Chapter 7: Dragon taming and Special power awakening


We arrived t a the treasure room, according to what I confirmed with map. The door is made from metal, it looks strong. Since leader had the key, it is natural that I already took it. I can’t wait to meet with the feather dragon. It seems a lot of valuable treasures are in the room too. However, because the amount of object we can take is limited, we have to decide what to take. That has a low priority, we can do it later.

But the dragon is a different story. We have to tame this dragon right now.

[Is this a treasure room…? It seems to be heavily protected by that door.]

[Perhaps this band of thieves is considerable big shots. 10 people aren’t a lot but fighting power and intelligence of the leader is high. It is possible to have treasures other than the dragon.]

I opened the door. Even if it looks heavy, it moves smoothly. Is that because my power is rising?

I already know it from map but the inside is quite large. It is filled with barrels and wooden boxes. And there is a small cage on the table at the center of the room. I approach it without hesitation.


Feather dragon reacts to us and cries. My eyes matched with feather dragon when I looked inside the cage. It looks like a dragon with white feather, its face looks charming and honestly cute. Uh. I will absolutely tame it.


Q : How do I tame monster?

A : <Monster Taming> is needed. You can take wild monsters with you but they aren’t in “Taming state”. First, you need to use <Monster Taming> skill on a targeted monster. If your level is enough, fight with that monster until it recognizes you as its master. Monster normally recognize the user as their master when their HP is around 20%. Time limit is 2 hours, it will fail if time is run out and has 1 month cool down time before able to use on the same individual.

[Jin-kun…Are you going to begin?]

[Yeah, In case of failure, we will stay here for a month.]

[No, let’s give up…]

[No way.]

If I fail,  and we have to stay here for month or keep traveling while taking the cage along. It is almost the same activity of the thieves.

[Then, I will start.]

[Please do your best!]

Sakura becomes slightly desperate. I don’t know if it is because she want to give me support or she just don’t want to stay here. …I think it is the latter for sure.

I found myself looking at the cage, staring. It never averts its eyes from me. Staring. Staring. Staring. Staring. Staring. Staring. Staring. Staring. Staring. (Spec: Why do I feel that stare is a puppy stare?)

[Aren’t you going to tame it?]


I tripped but I returned to my senses. But I don’t look away. I use the skill immediately. A slightly different magic flies toward feather dragon. And it starts the war (Not peaceful). (TL note: 陣(Jin)=War and 仁(Jin, protagonist’s name)=Benevolence.)


> Feather dragon was tamed.

> Please give a name to feather dragon.


Eh? Combat? No, it couldn’t start a fight because it was still in the cage…

[What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to fight?]

[…Well, Taming was succeeded without combat.]

[……Is there something like that? Did help make a mistake?]

[Help-sensei doesn’t make mistakes.]

I say it with confidence. But I ask help-sensei just in case.


Q : How can I tame monsters without fighting?

A : The fight can be avoided when monster recognize the user from the beginning, in the critical state and need helps or want to be tamed in the first place.


[It seems I was recognized from the beginning or it needs help, so I got approved immediately when I started taming. It seems we don’t need to fight.]

[Oh, I see. I’m sure it thinks Jin-kun is a gentle person and will free it from the cage.]

I think looking at me without avert its eyes is the main reason. I let it out of the cage immediately. <Lock-picking> skill from the thief becomes useful immediately.


Feather dragon which came out of the cage flaps its small wings and cuddles in my chest. This creature is really cute. I just pat the feather dragon happily for a while.

…That’s right. A name.


> Named [Dorako]     ←

> Named [Dora]

> Name [Yukari]


…My choices are hopeless. First 2 are quite cheap. And the third one is the name of my first love. It is a pervert idea to name the tamed monster (♀) after the name of the first love… I just settle with [Dora] for now. Perhaps, we will find a better one.

[Your name is [Dora]]

[Eh, that is…]

[It is Dora.]

[Err, that…]

[It is Dora.]


[Or perhaps, cherry.] (Spec: Sakura=Cherry)

[Please stop. Please name it Dora.]

Sakura seems to detest it from the bottom of her heart. Well, I will be mad too if the pet almost have the same name as me.


It might be please. Rather than be called [Dora], I guess it is more happier to be named. Although I don’t have pet in my former world, it is surprisingly good thing. Is it a pet or a small animal?

That remind me to confirm Dora’s status. Since I can’t put a lot of information on map, I saw only simple information. Since it will become companion, I need to know all the detail. It is mortifying when I didn’t check its status before taming to see any change.


Name : Dora

Sex : Female

Age : 5 years

Race : Feather Dragon (Dragonewt)

Skill : <Draconic Magic LV3> <Flight LV1>

Title : Jin’s follower, Princess of dragon race (Spec: What!?)



Dragonewt? I never heard that word before. Let’s ask help-sensei.


Q : What is a dragonewt?

A : Dragonewt is one of the dragon family. They can take dragon form or human form. Their status is based on dragon form, which is consider one of the high-ranked dragon. Despite that they have equal intelligence to human, they are considered as monster, Tame level also the same as dragon form.


I thought it was dragon pet but she turned out to be dragon girl.

In other word, A rare feather dragon (High-ranked dragon race) can take a shape of draconic people…

Since I’m interested, I make Dora to take human form.

[Err…Can you show your human form?]

[What is it?]

Sorry, Sakura. I will explain it later.


Dora nods and cries, her body shines up. Her silhouette becomes bigger and 5 years’ old girl is there when the light is settled. Naked… Uh. Not wearing any clothes…

She has a nice face, waist-length hair and white skin. Her pupils are blue and have the same shape as her dragon form. Although her dragon form is cute, her human form is absurdly cute. However, I can’t stare at naked girl forever. (Spec: You will have title of perverted + lolicon.) Since we don’t have any clothes for her, I have her revert back to her dragon form.

[Can you return to your dragon form?]


Her body shines again and return to dragon form. Come to think of it, the appearance of 5 year’s old girl in her human form is according to her real age.

[W-W-W-What was happened!?]


>Sakura becomes confused


[Dora is of the draconic people. That was her human form.]

Even with my straightforward and endless explanation, Sakura is still confused.

[What is this!? Is there a race like that!? Jin-kun, didn’t you just tame a human-being!?]

[Please calm down. I will explain it properly.]


It seems she calms down a little when I tell her with calm tone.

[First, there are a race of draconic people. It is called dragonewt, the race who can take dragon and human form. My map couldn’t detect them, and it treats them as common dragon. It is the same reason I can tame it since they were treated as dragon. In short, she was treated as monster.]

[Are they be treated as monster even though they look like a human-being?]

Perhaps, my explanation is too vague.

[Perhaps. According to the rule, it is possible to tame them.]

It might be fine in a sense. The one concern point was that the feather dragon is a rare monster, it was unexpected that we encounter her.

[Come to think of it, if she can take human form, can she speak human language?]

It seems she could understand human language, but can she speak? Because I’m interested, Let’s try to ask her.]


She shakes her head. Is it impossible? Let’s ask help-sensei for the reason.


Q : Can dragonewts speak human language?

A : They can. But both 5 years old dragon and human form are too immature. It should be about 10 years old to talk normally.


If in human form, I want her to understand the intention. If she is just a pet, it doesn’t have much need for communication but It is necessary when she in human form. This is trouble.

Some information was added to my head while I was thinking.


> New special power is unlocked.

<Infinite Storage(Inventory) LV->

You can send an object you touched into invisible storage space. Or take it out. Capacity is unlimited. Living creature can’t be stored. Organize and search are possible.


> New special power is unlocked.

<Bond of Contact(Engage Link) LV->

It is an ability that allows the owner to form a contact with a subordinate (subordinate, slave or monster). It will form an invisibility line that can (Pass) or (Share) thoughts with the other party who formed the contact. It is possible to let other people use your status, skills and special power. In addition, it is allow [Telepathy] to transmit thoughts without saying a word too. The detail of ability can be decided by owner and owner will be master (Leader), it is possible to create a network with slaves (Subordinates).



> Power of life and death has become LV3.

> New special power is unlocked.

<Power of Life and Death (Give and Take) LV3>

Skill points can be converted. The conversion efficiency is 5:1. It isn’t possible to use with skills that doesn’t have a level.


My special powers spoil me. All problems I have were solved with my special power.

First, <Infinite Storage(Inventory) LV->. That means I can have infinite belonging. I don’t need to tell you how convenience it is. I can take all the loot from the thieves hideout. Storing living creatures is impossible but corpses are possible. Beside, it is almost the same as that blue cat-type robot’s [4th dimension pocket]. In short, [Infinite storage] is what those guys yearn for.(ND:Now he just need a anywhere door)

Next is <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)>. I confirmed it with help, it is an amazing ability. First, I can make people who is in contact with me take ability’s from enemies. The hunt efficiency will rise up considerably with <Infinite Storage(Inventory)>.

As for passing, the distance is unlimited. If I make a contact with tamed monster and let them fight, I could be strengthened while relaxing in a room. Since the number of contact is unlimited, it isn’t hard to achieve that. And lastly, we can share our thought. In short, we can contact each other without speaking. That allow me to perform any strategy without speaking during combat. In addition to that, I can ignore the vocal cords of partner when communicating. In short, I can talk with Dora.

I make a contact with Dora at once. The approval is unnecessary when another party is monster.

I chant silently and aim at Dora.

<<Dora, can you hear me?>>

<<!? Uh, is this the voice of master?>>

Oh, I did it. Dora seems to be surprised too. I see. Dora called me master. I will give a simple explanation to her.

<<That’s right. With my ability, Dora can talk with me without speaking>>

<<Amazing. As expected from master>>

Perhaps she doesn’t understand it good enough. Her intelligence might be around 5 years old child.

<<Dora, how did you end up here?>>

This is what I want to know if we can communicate. I have to leave Sakura out since mutual understanding with Dora has more priority.

<<You see. I went out of the house since I have free time. When I was hungry and looking for the meal, those scary uncles caught me.>>

I see, you were caught when you went out to play. When I think about her home, I see a scary word in her title column.


Titles: Jin’s follower, Princess of dragon race


It smell like trouble.

<<This place is stink, meal was bad and I never thought anybody will come to help me, until master came. And then, I realize you are my master.>>

Judging from monster side, is this recognition? That moment might be when I tamed her.

[You remained silent for the whole time, what’s wrong?]

Sakura, who was left behind, asks s question. I have to give an explanation to her soon.

[Oh, sorry for being silent. My special powers were unlocked and I can talk with Dora with my mind.]

[Special power again? After we encountered some trouble, Jin-kun’s power solves them again.]

Sakura smiles awkwardly. I think she is right on spot.

[Other is <Infinite Storage(Inventory)>, this special power is like a warehouse where we can put stuff inside infinitely.]

[Really! Did you receive 2 special powers at once? How many special powers do you have, Jin-kun!?]


I didn’t tell her about the total of special power I have. Should I take this opportunity to explain this to her?

[About 7. And I’m certain Sakura also has 3 in your status.]

[7! And 3 of them are unlocked already! It is a cheat, totally cheat!]

I think Sakura’s character is broke down a little. I have to explain the detail of special powers to Sakura.

Few minutes later…

[…Understood. Dora-chan can talk properly when you use your special power.]

[Yeah, that is correct. However, I can use this special power only on my subordinates. It seems you need to be recognized as my subordinate to let my use this special ability if you aren’t a slave or tamed monster.]

[Understood. Then, I will be your subordinate and let you use your special power to me too.]


I thought Sakura had calmed down, but she suddenly says that. Perhaps,  she didn’t calmed down at all?

[Sakura. Please calm down. Did you hear the conversation? Do you know if you become my subordinate, your position will be the same as a slave and tamed monster? Are you okay with that?]

For a high school girl to become a subordinate of a high school boy, it is sound indecent.

[Yes, I’m fine with it. There are a lot of benefits when applied with the special power, right?]

[Yeah, as I explained before, we can talk with our mind and <Power of Life and Death(Give and Take)> is easier to use. It basically has no disadvantage.

I think it will ease a lot of problems if I use this power on Sakura but it isn’t something I could do easily. It was honestly unexpected hat Sakura would say that.

[It isn’t a bad thing since it will be bad if I don’t receive it and become a burden for you.]

[Well, you have your point. But I have to say, this isn’t my intention…]

It isn’t a problem about effectiveness, it is a problem of the girl who receives it.

[That isn’t a problem. It isn’t possible for current me to refuse Jin-kun’s instructions, and I don’t plan to either. Aren’t I already Jin-kun’s subordinate since I’m under your protection?]

You are right. Our relationship doesn’t change and I have no intention to treat my subordinates badly.

[If possible, Please let me prepare my heart when you request for something indecent…]

Sakura’s face becomes bright red when she said that.

Hey, what did you just say? How could you think about something like that so daringly? I mean, did you make a resolution that far? Is that okay?

[That is…]

[Let’s talk about this next time. I’m ready to become subordinate of Jin-kun at once. Beside, didn’t I say “I will do anything. I will work hard so I won’t be your burden.” When we started travel together? It is up to Jin-kun’s feeling.]

If you said that, it isn’t possible for me to decline…

[Understood. Don’t regret it. I might work you like a horse.]

[Yes! Please leave it to me since I will do anything!]

Sakura answers back so lively. If Sakura is okay, I don’t have any problems either.

[Then please take out your pinky finger immediately.]

[Pinky finger?]

[Yeah, we hook our pinky finger with each other and pledge to let me use this ability to partner whom newly becomes a subordinate.]

There is an actual requirement for me to tie my little finger to the partner’s body. The moment the partner accepts it, it becomes complete and that partner will become my subordinate. The partner don’t need to use their pinky finger because it is possible that they won’t have it. If partner is human, pinky finger might be good.

[It is a cute requirement somehow.]

[Don’t say that… Because I think so too…]

I said that while Sakura puts her pinky finger out. The two of us become slightly red, It is shameful for us to do a pinky pledge at this age. The requirement is fulfill.

I see an invisible path from Dora and Sakura to me. I try to talk with both of them.

<<Hey. Do you hear me?>>

<<Uwa, it feels really strange… Yes, I can hear you.>>

Sakura seems to understand how to use it at once, me and Dora try to talk with her.

<<Yahho~. Sakura-oneechan. Nice to meet you~>>

I didn’t tell her but Dora seems to recognize Sakura and greets her.

<<This voice is Dora-chan, right? I’m looking forward to be friend with you.>>


Dora is also glads to have more partners whom she can talk with. Enough to become emotionally attached to Sakura.

Come to think of it, I have one more ability.

[I’m going to check <Power of Life and Death(Give and Take) LV3> , could you two talk to each other for a while?]

[Yes, understood.]


It was displayed <Monster Taming LV2> until now, but this isn’t accurate. It actually showing <Monster Taming LV2(9/20)>. The rightmost parentheses is (Current point/Level up point) and Level up point is equal skill level x 10.

For example, when <Body Reinforcement LV1(9/10)> is increased by 1 point, it will become <Body Reinforcement LV2(0/20)>. <Body Reinforcement LV2(19/20)> is increased by 1 point, it will become <Body Reinforcement LV3(0/30)>. By the way, <Power of Life and Death(Give and Take)> is handled only with total points not level. In short, when I take <Body Reinforcement LV3(0/30)>, it means I take 10 + 20 point for <Body Reinforcement> skill. Actually, My <Monster taming LV3(13/30)> is the sum of <Monster taming LV2(9/20)> and <Monster taming LV2(14/20)>.

Next is about <Power of Life and Death(Give and Take)LV3>. It allows me to use remaining points of a skill to strengthen another skill. I plan to make use of the 5 points of <Absorption> and <Division> which I can’t use into a point and use 1 point for <Inspiration LV2 (19/20)>. It become <Inspiration LV3 (0/30)>.

The conversion efficiency of 5:1 isn’t good. However, with just 1 point, it is become a big advantage. For example, I could take 1 point of the rare skill from people in town, put those free point in and return 1 point back to them. I won’t create a hard feeling for partner whom has the skill I want but not be hostile with this method. Of course, I still feel guilt to take it without permission…

For now, I won’t do that to the residents of this country for now. I don’t want to do something to be indebted with. Although they are stranger, they are still resident of this country, I don’t want to be indebted with. I still use <Power of Life and Death (Give and Take)> on resident of this country only if they are enemy, and I will kill and take all ability without remorse.

<~~~    ~~~>


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