Chapter 6: Finding the thieves and Extermination


This chapter was supposed to be released last week but because of serious back pain I wasn’t able to get around to editing.


To overcome the problem of unappetizing preserved food, we defeated horn rabbits for two meal (Total 4). The preserved food is unappetizing but it can’t be help because it has nourishment. And because it can’t be help, we chose to get rid of the aftertaste with horn rabbit meat.

It wasn’t difficult to cook the meat because there is <Fire Magic> and <Water Magic> in this world, although I’m reluctant to say it was a dish. <Water Magic> can be used as drinking water and <Fire Magic> can be used as light source at night too.

<Earth Magic> also aids in our travel somehow. Specifically, the toilet. We create the wall to hide ourselves and fill it up after we are done with earth magic. I don’t want to say too much detail. Since Sakura will become teary.

It seems our travel in this world is more comfortable because of magic.

It is already night time, we set up our camp. In the end, I wasn’t able to reach the thief’s hideout. I guess I took too much time hunting horn rabbits to solve our food problem.

I let Sakura fight with goblins along the way, there wasn’t any particular problem for her. I think most of her worry’s about combat is disappearing like this.

At last, let me introduce a new monster and skills that came out.


Mad Boar


<Body Reinforcement LV1> <Rush LV2>

Note : Monstrous wild boar. Their rush is scary.


Fang Wolf


<Body Reinforcement LV1> <Howl LV1>

Note : Monster wolf that has developed fangs.


Goblin Archer


<Body Reinforcement LV1> <Bow Mastery LV2>

Note : Goblin with a bow.


There is nothing in particular about combat. But I guess it was the first time we were attacked from long-range by the goblin archer. My dynamic vision seems to have improved along with <Body Reinforcement>. I was able to deflect the arrow with my sword.

Although the other two are eatable, their taste are worse than the horn rabbit. Despite it being a boar… I wonder should I be mad or not.

We setup two sleeping bags in the tent and lie down. Because night watch is hard for a 2 person journey. I set an alarm when enemy is approaching with map. I exterminated all enemies before sleep and set an alarm to sound when something enters 1km radius. Even if I couldn’t sleep soundly, I still have to make the most out of it.

Since the two of us are sleeping in our own sleeping bag, don’t expect any erotic development.

That is trivial, but isn’t it a bad choice to sleep in a sleeping bag in the place where monsters are roaming?

I detected and instantly killed a slime (doesn’t sleep) that was entering the detection range 3 times. Just for slime, I won’t wake up unless it enters the 10m zone.

For the most part, our traveling went well.

[I intend to fight against the thieves today.]


Next day, I’m talking about my plan to do with the thief.

[I will take advantage of map and launch a surprise attack.]

[By the way, what kind of place is their hideout?]

[A cave. It seems that the cave is also part of the forest. So I know the internal details too.]

[How could we launch a surprise attack at the cave?]

It is unlikely to launch a surprise attack since the road is limited.

[Well, I know the enemy’s position, I can launch a surprise attack at anytime.]

[That’s right. Map really is a cheat.]

[Yeah. Those thieves might not expect this too.]

If we have a cheat, we use it. It is natural.

[I said I will kill those thieves, what will Sakura do?]

[This time, the enemy isn’t a monster but human. It might be impossible for me to finish them. So is it okay for me to stick with wall-type magic and give you recovery and support…?]

[Understood. That is enough.]

[Well, it relates to skill taking, I want to keep everything in this situation.

We enter the forest where those thieves are. Goblin doesn’t appear here, only normal forest animal and monster do. We saw a rare seen of a common wild boar defeating a demon too. The difference between animal and monster is basically a presence of monster stone. Since monster stone has massive magic power inside, it is natural for monster to have higher ability. The wild boar that defeated the monster is seriously a beast.

We approach thief’s hideout. There are totally of 10 thieves. By the way, when I say thief, it is because of the titles “Murderer” or “Thief” were shown on the map. Since they aren’t innocent people, I can kill them all.

Those thieves have a lot of interesting skills that I don’t.

<Axe Mastery>, <Unarmed Mastery>, <Assassination Mastery>, <Lock-picking>, <Threat>, <Thief>, <Torture>, <Monster Training>, <Night Eyes> and <Berserker>

Uh, they have a lot of dirty skills. And the most interesting is <Monster Training>. I wonder if the training skill is common or not. Two of them have it.


Thief A


<Monster Trainer LV2> etc.


Thief B


<Monster Trainer LV2> etc.


It seems I will reach level 3 if I take it from those two. I want to get it. Moreover, I spot something interesting when I look at the map. There is a monster in the cage inside the thieves treasure room.


Feather Dragon


<Dragon Magic LV3> <Flight LV1>


The feather dragon is white dragon with feather-like wings. Its appearance is somewhat adorable, very unusual for that race. I guess the thieves found it and caught it to sell. Apparently, it is still a child. But it isn’t in a tame state even there are some people with <Monster Trainer> around. Actually, one black wolf with tame state is sitting in front of the entrance of those 10 thieves’ hideout like a watch dog.


Black Wolf


<Body Reinforcement LV3> <Howl LV2> <Bite LV2>

Note : Black fang wolf.


When I look at the skill of common people in this world, I have a hunch those people are “Somewhat proud” at this level of skill. There isn’t a concept of skill, I unexpected understand what I can do myself.

It is a little off topic, it seems they live with tamed monster without noticing the <Monster Tamer> skill. But I think if they sell a tamed feather dragon, won’t it become more expensive…?

There was an answer from help-sensei. You need monster training LV3 to tame feather dragon.

On the contrary, I’m the only person who can tame it in this situation. I will defeat them and take their ability. There are a lot of things to think about in my mind when I tame it. For some reason, it is too organized for this situation. If I can’t tame that rare monster, I will tame the monsters in the surrounding area to level up <Monster Taming> skill. Isn’t this looking like god is telling me to tame it? Although, I don’t believe in the goddess.

I’m interesting in taming it myself. According to Help-sensei, monsters that have been tamed will have affection to its owner. It is likely to become the first companion we can trust in this other world. It doesn’t matter if the first one is a monster either…

[Sakura, don’t use magic. Especially inside their hideout.]

[What did you discover?]

[A tameable dragon. Those thieves don’t have enough skill to tame it.]

[Was it caught for selling? I don’t want to damage it, including the treasure.]


We hide ourselves and approach their hideout. Black wolf can detect out position with smell. Since the range of detection was shown on the map and we barely stay outside that area.

It is necessary to be careful about using weapon before we reach the cave. Don’t forget that people die easily even with status.

The preparation is finished, we are finally ready to raid the thieves hideout. The tactic is basic, I alone will launch a suicide attack while letting Sakura covers my back from a different direction. The status I gain from <Power of life and death (Give and Take)> is much higher than a normal level up.

[Wind Barrage.]

The battle is started. I cast wind barrage (Its power is low but it doesn’t cause much sound.) and defeat the guarding black wolf. The black wolf that was tamed by thief don’t have enough power to withstand my magic power despite it was just LV1 magic.

As this battle was quiet, those thieves didn’t notice and come out to check.

I enter the cave alone. Sakura also stealthily follows me from behind. According to the map, two thieves are talking. I approach them without being noticed.

[…Nobles from that town, they are going to buy feather dragon.]

[Really? How much?]

[10 million gold. It’s a huge amount of money.]

[Let’s hope we will get the share.]

I won’t hand over…that feather dragon…

[Oops! Shouldn’t you return to your post soon?]

[That’s right. If they know I’m slacking, my share will be reduced.]

Was he slacking and have a long talk in this place? I pull my sword and move toward one of the thieves when both of them turn their back to leave this place. The reaction of thief who turns his back to me is too late, I already take him down silently. HP becomes 0. The first murder I committed in this world end like that, disappointing. I don’t have any feeling either. It might be the influence of resistance status.



Another thief started to call his companion loudly. Oops! Let’s stop thinking about unnecessary things. I take all the ability from the corpse. I also find a chance to take their ability during combat. I’m strengthened during the battle to the point I can defeat those small fries easily, it will become trickery if I go too far.

[Ku~, Alfred’s enemy―!]

I plunge the knife into thief that was talking. There are two things I want to say.

First, the name of the thief I killed is too cool. His name is an exaggerated name like hero somehow. I didn’t see the name of thief partners after all. I almost laugh.

Second, strike the enemy within reach is better than calling your friend. Was he try to buy sometime and take advantage with number?


Thief collapses with the flash of my sword. I can defeat enemy’s at this level with one strike.

Actually, I take the ability from this fellow too because he has <Monster Taming> skill. Only 1 person left.

4 thieves come from the interior. Completely armed and ready for battle. Uh, their response is surprisingly fast.

[Alex and Alfred are done for…]

[Damn you, an adventure!]

I could feel the thirst of blood from those thieves eyes and weapons. Oh well, I’m too late, the last 4 thieves also join the fight.

[Leader! Alex and Alfred were killed! Perhaps, by that adventurer!]

A person who they called leader is a huge 2m tall man. His weapon is a broad axe called battle axe.




<Body Reinforced LV4> <Threat LV3> <Night Eyes LV2> <Thief LV3> <Axe Mastery LV4> <Berserker LV1> <Unarmed Mastery LV2>

[Broad axe of grudge]


Broad axe of grudge

Classification : Large axe, cursed

Rarity : Rare class

Note: It will be strengthened according to number of people from same race that was killed.


It has some scary effect… It is the only weapon which is used by that thief. Oh, it seems to reset when the owner is changed.

Leader is staring at me cautiously.

[Are you an adventurer? Why do you stand in front of me alone? It is normally a lot of people when it comes to subjugation quest…]

I analyze the current situation calmly. Why? If your companion was killed, why don’t you just attack?

Since there seem to be a lot of misunderstanding, I have to correct it.

[I’m sorry but you are wrong in various ways, I’m not an adventurer, just a traveler. So, this isn’t a subjugation quest, and I’m alone.]

[What did you say!? You are just a decoy for ambush! Do you think I’m going to fall for obvious lie!?]

Leader looks suspicious while answers.

Well, it was the truth (Except Sakura is behind me). The ambush isn’t needed for the straight road in this cave.

[But it is true… Oh well, forget it. Although it isn’t a quest, I intend to defeat you…]

I ready my weapon. Leader is paying more attention after hear my strange declaration.

[chi, it seems this guy doesn’t understand the situation. You stand in front of us alone after killing our companion, you won’t leave this place alive! Kill him!]

I start dashing when leader’s declaration is over, and swing my sword toward leader, since he swings his broad axe, I have to back away at once.

Leader swings his broad axe repeatedly. However, his swing was more careless than I thought. His swing is too eccentric and more likely to hit his own subordinate who doesn’t dodge quick enough. Then again, his subordinates attack and pull back when he swing his broad axe.

If he swing his axe with all his might uncertainly, my maneuverability will be limit.

[ora ora, run like a chicken, bastard! What about your brag!]

How could I fall for the provocation? This fellow is bad, he isn’t careless at all. Not to say about friendly fire, his movement matches with his subordinate perfectly.

He restraints me with his large swing. I admire and have difference impression of how he use his broad axe. Of course, when I think about thieves, I didn’t expect teamwork from them.

[Why did you become a thief even though you have such skill? Is teamwork a recently a trend for thieves nowadays?]

[…Is there a problem if a thief fights with tactic? Is there a problem for thieves to have teamwork? Is there a problem for a thief to have intelligent? We have to do this because we are small band of thieves in this region!]

Apparently, teamwork is the leader’s idea. In short, it is because of leader. However, just the leader’s intelligent alone couldn’t order those rowdy thieves for long, he has charisma too.

This standoff continues for a while. Neither the  leader’s restraint nor subordinate’s hit & run tactic are enough for decisive blow.

Honestly, this is the first time I’m fighting with this many people. Those thieves have a splendid cooperation…

If this deadlock continue my hidden card will be reveal. Therefore, I start chanting thunder magic while in the middle of close quarter combat.

[What? Is this fellow a magician?]

[In addition to that, this guy is chanting during the close quarter combat!]

His subordinates seems to be surprised a lot. However, as expected from leader. He gives an instructions immediately.

[Hey, magic is nothing. His evasion drops because of the chanting too! His chant will be stopped with one hit!]

However, that is too late. Thunder magic LV1, Thunder Barrage, chant time is about 5 seconds. Those thieves who retreated are too slow to stop my magic…

[Thunder Barrage!]

I invoke thunder magic. Their body is numb and their movement is worsen, I also add a slash too. This make 8 vs 1 into 7 vs 1.

[Shit, it happened again.]

Leader spits out irritatingly. However, he keeps attacking instead of running away. However the flow of the battle doesn’t change, his subordinates are falling one by one. 3 people were killed, leader screams as he has only 4 people left on his side.

[Hey you guys! You part is done! Get away!]

His subordinates were startled when heard his instruction and immediately move close to the cave wall.


His eyes become bloodshot, his muscle expands. This is the effect of <Berserker> skill. It reduces the reason in exchange for increasing combat efficiency.


Leader approaches me with speed that can’t be compared with earlier. However, it is a bad move. The reason I had a hard time fighting thieves because of their tactic and teamwork. This attack threw away the brain which is their strong point…



He isn’t my opponent.

Thud. I make a clean hit and the leader falls down.

<Berserker> skill is their trump card, his subordinate when they see their leader has fallen, tries to escape outside the cave. I can’t let them go because I can’t let the one with <Monster Taming> escape. I have to hurry…


Their feet stops as a wall of flame appears.


[I won’t let you pass this point!] [Spec: You shall not pass! XD]

It seems Sakura covered it up.

I strike down the rest of the thieves whom their escape were cut off. Those 3 people soon lied down on the ground.

[Phew, all enemies were exterminated.]

It was a huge fight this time. It isn’t just as simple as skill and status. I didn’t think those thieves will teach me the importance of tactics.

However, this outcome is just as we planned. First, I sealed some part of my status and skill when fighting with the thieves. There are some reasons for this.

With my ability, my status will keep growing. However, the power I obtain by status alone tend to become simple. I was thinking about training after my ability was sealed to prevent my power from becoming too high to improve my own potential. However, I did this in the middle of combat and my first killed, I don’t know if it is good or bad.

Next is about the feather dragon. Since it will become our companion, we need to give ability’s to it. I think I will give all abilities that I took but didn’t use. If our companion is increased in the future, it might be safe to become accustomed to the limitation since individual combat power would fall.

[Thank to Sakura, we did it without missing the taming skill.]

Sakura’s follow-up is… I asked her not let those thieves go outside the cave. Since our victory condition was exterminating enemies this time. Because those thieves backed away when leader used <Berserker> skill, when leader was defeated, they almost escaped. I never thought Sakura will have her own turn.

By the way, the current Sakura is…


She is vomiting at the corner of the cave. Yeah, she is vomiting. Since I fought this battle with sword and tension of the combat make me decapitated enemies and create this grotesque scene. And I’m bathed with victim’s blood too. Is there a demand for blood-soaked boy and vomiting girl?

Let’s take a breath and return to our topic.

[Ehehe… this is nothing…u~, ueeeeeee]

[Don’t force it.]

After I took all the abilities from the corpses. I safely acquired <Monster Taming> LV3. I decide to store <Berserker> skill away since it isn’t my fighting style.

<Threat> and <Thief> skill are absolutely unnecessary, but I keep it anyway. There might be a situation that I have to depend on these skill.

Anyway, Sakura definitely became useful this time. If thieves got outside of the cave, it would have become troublesome for sure.

[First, I have to thank you. Even it just this much, I’m certain it was really helpful…]

[I’m glad. I become useful.]

[Yeah, that’s correct. I will be in your care from now on too.]


Sakura who has finally recovered smiles. The edge of my lips lift up a little.

I use <Earth Magic>, to dig a hole, put their bodies in and cover them with dirt. <Water Magic> to wash away the blood and clean the clothes. After take out the water, I use <Fire Magic> and <Wind Magic> to dry it as much as I can. It is easy to control a simple water and fire without offensive power at LV1. Not all magic skills are offensive skill.

By the way, there is <Life Magic> skill that can clean the body and clothes instantly when used.

<~~~    ~~~>


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