time we use magic in this different world. I’m a little worried.]


I confirm we are far enough from the general, so I take some distance away from Sakura and start chanting.

Fireball flies straight and hit the tree I was aiming at directly.




The tree which was hit by the fireball burns intensely. Uh, I shouldn’t have shot fireball recklessly in the forest. I chant again and fire an aqua ball. Fire was extinguished but the tree was burnt badly.

Since I don’t know if this is suitable power level or not, let’s ask help-sensei.


Q : Is the power of magic normally at this level?

A : It is normal. The power of magic is decided by the amount of magic. Since you didn’t just take magic from soldier alone, you take it from a lot of monster, it is normal for power to rise up. When goblin shoots it, it doesn’t have this kind of power. The characteristic of goblin race limited the power of magic and kind of magic they can use.


Hee~, in short, goblin is the race that is not good with magic. So they can use fireball only.


[It is really powerful. It might be bad when a goblin shoots it…]

[No, It’s because of me. My magic went up by taking. Incidentally, goblins are really bad at magic, only ball type can be used but I, who take them can use other types too.]

[Is that so? It’s really great after all.]


I could see eyes full of respect from Sakura as usual. Well, that is a good thing.


[Let’s leave this place for now. Goblins might come here because of that loud noise.]

[Oh, you’re right. Let’s go.]


We leave that place in a bit of a hurry. When I look at the map, the group of the general was heading here. So we left the forest and returned to the village. We fought with goblins on the way back many times. It wasn’t a luxury but I want to fight against other monsters other than goblin soon. However, when I look at the map, I don’t see them at all.


We return and head towards the  general store. I don’t think we need to hurry but I want to fight with the goblin general sooner after we finish shopping.


The salesperson in the general store is different from this morning, it was witch-like old lady. This is a general store. Because of this old lady, it looks like a shop that deals with doubtful medicine.


[Excuse me. I want to sell monster stones.]

[Alright, what kind of monster stones?]


I hand over one of the goblin sorcerer’s stone to that old lady.


[Hmm, did you defeat a high rank goblin? I will buy this monster stone for 3000 gold per pierce.]

[Then I’ll sell all 3 pieces. Please buy other goblin monster stones too.]


Then I present all the monster stones I have, that old lady is slightly astonished.


[This fellow is amazing. It seems you’re really capable. Did you get all these stone from the goblins in the forest?]


It is goblin forest after all. The official name is unquestionable. Err, to say I’m capable, I just had a proper fight for the first time yesterday.

[Yeah, I fought in the forest for a while.]

[That forest has a goblin general, it is a considerably strong demon. Please take care of yourself.]


I can’t say I’m going to defeat it now…


[Alright, the totally is 37,000 gold. Please wait a minute because I have to take some large silver coins from inside the shop.]

[Can I have some smaller coins that are easy to use?]


[Thank you very much.]


It was only money I made this morning. We finish shopping at general store. I bought a backpack to put things we bought in. In addition to that, we bought potion to make sure. That potion is the same as the fantasy one’s should be. It recovers all the wound when you drink but it 2,000 gold per bottle. A little expensive. In the next fight, after obtaining <Recovery magic> we might not need it.

As I look at the map, weapon and protection gear are hardly sold here, I brought a light breastplate and gauntlets just to make sure. I think it will increase our chances.


We return to forest of goblins again after having a lunch at the hotel and taking a short break.


[Alright, we are finally going to fight against the goblin general.]

[Yeah, I confirmed most of its status.]


I gave some status and skills to strengthen Sakura. I gave her <Body reinforcement> as well as magic but a little this time. Goblin sorcerer’s cane raises magic power a little, so I gave <Blunt mastery> to let her use it as weapon.


I check map when I entered the forest, the Goblin general’s group is moving they are around the area where I used magic. The group number is still 10 and no magic user type except goblin healer. Shaman in the deep forest doesn’t move. …I guess they want to be alone after all.


[I will explain the next strategy.]



I’m going to let Sakura acts this time.


[First, Launch a surprise attack with magic. Reduce their number if possible but be careful not to hit general or healer. While they are confusing, I will approach healer and take <Recovery magic> and defeat it. I will take skill and status from general while defeating the nearby small fries. I’m going to abandon everything except the general and healer’s skill. Sakura, please shoot magic at enemy that is in the far away position from me.]

[What should I do when enemies approach me?]


I made Sakura practiced art of stick fighting and magic before we enter the forest. Her movements are still clumsy but she won’t be easy to kill by other goblins except the general.


[In that case, let’s consider if they do. Sakura is strong enough to handle 3-4 of them. Just focus on evasion and defeat it when you have a chance. Wall-type magic can be used to protect yourself too.]


Q : What is the effect of wall-type magic?

A : A wall of each attribute will appear at a designated position. Radius of positioning is 2m. Effective range can be changed with the amount of magic.


[Understood. What should I do if 5 or more come at me?]

[In that case, head towards me, because I will take care of them.]



When I finish giving instructions to Sakura, I check map and confirm the position of the general and every enemy around it. I better take the general’s sword, it looks better than swordsman’s sword.


Goblin x 8

Goblin swordsman x 2


Goblin knight

<Body reinforced LV1> <Spear mastery> <Shield mastery>

[Goblin knight’s spear] [Goblin knight’s shield]

Goblin knight’s spear

Classification : Spear

Rarity : Common class


Goblin knight’s shield

Classification : Shield

Rarity : Common class


Goblin healer


<Recovery magic LV2>

[Goblin magician’s staff]

Remarks : Goblin priest who wear white mantle.


Goblin general


<Body reinforced LV3> <Sword mastery LV3> <Leadership LV2> <Inspiration LV2>

[Goblin general’s sword]

Remarks : Goblin commander.

Goblin general’s sword

Classification : One-hand sword

Rarity : Rare class

Remarks : Knock back effect


Rarity isn’t high but it has a special effect. I think knock back can make enemies become staggered. My sword is just a swordsman’s after all. I want to take this chance to change my weapon. Don’t forget to collect it.

I give the signal and the two of us starts chanting and aiming at the goblins far away from the healer and general.




We hit the monsters we aim at directly and blow them away. My magic hit the goblin’s head directly but Sakura’s magic just hit the arm, so it is still alive. I guess she is still not able to kill yet.

While those goblins are surprised, I ready my sword and rush toward the healer. General is looking this way.


[Gururu, gyaoooooo]


General shouts. Using <Leadership> and <Inspiration>, those goblins are calmed down. But I’m already 2m away from the healer and start taking it’d skill. <Recovery magic> is slowly transferred to me.

General swings its sword. I approach the healer and keep taking it’s skill while evading it. General moves to protect the healer but they are still in 2m radius of my skill taking ability, very convenient.

Since I don’t need to attack general and healer, I just have to be careful not to receive any attacks.

But the taking rate is a little bad for <Recovery magic>.

General swings its sword. I dodge it and cut down a nearby goblin. I don’t have any problems defeating other goblins except the healer and general. I will reduce their numbers when I have a chance.

Only 2 goblins are targeting Sakura, the rest, including 2 swordsman’s are targeting me. I was surround by 10 of them, but I reduce their numbers little by little, and now only 5 small fries goblin left.




I slash one of them nearby, but I can’t use my full strength since general and healer are nearby. Moreover, the defence from goblin knight’s equipment is high, I can’t defeat it.

It can’t be help, I have to attack general little by little. It is quite satisfy if their movement is worse than this. Goblin general is staggered a little and I use that open to get close to healer and <Recovery magic> is finally taken


[Eat this, healer!]


Since I gave up on healer’s status, I finish it. Because of the limit of space, I have to strike with all my strength. It might be overkill for the paper armor of the healer.

And then…




General stands in front of healer. Protect? It might think it can take this blow and recovered if healer still there. But this attack can’t be stopped anymore. That blow reduce goblin general’s HP to 0 from the status only I could see. General collapses. Skill column still has <Leadership> and <Inspiration> but I can’t take them from corpse.


[Ehh~~~! No way~~~! General is dying~~~!]


I think it was something unexpected. General thought it could endure my blow and protect healer without knowing that I went easy on them. Since it thinks it can recover with heal if it doesn’t die (Well, healer doesn’t have <Recovery magic> anymore). And it was no good to shave its HP down beforehand either. When consider status difference, if its HP was full, it is possible to resist that blow.


The result, I can’t take any skill or status from general.


> Jin levels up.


Oh, level up.


[What’s wrong? Jin-kun?]


Sakura asks while she is evading a goblin’s attack.


[General has been killed by my mistake before I could take its skill.]

[Then…, what are you going to do in this case? Take them?]


Goblins become panic when they saw general was fallen. It seems when the user of <Leadership> and <Inspiration> is down, bad status is returned.


[Nope. Let’s exterminate them.]


I vent my anger on the rest of the goblins and exterminate them without taking anything in exchange for experience point.

It doesn’t take much time to exterminate the rest of goblin. However, my mind is still not cleared up.


[Haa, no good.]

[It is alright. I’m sure you will get the chance to obtain them again.]


Yeah, you are right. But I still think my strategy was a mistake and I made a wrong decision in various ways…


> Power of life and death has became LV2.

> New ability has been released.

<Power of life and death (Give and take) LV2>

Skill and status from corpse whom was killed by owner of this ability can be taken. But it is impossible to give back to corpse. But it will be impossible if demon stone was removed.


[Wait a minute~~~!]


I unintentionally shouted. Timing is too perfect. Why does it become usable in a time like this? Oh, my level became 5 now. I guess the condition to unlock special power is level.


[What’s wrong? You suddenly made a loud voice.]

[<Power of life and death (Give and take)> has leveled up, it lets me take abilities from corpses.]

[Congratulations! We can  now take and level up at the same time now. Lastly, we can use ability difference to defeat them, shorten the time we need to fight.]

[You are right. Various things will get easier from this.]


I see, one of the hardship until now has been reduced… It is possible to take power from general.

I approaches the general corpse and start taking its ability. I was able to finish taking ability safely. So I take this opportunity to take from nearby goblins. When I take it from corpse, I can take all status and skill.

Of course, let’s collect the monster stones. Oh, general’s monster stone seems to sell at a considerably high price. If all monster stones were sold, we can finish all preparation to leave this village.

With this, the only one left in this forest is…

I confirm the position of the lone shaman with map and approach it.


Goblin shaman


<Dark magic LV1> <Enchantment LV1> <Possession LV1>


It has some interesting skill that I haven’t seen until now. I approach it swiftly without use anti-magician tactic. My <Body reinforcement> went up to LV7, I can move so quick at a level I couldn’t before. I don’t need to wait until all skill are taken, so I slash it right in half.

I took <Dark magic> <Enchantment> and <Possession> from corpse and return to village.




Shindo Jin

LV 6
Skill : <Sword Mastery LV4 up> <Spear Mastery LV3> <Blunt Mastery LV5 up> <Shield Mastery LV1 new> <Fire magic LV1 new> <Ice magic LV1 new> <Wind magic LV1 new> <Earth magic LV1 new> <Thunder magic LV1 new> <Water magic LV1 new> <Dark magic LV1 new> <Recovery magic LV2 new> <Enchantment LV1 new> <Possession LV1 new> <Leadership LV2 new> <Inspiration LV2 new> <Body reinforcing LV7 up>
Special Power : <Power of life and death (Give & take) LV2 up> <Clairvoyance (System window) LV-> <???> <???> <???> <???> <???>
Equipment : Goblin general’s sword


Kinoshita Sakura

LV 4
Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV4 new> <Fire magic LV1 new> <Ice magic LV1 new> <Wind magic LV1 new> <Earth magic LV1 new> <Thunder magic LV1 new> <Water magic LV1 new> <Dark magic LV1 new> <Recovery magic LV1 new> <Body reinforcing LV5 up>
Special power : <???>
Equipment : Goblin magician’s staff

<~~~    ~~~>


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