Chapter 8: Sakura’s special power and town arrival


It’s already one more special power, and it isn’t mine. I discovered Sakura’s special power when I check her status. I immediately tell Sakura who is talking with Dora.

[Sakura, I checked your status and your special power is unlocked.]

[Really!? What kind of power it is? Oh, I finally escaped from being a good-for-nothing!]

Sakura smiles happily. However, while being slightly regretful. I already told her many times that she isn’t a good-for-nothing. Nobody would expect her to have a huge potential. If she was thrown out alone for be incompetence, I might not have known it.

[I said I don’t think you are good-for-nothing…]

[I know. Jin-kun doesn’t need to tell me about that. But I’m conscious of myself for being a good-for-nothing. I want to have something I can be confident with.]

[I see, Then your special power should give you confidence.]

I write Sakura’s special power on the paper while I’m talking.


<Magic Creation (Magic Create)>



It seems to be a great special power.

[Magic Creation? What is the effect?]

[I don’t know.]

[Don’t know? Does help not know it either?]

Sakura seems to be at a lost. I’m too, this is unusual. There is no answer when I ask this question.

[It seems special powers are off the rules of this world. It seems help only knows about this world. It is difference from my own special powers, it can show just the name of other people’s special power. We can share it with <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)> but it is troublesome if we don’t know what it can do.]

[Do you know what kind of power it is?]

[No, I don’t. In my case, <Clairvoyance (System Window)> will give me an explanation but I still don’t know the nature of my own special powers. In short, it is important to know the nature of special power. Since you know its name, why don’t you try ask yourself about that?]

Because I don’t have any proof, I can’t do anything but let’s Sakura do it herself.

[Understood. I will try. …I will ask myself about special power. …I will ask myself about special power.]


Sakura recites that phase while closing her eyes. She suddenly opens her eyes 30 seconds later.

[Ah, I know it.]

I guess it is easy to comprehend if you know it.  She turns toward me and starts to explain.

[Err, you see. It is the ability to create new magic that that this world doesn’t have with imagination.]

[Isn’t that an amazing ability? Won’t we able to return to our world with this power?]

We should have done this earlier if this power allows us to return to our former world… Perhaps that is too good to be true.

[Please wait for a moment… …It is impossible. I think there is some obstacle for it.]

It wasn’t omni-potential after all. Too bad, but it wasn’t Sakura’s fault. Just give up.

[First, that kind of magic require huge amount of magic power and to have that much magic power, you need a huge amount of MP too.]

That is certainly a demerit. It is a restriction. However…

[Well then, what kind of magic the current Sakura can use?]

I think your power has some condition like my <Power of Life and Death (Give and Take)> and <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)> or something, right?

[It is impossible. I can’t use my own power properly and still in Jin-kun’s debt in the end. I’m sorry.]

Sakura said that but I have some hypothesis in my head. Sakura doesn’t say it by herself but she tend to depend on what I tell her. Come to think of it “Special power will appear according to the owner’s wish” or something like that. When my special power level’s up or unlocks, it is often in the time when I have a problem. I think I could understand the characteristic of special powers.

By the way, when consider the character of Sakura based on “Sakura wants to become useful. However, she didn’t hope for power to become independent.” Like that. Sakura apologized to me as if she did something wrong, but that is what she wishes for.

[Let’s confirm Sakura’s special power later. Because we have to check what my <Infinite Storage (Inventory)> can do…]

[Understood. How should I help you?]

[No, it’s alright. Just touch something in this room.]

Just holding it in your hand isn’t a problem. You can choose what you want to hold as you want.

[Understood. Then, you should tell Dora-chan properly.]


<<Yay. I want to hear Sakura-oneechan’s story again~>>

[Dora-chan. You are cute…]

Sakura is completely charmed by Dora. Like she is an angel. I also pat Dora’s head before start storing.

<<It feels good~>>

[You become happy just from this…]

[You are right…]

2 of us were healed by Dora. Since we don’t make any progress, I have to tearfully part from Dora.

<<Pat me again~>>

[Uh, I will do that later.]

I store random items while moving clockwise around the room. I confirm the contents of barrel. There are blood-stained accessories. These might have  been taken from merchant. Other than that are a lot of weapons and armor. When I open the wooden box, potions and medicine are piled up inside. Of course, a huge amount of money and goods existed too.

Since it is troublesome to put everything from the wooden box with <Infinite Storage (Inventory)>, I use <Infinite Storage (Inventory)> to store all of them and use <Clairvoyance (System Window)> and  identify what inside them. I can confirm the detail later.

It is an easy job, I just need to check that there aren’t any strange thing entering <Infinite Storage (Inventory)>.

During that, I was bothered by a certain pouch. It is unusual for that pouch to be put there. I thought it was an expensive item and checked it, I was surprised by what I found.


Item box.

Note: Magic item that can store a fixed amount of items.


In this world, it doesn’t have <Infinite Storage (Inventory)> but it has a lot of means to store items.

One of them are item box and the pouch in front of me. A so-called magic item that can store many things, a type of magic that was cast on bag or box. It seems the quality is decided by capacity, higher quality is, the more capacity it will be. The cheapest is storeroom size. And that is surprisingly worth 100,000g. Because of that, that pouch-sized item box is a considerable high-quality item. I understand why it was place inside the treasure room.

Another method is <Space Magic LV1> ’s “Storage”. It allows user to store item inside a sub-dimension and size is dependent on the user’s magic, and that is why space magicians doesn’t need to carry a bag.

<Infinite Storage (Inventory)> is more than that, it is better than those inferior one, I’m glad I have this power. Because of <Infinite Storage (Inventory)>, I can deceive others. If the guy that isn’t space magician puts an item in and out of empty space it is unnatural.

Concerning the pouch-type, I decide to let Sakura have it. Of course, I give her an explanation about item box too.

[I think I can put half of items in this room there.]

[Why? cant <Infinite Storage (Inventory)> put everything here inside without question?]

[If someone asks, you can show the item box which we took from the thieves.]

I don’t know when these troublesome things will happened. Of course, I can get away if my ability was exposed.

[I see, shall I put something expensive inside here?]

[Yeah, please. Anything that look expensive will be put in <Infinite Storage (Inventory)>.]

Similar with function of <Infinite Storage(Inventory)> and <Clairvoyance(System Window)>, it can be used to fetch the item you want. <Infinite Storage(Inventory)> can remove the blood-stain on item that was put in, and become perfectly clean when pulled out.

I start pulling out items from <Infinite Storage(Inventory)> and put it inside Sakura’s item box and took the expensive items from her instead.

Next is the equipment those thieves stored in this room. Those thieves dismantled everything except the particularly expensive items. I also don’t want to talk about item box as much as possible too.

I put the huge axe inside <Infinite Storage(Inventory)>. Since it is big and bulky, it should be fit there better than item box. Items those thieves used are extremely high quality. I have no choice but it take it. Let’s pretend I got them from somewhere else.

[I wonder what’s the total value of everything here are…]

[That’s right. But I think that isn’t important.]

<<Did you finish cleaning up?>>

I see, Dora saw us as if we are cleaning the room…

[Yeah, we are done. We are going to leave now.]

<<Understood~ Should Dora be in dragon form? Or human form?>>

Perhaps, she asked that question because she doesn’t know which form she should take.

[Please stay at dragon form for a while. You can be in human form after we buy you some clothes in town.>>


[And Dora, do you mind if I want you to go out and fight?]

<<Do you want me to fight too? Understood. I will do my best~>>

[Dora-chan, can you fight?]

It seems Sakura doesn’t want Dora to fight if possible.

[Yeah, she can fight. I saw her ability is good enough for a fight.]

Her <Dragon Magic> seems to be strong too, I want to see that.

[Before that, I plan to give you some skill and status.]


I didn’t give her the details. So I give her an explanation while performing it. Dora’s reaction is…

<<Master is really amazing~>>

It doesn’t seem she understands it. Well, it won’t be a problem if she knows I’m amazing. Err, am I sweet? I don’t know.

<Bond of Contact(Engage Link)> gives me the ability of long range communication. First, I plan to give ability I took from those thieves to Dora.

<<I feel stronger somehow~>>

It seems she can feel that her ability has improved. In that case, she will be useful during the battle.

[Well then, Let’s talk about Dora’s combat style. Your feather dragon form can move freely and fire <Dragon Magic> from mid-range.]

<<Understood~ Please leave it to me~>>

Dora answers cheerfully. But Sakura who stays on the side has a curious face.

[<Dragon Magic>? What is that?]

[Oh, I forget to explain it to Sakura. <Dragon Magic> is magic which only dragon can use, no chanting, high power, has many properties and incredible stuff. It isn’t possible to use it for a while. In short, it has a long cool down.]

[If you had such a great magic, why didn’t you break out of the cage?]

Come to think of it, you are right. Won’t you be able to escape if you want? Sakura and I are looking at Dora. Dora just tilt her neck slightly why look at us curiously.

[Err, ojii-chan told me not to use <Dragon Magic> outside. So I didn’t use it in the cage.]

From Dora’s title, it looks like she is strong. To the point she was forbidden to use it outside…

[Eh, is it possible to use it when Jin-kun wants?]

<<Uh, because I like master more than ojii-chan, I will do what my master tells me to.>>

I’m happy when you said that. But I feel sorry for her grandpa.

[Well then, preparation for Dora to join the battle is end, Let’s move out.]



We left the cave after our preparations are done. I intentionally put a backpack on. It makes me look like a traveler. It is too suspicious to travel without anything , even if you have item box.

I defeated the monsters I met in the forest. Because I don’t want to see the power beyond comprehend of <Dragon Magic> in the forest.

After we left the forest, Our first encounter (On purpose) is a goblin whom I decided to use as test subject.

[Dora, please use <Dragon Magic> at that goblin.]


Dora flies into the sky and take a breath when approaching the goblin. Flame gushed out of her mouth violently as she spitted it out. The fire spreads out and burn everything within 10m and 40 degree in front of her. Of course, the goblin whom was within the range is completely charred.

Not to mention Sakura, I was surprised too. I’m not sure I  tamed  a monster with a powerful attack like this…

<<It is done~>>

Dora said that while she approaches me. After checking her status and taking the abilities from the goblin, we received an experience point too.

[Oh, thank for your good work. What an amazing power.]

<<Err, it was greater than this since I didn’t use it for a long time~>>

And this wasn’t her best. This girl’s specs is high…

[Dora-chan is really amazing…]

<<Praise me, Praise me more~>>

She approaches Sakura and rub her cheek.

Since I confirm Dora can fight and can take abilities of enemies she defeats, I think we need to practice our teamwork in the future. Because if those thieves can do, we can do it too.

After walking for 3 hours, We see the town. Dora likes the horn rabbit meat we were eating on the way.

<<I want to eat horn rabbit’s meat again~>>

[Maybe later. Because you can eat a lot of things inside the town, please looking forward to that.]


I want to let Dora eat something good in the town.

When we enter the town, I decided to let Dora hides herself in the backpack. I’m certain the feather dragon and naked girl will stand out. First, I have to buy her some clothes. Bring her to hotel to get change. Take her along in little human girl form. There is no problem if she can’t talk. When we think about this setting, we don’t need to hide anything.

We arrived at the town. This “Town” is larger than a village, it has a properly maintained wall and gate. 1,000g for entrance fee. I’m sure our loots is worth more than 1,000g when we sell them. We can sell our loots inside the town.

Gatekeepers are the most trusted occupation to handle that. Conversely, if the town’s gatekeeper can’t be trusted, the town couldn’t be trust either. This town’s gatekeepers seems to do their job properly. We pay 2,000g (Not include Dora) and enter.

This town’s name is Tizo. It is a lot smaller thanthe  capital but still a lot larger than Kabate village.

[It seems to be a clothes shop over there.]

[The map is convenient as usual.]

I look for clothes shops with map at once. There are several but that is the nearest place from the gate.

[Welcome~, what are you looking for~?]

Because our setting doesn’t look unusual, we are looking for children’s clothes.

[I’m looking for children’s clothes. I want to buy some clothes for my 5 years old younger sister.]

I bought a blue dress that was recommended by the female shopkeeper. …The price is 10,000g. Our budget was about 20,000g. Isn’t that a little bit too high? No, I told her it will be a birthday’s present, it can’t be help if she recommended something special. Well, it is my first present too. I also a cute child like her to wear something good too.

I purchased 2 cheaper clothes (1000g each) too.

Next is looking for a hotel that meet our conditions. I found a slightly good place with 1,000g for the meal and 3,000g for the room. We pay hotel charges for 2 people and enter the room.

[Alright, Dora. Please turn into human form and wear these clothes.]

It is 10,000g clothes. Since this is the first time. I want her to wear good clothes.


I watch Dora turn into human form. Yep, just watch. And I watch Dora put the clothes on. Yep, just watch again.

[Eh? Why does Jin-kun watch her?]

Sakura noticed but it is already too late. It will be a waste to overlook someone cute to do something cute.

[Because I’m her master.]

[That isn’t a proper reason… But I’m also your subordinate, right…? The more I think, the more I found it is strange, this world is…]

Sakura is lost in thought. Even if this is another world, it isn’t a proper reason for someone to look at little girl changing her clothes, even if she is a tamed monster. I will become disadvantage if I say that… I mean I behave myself like a gentleman to Sakura, how could I show her a strange desire… I have to careful.

<<I’m done changing~>>

[yoshi yoshi. You were doing well.]


Dora becomes happy when I pat her white hair. Dora’s hair is white, not that white but it looks beautiful like polished silver. It is so smooth and feel good when touched too. Do I really love Dora? Am I a lolicon? Or something like that? But I like her dragon form too.

[Well, enough with admiring Dora, shall we go to the guild for report?]

[You are right. The sooner is better.]

1 thing we need to do in this town is to report about thieves extermination. As I explained before, thieves extermination was requested by the guild and that information is important for merchant and resident in the surrounding area.

I have no obligation for this country, but for the innocent residents, it is different. I should at least give a report. By the way, I won’t register to the guild. I don’t want to leave too much information behind nor use this country as a base.

We arrived at adventurer guild. This building gives that kind of atmosphere. I heard a clamor from inside the brick building. There might be a lot of rowdy people too. But there is the another entrance specialize for accepting request other than the main entrance. Certainly, I don’t want to enter that kind of place from the front door either.

In our case, we decided to enter because we have some business to settle.

[Sorry. I want to report something for a moment…]

[Welcome. What is your business today?]

A polite interaction. The female receptionist might be a beautiful oneesan after all.

[Yes. I want to report about thieves extermination…]

[Extermination…? Not just report about their hideout?]

[Yes. Totally 10 people. The leader was a large axe user.]

After hear that, receptionist was surprised and ponder on something.

[With that information… did they have a “Black Wolf”…?]

[Come to think of it, I saw a tamed wolf too.]

If I’m not mistake, that wolf was black. I didn’t notice the feature of that tamed monster. In the end, I just know only a name.

[It is without a mistake. I will contact guild master for a moment.]

She said something to nearby receptionist. I have a feeling it will be important, it is a small matter and I want to end it as soon as possible… Miss receptionist turns toward me again.

[Err. Are you an adventurer? Because I never see you around here before.]

[No, just a traveler. I don’t have any guild card. I’m just somewhat skilled…]

Guild card is the proof of adventurer who registered to the guild. There are some example about ranks too. It can be issued in any country but you still need to update once you go to another country.

[Really? Then, will you register? You can register and you will receive reward as soon the extermination is confirmed.]

[No, I’m certain I still receive half of reward without register.]

It is sound ungrateful but I want money after all. Is that bad!?

[Err, there isn’t a disadvantage for registration, and the compensation of extermination isn’t small either…]

[Sorry. But I promised with my friend to register with the guild in other country…]

[Is that so? It can’t be help since you have promised.]

The sign of the registered country will be carved on guild card. That would be a complicated situation, so let drop the subject. I didn’t tell a lie because I made a promise with Sakura who is behind me.

[Who defeated the “Black Wolf”?]

A stern old man came out. He might be around 40. He give me a feeling of veteran.

[Yes, guild master. This person here.]

[Hmm. You, prepare the reception room.]

Receptionist who called for guild master went inside the guild again. There is a reception room. I have a feeling this will turn out to be troublesome.

[My name is Joseph. The guild master of adventurer’s guild in this town. I want to hear the detail. Is it okay now?]

The Reception room was prepared… I have no right to veto. Well, that isn’t a problem.

[Yes, it is okay. Should I bring my companion too?]

[Umm, I don’t mind.]

Guild master and receptionist lead me to reception room inside the guild. It is a beautiful room. I never thought a room like this existed in a place where rowdy people are gathered. Oh, the main purpose is for clients…

[Well then, let’s get to the point, where is the “Black Wolf” hideout?]

Guild master said that while unrolls the map.

[In the nearby mountain. In a cave.]

His map is less accurate than my map, I can only point a rough position on that.

[Hmm, it was closer than expected. Can you explain the fighting detail or anything else?]

[Okay. I entered the mountain to harvest something while I’m traveling. I saw the wolf in front of the cave. When I defeat that wolf and enter the suspicious cave, I fought with thieves. I killed 10 people and came to this town for the report.]

Guild master is listening. It is okay. My story doesn’t have any contradiction. I didn’t lie too. But the harvest part = Treasure of those thieves.


[How was the fight with boss who is using a large axe?]

Guild master asked me a direct question. Perhaps, a lead question…

[It was tough. He swing the axe with all his might. It seems he also has the cooperation with subordinates. The instructions were precise and make me wonder how those thieves could come up with that.]

[…It doesn’t seem to be a lie.]

Guild master is murmuring. I could do that because of <Body Reinforced>.

[Well, I understand. I heard all of you are unregistered. Since it was already too late today, guild will confirm the extermination tomorrow. If it was confirmed, you will get half of the reward. If you want to register. You can get the remaining half.]

I don’t need that.

[That’s right. What is about the loots? There should be left on their hideout.]

[No, It is already taken, I don’t know where they kept. There wasn’t much left but you can take it as you like.]

[Understood. I will add that to the reward of investigating team. I want you to stay in this town for a while in case of repurchase…]

[That is fine. However, I will give priority if there is an urgent business.]

To put it simple “Sorry, I might disappear suddenly”

[That is no use. Even if we don’t, someone with authority might restrain you guys.]

[As for the report, I plan to report to the guild as much as I can before leave this town.]

[That would really help. If possible, I want you to tell me your current address.]

It isn’t preferable to let someone know the place we live carelessly. It is possible someone will chase us.

[Please restraint from that because we will have a trouble when someone intrudes for repurchase.]

[I won’t reveal it… There is another method. Could you show your face at guild twice at 10 AM and 6 PM?]

[I don’t mind that.]

So our task during the stay is settled. It is unlikely to become too serious.

[However, you are really great. “Black Wolf” was causing trouble around here recently. They was a notorious band of thieves.]

[I was lucky.]

[Leader’s cunning is famous. I don’t think luck alone can defeat that guy.]

Of course, I didn’t fight them with luck but I have to say that. As the guild master want to hear the details of the fight…

[Sorry, I don’t want to explain how I defeated them. Because there is something I need to conceal too… However, you know about thief leader really well. Was he your acquaintance?]

I refuse to explain how I fought lightly. Guild master looks bitter when I asked him back.

[A little while ago… They were registered adventurer of this guild.]

His face look gloomy as he talks. Reason? I don’t know the detail but it should be a history between guild master and the thief leader. But I’m not interested in the story between old men.

[Well then, I got to hear about it. Thank you. Please enjoy this town.]

I will tell you in exchange. Since I report what is necessary and return skillfully.

[Then, I will take my leave.]

[Umm. Please come again tomorrow at 10 AM, even if no one comse to repurchase.]

I bow, Sakura and Dora also bow too.

We left the guild. I thought we were going to be picked as prey because we have woman and child. After hearing the story, it won’t be a problem if you pick a quarrel with a fellow adventurer, but it will be a crime if you do that with common people. In the worst case, you will be expelled from guild. Because of that rule and I had a talk withthe  guild master, they thought we are someone they should not be involved.

We return to the hotel after shopping, the meal is ready. By the way, I pay the hotel charge and meal for Dora’s part too. Since she will have less problem in human form and I feel sorry for her if she can’t have a meal in the hotel.

<<It is delicious~>>

[Don’t eat too fast. The meal won’t run away.]

Perhaps, Dora has been dreaming about eating human food in the first place. I heard dragonewt usually stay in dragon form without changing into human form and eat the meat of wild monster to live. It is natural because they can’t cook complex meal in dragon form.

[The meal has to be delicious because the price is high after all.]

[That’s right. The camping time is terrible…]

[Yeah, you are right…]

The tension of me and Sakura are dropped down as we eat a delicious meal.

We need to think about our eating habits during travels soon. I have a few idea to think about. I can put a newly made meal inside <Infinite Storage(Inventory)> for now.



Shindo Jin

LV 12

Skill : <Sword Mastery LV5 up> <Spear Mastery LV3> <Blunt Mastery LV6 up> <Shield Mastery LV1> <Bow Mastery LV5 new> <Martial Art LV3 new> <Axe Mastery LV5 new> <Fire magic LV1> <Ice magic LV1> <Wind magic LV1> <Earth magic LV1> <Thunder magic LV1> <Water magic LV1> <Dark magic LV1> <Recovery magic LV2> <Enchantment LV1> <Possession LV1> <Leadership LV2> <Inspiration LV3 up> <Monster taming LV3 new> <Lockpicking LV3 new> <Theft LV4 new> <Threat LV4 new> <Torture LV2 new> <Body reinforcing LV7> <Jump LV4 up> <Night eye LV3 new> <Berserker LV1 new>
Special Power : <Power of Life and Death (Give & take) LV3 up> <Clairvoyance (System window) LV-> <Infinite Storage (Inventory)> <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)> <???> <???> <???>
Equipment : Goblin general’s sword


Kinoshita Sakura

LV 6

Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV5 up> <Fire magic LV1> <Ice magic LV1> <Wind magic LV1> <Earth magic LV1> <Thunder magic LV1> <Water magic LV1> <Dark magic LV1> <Recovery magic LV1> <Body reinforcing LV6 up> <Jump LV3 up>
Special power : <Magic Creation LV- new>
Equipment : Goblin magician’s staff



LV 3

Skill : <Dragon Magic LV3 new> <Body Reinforcing LV6 new> <Flight LV1 new> <Rush LV3 new> <Howl LV4 new> <Bite LV2 new>

Equipment : None.

<~~~    ~~~>


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