Chapter 10: Beastman slave and Crime slave


Those two people left to get money and returned 30 minutes later.

[Here’s 20 large gold coin, total 20,000,000g]

Since Sebastian handed me a large gold coin, I pass the dagger to him. As I hand it over, curling hair girl snatches it away immediately without confirming it.

[Yeah, there is no mistake. This is the heirloom dagger of my family. I never thought I could get it back safely after hearing the messenger whom had it was attacked by a thief. We can start business once again with this…]

Perhaps, her feeling blurts out as she becomes deeply move. Her face suddenly becomes awkward when she noticed my glance.

[Forget it…]

I can squeeze more her out to keep silent for that.

Perhaps this is something noble couldn’t talk about. It is something I’m not suppose to say.

I returned the family heirloom dagger. She has no choice but to take it. I wonder if I should double it more, or not…

After the negotiations ends, they left. It seems the guild let us leave separately to avoid useless trouble outside the guild control. Receptionist-san talks to me who still remain.

[That was a considerable overcharged. Perhaps, you are in the first tier guild.]

[No, the dagger was about 10,000,000g including the background. I think that is an appropriate price, considering her attitude.]

Receptionist-san looks at my slightly serious face and smile awkwardly.

[However, they are the real nobles in this town. Is that okay?]

[Well, I can take care of that. We can leave quickly if it seems too dangerous. In that case, I have to stop any repurchase… Oh, if I don’t show up once, please consider that I won’t return anymore.]

[That’s right. You can leave whenever you want in the first place…]

Receptionist-san also understands my situation. I think receptionist-san can be cruel sometime too.

Knock knock.

Reception room’s door was knocked. When guild staff opens the door, the guild master enters.

[It seems they repurchased.]

[Yeah. Perhaps, a reward?]

His timing is good. Since I might need to leave this town in the worst case, I’d better not take anything from him.

[Uh, the extermination was confirmed. Here, 500,000g. You have become rich with this money. Ha~Ha~Ha~]

Honestly, I think that is too late. I received 20,000,000g earlier. This 500,000g is more like “Consumer Tax?”.

[Ahaha, I just received 20,000,000g from the repurchase…]

[What!? Did you just overcharged a noble!?]

Understandable people is understandable… As for common people, thing to repurchase aren’t worth much.

[Err, well…]

[Hey hey, is that okay to have a quarrel with noble when selling it? You should be careful with that huge amount of money too.]

Uwa, when I think it calmly, I think I planted some seed of problem… Well, it is too late now…

[Yeah, I will keep that in mind.]

I received 500,000g and the guild master told me to return here again tomorrow before he left. It seems he is considerably busy. I decided to return to hotel where those 2 were waiting.

[I have a lot of money.]

It was the first thing I said when I arrived. Those two also have a blank look too. Cute.

[Is it repurchase? Or the reward?]

After thinking about it for a while, Sakura wants to know the detail.

[Both. Reward is 500,000g, repurchase is 20,000,000g.]

[That means we suddenly have a lot of money.]

Sakura’s face still looks surprised after all.

[Yeah, our future action will be considerable easy with this.]

Since Dora couldn’t understand it properly, I have to explain clearly.

[You can eat a lot of delicious food.]

<<Yay~ I love you master~>>

I know it the most. Beside, I also love you too.

[Since I have <Infinite Storage (Inventory)>, I can take a lot of daily necessities with me.]

[Yeah, improving the quality of our trip is the top priority.]

I have an idea. Let’s talk about this now.

[There is something I want to buy.]

[Why did you speak politely so suddenly?]

[Well, you see. Did you feel I did something guilty when I use polite tone?]

[Yes, it is a slave.]


There is the slavery in this world. People who were indebt, criminal or captured demi-human are sold as slaves.

They will be bounded by either special technique [Slave crest] or magic tool (Magic item) [Slave collar]. Those items can stop any disobedience or even kill in some situation. Slave doesn’t have human rights, they were basically treated as an object. I can set them free but I don’t have to do it.

By the way, since you can’t perform <Slavery Technique> without skill. Those who can use have low rank too. So it is unlikely to have strong combat slave.

I’ll explain carefully.

[The first purpose is a meal.]

[Do you plan to make slave do that?]

I have been thinking for a long time. If neither I or Sakura can cook, we have to add some people who can during the trip.

[The resident of this country can’t be trusted as travel companion. I can go against this country because I’m not belong in this country.]

[So we need slave.]

[That’s right. Slaves belong to owner. They can’t defy the owner, and there might be someone with cooking skill. We have no other choice if we are going to look for companion in this country.]

Sakura raises her hand and asks the question.

[Do we have to let the slave fight?]

[Yeah, that is also my intention. With <Power of Life and Death(Give and Take)> and <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)>, we could turn slave who can’t fight to have moderate war potential at once.]

To be honest, 3 people don’t have much efficiency. Since our potential are limitless, I think we should expand it. After heard this explanation, Sakura’s reluctant to buy slave is almost disappeared.

[Certainly, I think it is for that sake too…]

I heard her mutters. That isn’t my intention.

I decide to take a rest today and am going to buy them tomorrow. Dora will sleep with Sakura today. In human form. The temperature of child seems to be pleasant. Feathers! I recommended her feathers too!

However, 2 lovely girls (one with only panty) are embracing each other and sleeping, it is a great treat for my eyes. No, I don’t mean a yuri feeling, it is more like beautiful sisters.

On the next day, we head toward slave market at once. It was an unexpected beautiful big building. Especially, it isn’t a back street, this indicated this business isn’t scorned.

I hesitate a little but I decide to let Sakura and Dora enter together. Since two of you will be fighting together with the people you are going to meet.

However, when I see the face of those two who are going to enter slave market, it was priceless.

[Welcome. How can I help you today?]

There is a fishy old man. He seems to be the shopkeeper. It is fine, business isn’t about the face. Even if he looks fishy, he can do a proper business. Maybe.

[I want to buy slave who can cook. The budget is 1,000,000g.]

If I tell slave dealer a budget and purpose, it will help select the slave.

About the budget, I don’t think it is a good idea to price their life but 1,000,000g is good enough to cover it. Help-sensei is really helpful.


Q : What is the market price of slave?

A : The price in this country are about 100,000g ~ 1,000,000g from the worst to the best. The highest successful bid at the auction was 35,000,000g in the past. 1,000,000g is enough for normal slave dealer.


[Understood. I will prepare it now, please wait at reception room.]

I enter reception room and sit on the sofa. Sakura on the right side and Dora on the left side. In fact, this is our recent position. By the way, when we were walking outside, Dora and Sakura will be left of me in the direction we were traveling. Completely look like parents and child.

Few minutes later, women in thin clothes enter. Well, it doesn’t need any explanation but [Slave who can cook] doesn’t mean only a woman. I didn’t ask to be man either. Uh, it can’t be help.

Since their clothes are thin, I could see their body line clearly. When they walked in I already saw various things. I cross my leg, it is naturally for Sakura to become bright red when she saw that. This sofa indeed… I have to think carefully.

Woman slaves who came out are about early teen to first half of 20s. Of course, their figure are properly maintained. I just realize it.

However, I confirmed there are people without cooking skill in the group too. It is possible to cook without skill too but it is tasted rather bland, my goal is someone with cooking skill. If possible, I want to eat tasty meal.

Strange, map told me there is a person with cooking skill here. Let’s confirm it again. Uh?

[Excuse me, what that door is for?]

I ask shopkeeper about the door at the corner of the room. Shopkeeper’s face look bewilder before answers my question/

[Yes. Crime slave and damaged slave are there. Since customer request the one that can cook, I excluded them for the hygiene side.]

Crime slaves are people who committed a crime not bad enough to sentence to death but didn’t have enough money to pay the fine. Their social position is dropped into slave. Most of them will be forced to be a labor in mines without being brought to slave dealers, following with their harsh fate. To be honest, it is a roundabout way for death sentence.

Again, this is the mean to reduce labor shortage in this world and there is no end for slave demand.

When consider that part, shopkeeper doesn’t need to show me that. However, there is a slave with cooking skill there. It seems to be a failure since I couldn’t explain about the skill and only stated I want slave who is good at cooking.

[I see. Excuse me, may I see it a little?]

[I don’t mind, but isn’t that a waste of time?]

That kind of slave is cheap. Slave dealer is a person who wants to sell an expensive slave. It is natural he doesn’t have interest in this.

[But I still want to do it.]

[Understood. Please wait a moment.]

Shopkeeper takes out the key. It is probably not hygienic. I won’t let Sakura and Dora enter.

So, I enter alone. There is another door at the end of long passage. There is a lot of cages inside, demi-human and badly injured slaves are staring at me. The smell is as expected. Uh, it doesn’t have good hygiene as expected.

However, there are 2 interested girls. One of them is demi-human in the left side of the interior, her face is badly damaged. Another one is a young girl with shoulder-length black hair and black eyes.

[Please! Buy me! High school-oniisan!]

High school student. It isn’t the concept of this world.

The girl in front of me has black hair and eyes and speak with [Japanese-like word.]


Name : Mio

Sex : Female

Age : 8

Race : Human (Reincarnation)

Skill : <Cooking LV5> <Housework LV4>

Title : Crime Slave


It seems she is a reincarnator.

But, a crime slave…? Even if her cooking skill is high, I can’t be friend with her if I don’t know the content of her crime. Can I confirm it here?

[Shopkeeper, what did that girl do? Her appearance doesn’t look bad, is she a crime slave?]

Shopkeeper answers my question.

[Yes. This girl was handed over from village as crime slave due to the crime of poisoning the food. She is qualified as customer wants slave who can cook but I didn’t introduce her because she was caught by poison the food.]

I see, the reincarnator is bad person… In that case, it is impossible to buy her. It can’t be help. I wonder that tattered child over there and cute child that has been introduced a little while ago are good enough? I lose interest in her and look away, she realizes that and start to appeal me.

[Wait! I didn’t do that! I…]

[You aren’t allowed to promote yourself. Be quiet!]

A girl is going to talk but shopkeeper doesn’t allow her to do and active slave crest.

[I didn’t know…that…mayonnaise…was…poisoned.]
As slave crest was activated, her line is broken but I could get some important information.

[Shopkeeper, let’s this girl talk.]

[Is it alright?]

[Yeah, don’t worry.]


Shopkeeper deactivates slave crest. That girl stares at me while she is still out of breath.

[haa, haa, …is it okay?]

[Yeah, could you tell me the detail once more?]

I give her a point, she calms down as she starts tell me her story.

[I made mayonnaise in my village, spread and try to make a money from it. Since I have been cooking and do a housework since I was small, everybody timidly ate my mayonnaise.]

Both of her cooking and houseworking skill are high.

[Of course, everybody like it and it became popular in the village but when eat it too much in this world, it becomes harmful. A person who ate my mayonnaise collapsed, they blamed me and forced me to become crime slave like that…]

And you end up here. I confirmed this girl doesn’t seem to lie. It doesn’t seem to be a formal ability of <Clairvoyance (System Window)> but it can detect lie to some degree.

This girl is looking into my eyes again.

[Please. Please buy me. I will be sent to mine if I stay like this. I will do anything. I will listen to you. I can cook. I can take care of you. So, please…]

After hear that, I decided. It isn’t a cheap sympathize. This girl is deserved this. I point at black hair and eyes girl and badly damaged girl.

[I want to buy her and the girl over there. How much.]

Slave dealer was surprised. Well, that is understandable. Since I suddenly want to buy two people from this place.

[You shouldn’t sympathy with her after heard her lie… and that girl is badly damaged and couldn’t cook either.]

It is an awkward for slave dealer to sell slave from this place, so he complains and try to make me change my mind. Well, it is okay if I have to say this to confirm.

[I don’t care. How much?]

Shopkeeper realizes I won’t change my mind.

[Okay. 40,000g for those two.]

[Isn’t that fairly cheap?]

40,000g for 2 people, I think that is too cheap.

[I can’t demand a lot of money from a crime slave and dying slave. It is a good bargain for dying slave than let her die here, and that crime slave has a good appearance even if she is poisonous, it is still better than let her go to the mines…. Beside, I couldn’t say it out loud but this is considered expensive. Because the price of slave in this country is slightly increased…]

[Understood. Here, some extra.]

I hand over 50,000g to shopkeeper.

[Yes, please wait a little.]

I have nothing to say about giving him too much.

I return to reception room and those two are in better clothes than the thin clothes, enter after a while. It looks like robe but it looks simple and cheap.

Demi-human girl cover her face with hood as she sits down. Crime slave girl has the face that looks like she feels relieved from the bottom of her heart.

Slave dealer come along with slave technique user. I confirmed his status because it is special.


Name : Gedo(Lol I think he name means trash or scum~~ND12)

Sex : Male

Age : 35

Race : Human

Skill : <Slave Technique>


<Slave Technique> is need to handle slave crest. Too bad, I won’t take it because he isn’t enemy. But his name is 100% enemy.

[Then, I will make a slave contact. Could you give me one drop of your blood?]


Slave contract need slave crest to be made with blood of master. I receive a knife from slave dealer and cut the fingertip.

Slave technique user spreads the formation. Both of the slave girls looks to be in pain.



I dip the blood on the formation. It shines once more and the contact was completed.

I make an announcement in front of those 2 slaves.

[I bought you two. My name is Jin. I will take you to the hotel we are living. We will start a proper talk there. Don’t talk until then. This is my first order.]


Crime slave girl answers but demi-human slave doesn’t. I mean I don’t know she can talk or not. Apparently, it seems she doesn’t have enough power to stand up on her own, I have to help her.

[I will be waiting for your next visit.]

He becomes happy because those 2 are dead stock for slave dealer and were sold more expensive than usual.

I ignore the passerby’s suspicion look at demi-human girl’s face and head toward hotel. I pay 2 addition hotel charge for those two. It seems you can keep your slaves in hotel if you pay for them. I heard there are some hotel that slaves were prohibited to enter.

I enter the room and close the door. Because we are going to have an important conversation.

[Alright, you can talk now.]

I cancel the first order. However, one of them couldn’t talk but I heard her groan from time to time.

[I think this is the time to introduce ourselves. First, start with girl with black hair and black eyes.]

When I said that, she bows politely.

[Yes, understood. Ahem, My name is Mio. Coming from Japan like master!]


Sakura looks at me with surprised face. I didn’t tell her anything. Just to surprised her.

[Perhaps, this girl is former Japanese who reincarnated here. She was dead in original world and reincarnated here. And it seems she retains her memory too.]

[Eh, why did master know that? Even if I told you I was Japanese… Doesn’t master know a lot?]

Come to think of it, I didn’t hear the reason why she thinks we are Japanese.

[What is the reason you think we are Japanese?]

[A black hair and black eyes are unusual in this world. Since there was a rumor about summoned heroes in the past few days and past heroes wore a school uniform and have black hair and black eyes, so I assume you are Japanese.]

[I see. I’m sorry I didn’t explain it before. Since we are going to explain later.]

[Understood. I will be looking forward to that.]

Mio smiles. She is a cheerful type but when I saw her at slave market, I didn’t know since her face and behavior at that time were really desperate.

[One thing I need to confirm, Is Mio good at cooking?]

[Yeah, being a reincarnator isn’t the only the reason. I didn’t forget our purpose.]

Sakura said something a little rude. I’m sure being the reincarnator will make cooking become a lot better too.

[Yeah. I have a proper cooking skill.]

[Then, I don’t have any problem.]

Mio rolls up her sleeves.

[What do you want to eat, master? I can do it! I will show the power of my cooking!]

[Great, and our housework power is a disaster. I will leave that to you too. But, don’t poison us.]

Mio is about to cry from my light jab.

[I didn’t do that~ That is cruel~ It is a trauma~]

[Understood. I’m sorry, I said too much.]

I pat Mio’s head. It seems that was a landmine. Let’s not touch that subject (I didn’t say I won’t talk about it).

By the way, when I pat, Mio’s cheek becomes red. Dora is clinging to me because she was envied, so I have to pat them together.

I pat the little girl on the right (8 years old) and little girl on the left (5 years old).

[What is the poison? I’m really bother by that…]

Sakura asked fearfully. But I will explain it later.

[Sorry, Sakura. I will tell you later. All I could tell you now is there is nothing to worry. Let’s introduce the another person. Even if you have a lot of question, please do it after this.]

[Please tell me the detail later. Jin-kun…]

[Yeah, I will.]

It seems Sakura has a lot of worry. Let’s pay attention to demi-human girl right now. I’m not going to look at her while sitting down. But we can’t do that in her current condition.

[Since the person in question couldn’t introduce herself, I will do it instead. The name of this beastman girl is Maria. Her title “Hero of beastman”]



2 people’s surprised and Maria’s groan are sounded through the room. But Dora is still be patted by me.




Shindo Jin

LV 15
Skill : <Sword Mastery LV6> <Spear Mastery LV4> <Blunt Mastery LV6> <Shield Mastery delete> <Bow Mastery LV5> <Martial Art LV5> <Axe Mastery LV5> <Fire magic LV2> <Ice magic LV2> <Wind magic LV2> <Earth magic LV2> <Thunder magic LV2> <Water magic LV2 > <Dark magic LV2> <Recovery magic LV2> <Enchantment LV1> <Possession LV1> <Leadership LV2> <Inspiration LV3> <Monster taming LV3> <Lockpicking LV3> <Theft LV4> <Threat LV4> <Torture LV2> <Compounding LV2> <Body reinforcing LV8> <Jump LV4> <Night eye LV3> <Berserker LV1> <Detection LV6>
Special Power : <Power of Life and Death (Give & take) LV3 up> <Clairvoyance (System window) LV-> <Infinite Storage (Inventory)> <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)> <???> <???> <???>
Equipment : Goblin general’s sword


Kinoshita Sakura

LV 9
Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV5> <Fire magic LV3> <Ice magic LV2> <Wind magic LV2> <Earth magic LV2> <Thunder magic LV3> <Water magic LV2> <Dark magic LV3> <Recovery magic LV1> <Body reinforcing LV6> <Jump LV3> <Detection LV1>
Special power : <Magic Creation LV- new>
Equipment : Goblin magician’s staff



LV 7

Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV5> <Shield Mastery LV3> <Dragon Magic LV3> <Fire magic LV1> <Ice magic LV1> <Wind magic LV1> <Earth magic LV1> <Thunder magic LV1> <Water magic LV1> <Dark magic LV1> <Recovery magic LV1> <Body Reinforced LV6> <Flight LV5> <Rush LV5 > <Howl LV5> <Bite LV4> <Jump LV3> <Detection LV1>

Equipment : Monk’s battle staff, Steel shield.



LV 1

Skill: <Cooking LV5 new> <Housework LV4 new>

Equipment : None



Equipment : None

<~~~    ~~~>


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