Chapter 5: Resolution to kill and Escape from the village


Everything related to the goblins is done now, when we left the forest and head toward the village, Sakura asks.

[Jin-kun, Please let me kill some monster soon.]

[That’s sudden. Is there something that changed your mind?]

I guess she finished preparing herself. In that case, she has a gut more than I thought…

[Yes. Right now, I can’t do anything except being a decoy. How could you say that I was useful? To be honest, this role is more like forcing all the burden to Jin-kun alone.]

If you honestly say that. The fight today would become a lot easier if I had the status I handed to Sakura. Even if I have to fight those generals and other in my current state, I don’t think I will lose either. Although, it might take more time.

[I’m good-for-nothing, not helpful, completely useless. I want to become useful to you even a little.]

I see. She didn’t prepare herself and she ignored the conflict when it happened. I’m certain I could make her overcome this.

[Although your ability was strengthened, you couldn’t take advantage of it like me…]

With <Power of life and death (Give & take) LV2> which allows me take abilities from corpses, it let me obtain both experience and ability. And because of this power, I don’t have to deal the finishing blow by myself, I could let Sakura do it without giving up on the abilities. Of course, I have to give up of some experience.

[Yes, Please let me try several time. I want to be able to act in case of emergency. I won’t stop until I feel it is normal.]

I see, it is more efficient for me to deal the decisive blow, but some time I can’t. In that case, having an experience of dealing decisive blow might have an effect.

[Understood. I will weaken and take the skills so Sakura can finish them. With a stomach punch.]

[No, Stomach punch is impossible.]

Impossible? Stomach punch is strong.

[I plan to defeat them with magic from a long distance first and with the staff after that. Bare-handed is a little…]

There is no merit to defeat monster with bare-hand, especially when you have weapon.

[Err, that…]

[What’s wrong?]

She makes and indescribable expression, so I have to ask her again.

[If possible, I don’t want to start with humanoid-type like goblin…]

Indeed, the reluctance to killing humanoid-type monster might be big. And that makes me notice 1 big fact.

Eh, didn’t I just defeat only goblins?

I answer to Sakura while being astonished that all enemies I defeated until now are goblin.

[Understood. Don’t worry because I can use map to search for monster other than goblin.]

[Yes, I want to take some distance and defeat it by magic first, and next is with staff. After that, I’ll defeat goblins with magic and staff, would you help me a few times?]

I see, it is better than I thought. Doing this will let you gradually get accustomed to magic and direct attacks.

This should work out since you will feel less reluctance to kill non-humanoid-type monster. But didn’t I just punch a goblin’s stomach?  That was thoughtless.

Because it doesn’t trouble me much, I should at least let her fight a couple of times, and repeat each pattern.

[Understood. But please say if advancing to the next pattern is too painful. I know your feelings but I don’t want you to overdo it.]

[Yes. Thank you very much.]

I confirm the enemy’s position with map.

[Oh, there is a slime on the other side. You should defeat it easily with magic.]

[Slime? What kind of type it is in a game? A cute type? Or horror type?]

Their characteristic wasn’t much difference but their feature is vary. I inform Sakura about the detail I confirm.

[Usual horror type. Completely a mucus.]


It wasn’t a sweet round type.

[Well, you might be more reluctance if it was a cute type…]


I’m the one who let a girl fight with a gel monster. Am I pervert? No, I didn’t force her to do it…

After walking for 5 minutes, we see the appearance of the slime.

Slime is nothing more or less than a lump of mucus. So let’s confirm its skill.


> Wild slime has appeared.




Skill : <Absorption LV1> <Split LV1>

Note : A light blue mucus monster.


Can I…split? When I take <Absorption> and <Split> skill, it shows up in my status column. It will be bad if my arm was torn off. It will slowly regenerate my body, limbs and face…

[What’s wrong? Why are you staring blankly?]


Sakura’s voice pull me back from my own fantasy world into the fantasy world named Arc.

[Well, I was imagining myself growing from my torn arm.]

[That is somewhat scary.]

When I think I have divided into 100 or more people. It is really scary…

[I can’t punch that fellow’s stomach…]

[Where is its stomach…?]


Q : Can I divided? Is there a stomach somewhere on slime?

A : You can’t be divided. It can’t be used by other races even if they have this skill. The part that can be call a stomach doesn’t exist in slimes. (ED:What the hell is his obsession with punching things in the stomach)

Slime is getting closer during our trivial talk. I make Sakura to take some distance for the time being. Slime shifts its body and jumps at me. I evade it and start taking its ability.

I’m really impressed in my heart to see the slime ram its body like in a fantasy.

Slime rams its body at me several time, but I avoid all of it. It could be damaged if I hit it with my sword.

To be honest, I can predict it wasn’t too strong. I can take all its ability while avoiding it. Uh, its movement is obviously worse than the beginning.

[Sakura! I’m finished stealing, please strike it with magic!]


When I shout, Sakura begins chanting. Since the enemy was weakened, a ball-type magic is enough. Her chant seems to finish five second later.


Fireball hits the slow moving slime, reducing its HP to 0. Thus, Sakura’s first subjugation is done just like that.

[Thank’s for your good work. How was it?]

[It was unexpectedly fine… Next is killing with the staff.]

Her tone is steady, her expression doesn’t change either. I think she will be alright.

By the way, I can’t use <Absorption> and <Division> as help-sensei said. But when I try to examine it once, my study is not deep enough.

[Understood. Since you have to be close to attack slime, next time you have to fight in close combat.]


I check the map and confirm the location and move toward the nearest slime. I do the same and leave it to Sakura after taking all of its ability.


A single blow from the staff smashes the slime and defeats it.

[I’m fine with this too…]

Her face looks more complex than before. It seems she is alright for now but next will be a goblin.

[Next is to defeat a goblin with magic, right?]

[Yes, I think I will be fine.]

Since a goblin will appear even if we don’t go looking for it, we decided to head towards the village. Just as I predicted, it came out after we walking for 5 minutes. I keep maintaining a distance of 2m from the goblin while taking all its ability.


Fireball hits the goblin, taking away all its HP.

Sakura crouches down on the spot and looks down.

[Next one is the last, can you keep going?]

[P-Please let me rest for a while.]

She stumbles on this after all. Since I don’t want her to overdo it, I let her rest for a while. 5 minutes later, I stand up.

[I’m sorry. Please let me kill it with magic once more.]

[Understood. Just wait a little.]

I search for goblin with map.

[Let’s go. there are a lot of goblins over there.]

[I’m looking forward to that.]

There were several goblin over there. I let Sakura finished 3 of them off, I think she is already alright.

[Then. next is to defeat a goblin with the staff.]

[Yes, let’s go.]

The hand that is holding the staff is filling with power.

She approaches the goblin whom ability was taken and strikes it.

[Sakura! Do it! Finish it!]

[Yes! …Ei!]

Goblin was hit. Of course, that goblin is dead. In short, Sakura killed a humanoid monster with her own hand.

[How was it? Was it too hard?]

[Yes, I feel a little sick from the feeling that remained when I kill humanoid monster. It seems hard getting used to this.]

[Well, it might be hard getting used to it like me, you don’t need to get used to it either. But this will help in case of emergency situations.]

[Yes. I’m fine with that.]

She should have some confidence. I feel a little bit relief for that.

I start talking about that with Sakura.

[There is 1 thing I want to ask…]

[What’s is it?]

[Yes. The tone. When I was going to kill it, you said『Do it! Finish it!』with an instructive tone. When Jin-kun talks with me, your tone usually gentle. I wonder about that for a while but, why?]

Did it appear for a moment? Well, she is right. How should I put it, Sakura seems sensitive about the tone and I absolutely will not use that tone when I talk to her, .

[Oh, that’s right. It was the tone I usually use, but I absolutely don’t want to use it.]

[Is that so? Could you talk with that tone?]

[Is it okay? Then, sorry for be impolite a little…ahem. Is this okay? This is my usual tone. Isn’t that a little too harsh to talk with girl from another class with this tone? Is it good enough?]

Sakura is blushing somehow. And she looks at me with her moistened eyes while speaking.

[It is okay. Please keep that tone…]

It touches Sakura’s heart somehow. This is more comfortable, so I will keep this tone when talking with Sakura.

[Understood. But still, Sakura also did your best. Won’t you get used to combat in this short time?]

[No, I just kill helpless enemies, I can’t say I’m really getting used to real combat.]

Is that so? Then, let’s change the idea a little.

[Then, I will let Sakura fight alone this time. With one who ability isn’t taken. But it is already too late for today…]

[Oh, it is isn’t it. I should experience the close quarter combat once more.]

[Do your best. I never killed a person either. I intend to work hard so I can kill a person. So let’s do our best together.]

When I said that, Sakura’s face looks awfully surprised.

[Isn’t that a high hurdle? I mean, are you going to kill a person?]

[Yeah. That is among the choice since I won’t show any mercy toward people who are hostile to me. I will warm up with a thief first. They are near our next destination.]

[Is there a thief nearby!? Map can detect that kind of thing too…]

According to map, about 10 thieves are gathering near the forest near the town which is our next destination. It looks like a hideout since all of them are in the same place. I will crush them later.

[Yeah, I plan to defeat them.]

[Yes. I feel a little uneasy, in case of Jin-kun, I think it will be fine.]

I’m blushing and embarrassed as Sakura praises me. It will be bad since Sakura is really sensitive about this.

Because it became slightly dark, we decided to return to village quickly. I instantly killed all monster we come across.

Since we arrived at the village before dark, I immediately go to sell the Monster gem.

[Oh, amazing. Isn’t this a goblin general’s Monster gem? Monster gems at this rank is 50,000G per piece.]

The same old woman from daytime become surprised when I show her the goblin general’s Monster gem.

Suddenly having 50,000G is great. I never thought the price is 50 times more than a normal goblin. Since I’m using the general’s sword, I don’t sell it. Healer was 4,000G, shaman and sorcerer were 3,000G and knight was 2,000G. I sold all Monster gems and received 70,000G in return. It seems the preparation for travel is done.

Since the sun hasn’t set yet, I have to make preparations for travel as much as I can. Our next destination after I talked with Sakura was decided to be a slightly larger city 1 day on foot from here. I try to become accustomed to camping during our travel.

[Tent for 2 people is better. 1 tent for 1 person is too bulky.]

[Yes. It is alright.]

The two of us slept in the same hotel room yesterday, no lovely event at all. Our distance will shrink more in case of the tent. Sakura is either getting used to it or her sense becomes paralyzed to agree with it willingly.
[Sleeping bag, preserved food…]

With the work of 2 people, our luggage grew as we brought all things we need. It was around 30,000G for all preparation. We come back to hotel, having a meal and talk to the uncle.

[Two buckets please.]

As expected, it is hard for high school student who lived in modern Japan to not take a bath for 2 days. At least, I want to wipe my body. I could take a shower with <Water Ball> but I can’t get naked outside either…

We decide to take turns wiping our own body in the room while the other pretends to have a drink at the first floor. And we locked the door so we can’t enter the room carelessly.

Uh. The unnecessary incident could break our relationship. It is still not a time to get impatient.


[Good night…]

We decided to sleep a little earlier. I didn’t forget to distribute the status and skills I took to Sakura before sleeping. By the way, I still left a small part of ability I own when I handed it to her.

I think it will be bad to give all skills and status that I obtained with my ability to Sakura.

Well, it might be a little special from common people’s point of view. The person herself happily said “I rarely fall down in a place with nothing at all”. It seems Sakura-san is a clumsy person… By the way, it just “Decrease”, not “Disappears”…

Next day, I saw a crowd outside when I looked out the window. I check the map and I see 4 soldiers from the capital is heading here.

[Sakura, it seems soldiers from capital have come here.]

[That is… Did they come looking for us?]

The possibility isn’t low. They need to see a corpse to make sure… Or it is related to the soldier whom ability I took.

[Let’s look at the situation a little. What are we going to do if their target is us?]

I might able to defeat several soldiers. The information I took from map is enough to defeat them. But we don’t want to create an uproar. Fortunately, we finished travel’s preparation yesterday. We don’t have any problem in case we need to leave this village quickly.

[For me, I think we should leave this village quickly so they won’t find us. Since it isn’t hard to annihilate them, I can massacre them if Sakura wants…]

There are several choice of destination from this village. It will be difficult for pursuer to track us after we leave this village. But there is a possibility that pursuer will come as long as we remain in this country. We should leave this kingdom as soon as possible.

It still is a high chance they just come to this village to buy Monster gems. It might be something shady… In that case, it is the money we have on our hand, for a power to defeat monsters that has Monster gems worth 50,000G.

I fail to hide our daily income in the village near capital. Shady soldiers might be coming for that.

[A strategic withdraw, please.]

Her eyes are a little frighten. Alright. A thirst of blood seems to be leaking out.

[Let’s gather some information on the first floor first.]

Our preparation for the trip was done, we came down to first floor, ready to leave this village at any moment and talk with the uncle.

[Good morning. When I looked outside the window this morning, why was a crowd there?]

[G-Good morning. It was because soldiers from capital came to this village.]

I already know that. I want more information a little more than that.

[Really? Do soldiers often come to this village?

[No, they don’t. Since this village is near capital, government officer could come here. However, it is rare for soldiers to come here at this time. Is there a wanted person around here?]

The possibility of them looking for us is raised. We need to leave quickly.

[Let’s escape.]

[Let’s get out of here quickly.]

Sakura and I talk in low voice. It seems we don’t have time to eat breakfast. I asked uncle to make some take-away meals for us. Since we didn’t plan to eat a breakfast, we have to pay the fee at the same rate as yesterday. And we checkout after it was done.

I sneak away from village in the direction that can’t be seen by soldier after checking with map. We are doing better than the time we left capital since we are prepared.

In the end, we left the village without any incident. The proficiency of that country’s soldier is too low.

Is map a cheat? Is this normal?

After we left the village, we walk proudly. It isn’t a paved road but a carriage road that doesn’t have grass.

[You should be able to defeat a thief by the end of the day…]

[Yeah, if it was according to schedule…]

Well, thief is a thief after all. It isn’t just sword and magic. I have to ask help-sensei about people who defeated thieves deal with thieves loot.


Q : How is thieves handled in this world?

A: It is a existence that take property and life from others by violence. In case of being attacked, There is no penalty to counterattacking and killing them. What a thief has robbed (when the owner isn’t in that place) the ownership moves to the person who subdued the thief. Adventurer guild might offer rewards too.


Q : What is an Adventurer?

A : Adventurer is a person who subjugate monsters and thieves. An occupation that collect parts and materials from monsters or response to a request. To become adventurer, you need to register at a adventurer guild to receive benefits. First of all, a lot of request comes to adventurer guild.


As for the thief extermination, the guild itself often becomes a client. If you report your subjugation with proof, you will get a reward. However, when a person belonging shows up, the former owner will come and negotiate.

In short, they will give a reward to person who gives their belonging backs. Of course by the subjugator right, adventurer could reject or raise the amount of reward. Though that is bad, the fact “You defeated the thief” doesn’t change.

In short, you can do whatever you want.

[Thief is an enemy whom has a fix rare drop rate!]

[That is cruel. Really cruel.]

Even she said that, I don’t feel like she criticize me seriously. Well, it more like a reaction to my joke. The sense of distance might become really close.

And there is no rare drop in this world. Because monster might have or don’t have any possession. There is hardly anything eo drop after I defeat it.

[I won’t feel pain if I kill a thief. And we can take the thief’s loot… Perfect!]

[I think it is impossible for me to kill them after all… But I’m still going to help you…]

[Yeah, you just need to follow me. I will show the power of <Body reinforcement LV7> which I got before I was aware.]

[Mine also LV5. It seems to go up quickly because a lot of opponents have it.]

At LV5, it is enough to instant kill modern Japanese athlete. You can outrun thief easily. But Sakura seems to fall down from time to time…

Around daytime, we suddenly found a big problem. It isn’t exaggerate to say this is the biggest crisis we had since we came to this world.

[[This preserved food is bad!]]

That’s right. The preserved food I brought from the general store has nourishment but it tastes awful. To be honest, I don’t want to eat it. It is more like an emergency ration than preserved food.

A delicious meal is necessary for us who had been living in modern Japan. We saw a horn rabbit <Jumping> at the corner of our eyes, so we instantly killed it and extract the Monster gem.


Horn rabbit


<Body reinforced LV1> <Jump LV2>


[Can you cook?]

[I’m sorry, it is impossible…]

[Me too…]

Horn rabbit is delicious but a heavy atmosphere is formed around us. The food problem in the different world is like a death trap…

[The most I can do was cooking nervously in a homemaking course.]

[Okaa-san, I’m really thankful for your food. Please teach me how to cook when I return.]

Sakura-san. You are escaping from reality.

[All I can do now is grill it. Let’s think about a meal later. However, LET’S ABSOLUTELY THINK ABOUT IT LATER.]

[Uh. Let’s think about it seriously…]

The bonds between us become deeper and resolution to live is dwelling in our eyes. Thank to our food problem…


Shindo Jin

LV 7
Skill : <Sword Mastery LV4 up> <Spear Mastery LV3> <Blunt Mastery LV5 up> <Shield Mastery LV1> <Fire magic LV1> <Ice magic LV1> <Wind magic LV1> <Earth magic LV1> <Thunder magic LV1> <Water magic LV1> <Dark magic LV1> <Recovery magic LV2> <Enchantment LV1> <Possession LV1> <Leadership LV2> <Inspiration LV2> <Body reinforcing LV7> <Jump LV2 new>
Special Power : <Power of life and death (Give & take) LV2 up> <Clairvoyance (System window) LV-> <???> <???> <???> <???> <???>
Equipment : Goblin general’s sword


Kinoshita Sakura

LV 4
Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV5 up> <Fire magic LV1> <Ice magic LV1> <Wind magic LV1> <Earth magic LV1> <Thunder magic LV1> <Water magic LV1> <Dark magic LV1> <Recovery magic LV1> <Body reinforcing LV5 up> <Jump LV1 new>
Special power : <???>
Equipment : Goblin magician’s staff

<~~~    ~~~>


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