Chapter 11: Damage recovery and Slaves’ circumstances


Name : Maria

Sex : Female

Age : 12

Race : Beast man (Cat)

Title : Jin’s slave, Hero of beast man

[A hero? Did this girl come from a different world too?]

Sakura asked.

[No, she wasn’t summoned nor reincarnated, I think she is a hero born in this world. Look carefully, it has “of beast man” attached to it.]
[Err, what is the title? Master is talking like it is natural…]

I didn’t explain about that yet.

[Is that a title often seen in game? Master can see it… Is that a power of judgment?]

It seems she knows the outline of it without explanation. I didn’t expected for her to be well-informed.

[Yeah, you aren’t wrong, I will explain it later.]

[Understood. I will be looking forward to this more and more.]

I grin and smile. Mayonnaise suddenedly appeared. This kind of story is very attractive in another world.

[It was an unusual rare title. I suddenly decide to buy her to hear the detail. Well, it doesn’t seem I could hear her story like this.]

Her whole body is tattered. When I look at her HP, it is really low from a considerable penalty. I’m certain she will die if she was left alone. Since I brought her, I won’t let her die.

Sakura seems to notice this too when I look at her.

[By any chance, do you want to cure this girl with my special power?]

There is no magic to recover damage in this world. In short, Sakura’s <Magic Creation> can do it. By the way, the kind of magic Sakura wants the most when I asked her is “Magic that is useful for Jin-kun”. I think this is a good opportunity to realize that and no better reason to do it either.

[That’s right. Can you do it?]

[Yes, I can. Can I borrow magic power and MP?]

[Of Course. Dora, are you fine with it?]

<<Magic power and MP were given~>>

Well, I have to transfer it.

[Let’s go outside if that wasn’t enough.]

There are a lot of enemy with high magic power and MP.

[Magic…What did you do this time…?]
As Mio heard our story, she said in low voice. It seems she couldn’t contain her curiosity.

I transfer almost all magic power and MP Dora and I have to Sakura.

[……It seems to be enough.]

Magic formations appears on Sakura’s feet and shine.

[…<Magic Creation> [revive]!!]

It was a whiteout for a few second. When I check Sakura’s status, I see a newly added magic.

<Magic Creation> [Revive]

Can restore target’s lost body part. Can’t be used on a dead person. Removes all penalty but doesn’t restored HP by itself.

It seems she successfully created new magic to heal beast man slave Maria safely.

[Phew. …It is done…]

As Sakura takes a deep breath, I confirmed only less than half of her MP is left. Even if there is some MP left, consuming a large amount of MP rapidly will cause fatigue. I hand MP recovery medicine I brought from general store (It calls magic recovery medicine) earlier to Sakura.

[Drink this.]

[T-Thank you very much.]

It will be bad if I let Sakura casts magic in this situation. Magic creation comsumed a lot of MP, It seems Sakura doesn’t have a good MP efficiency.

[Sakura, may I do it and let you rest?]

[Ah, please. I will take a rest a little.]

Sakura sat on the bed and take a rest. I transfer her magic power and MP from her. By the way, I can take <Created Magic> but not <Magic Creation> special power.

The criteria is mysterious.

[Maria, I’m going to heal you now. I don’t know what is going to happened, it might be worse than now. Do you want to do it?]

I could see only a despair in Maria’s eyes the whole time. Even after I told her. I think she already gave up. However, since she already gave up, she just nods without any complain.

[Understood. I will chant it now.]

I stand in front of Maria and start chanting. My MP is dropped sharply. I want more magic power and MP. I think we might need to hunt for magic power soon.

The chant was completed. It took around 10 minutes. It will be hard to use during combat.


Light is warping around Maria. I couldn’t see her well but her silhouette is gradually changing.

When the light is settled, all her damaged limbs were healed only a lovely brown color short hair girl with cat ear remains there.

As the magic described, her decreased HP isn’t recovered. I cast healing magic on her with the little remain MP I have.

[Uh. Most of it are healed. But your HP is still decreasing. …Heal.]

This is Maria’s original form. She just stands there dumbfound. Mio also looks at me, dumbfound. I didn’t explain anything. Sakura just gives an satisfied smile while Dora’s eyes are fixing on Maria’s cat ear.

Maria looks at her own body. Touch her own face, own hand and her whole body.

[Eh, I can talk now. My hand are there too. Why… I was about to die… ue,]


Maria gave a strange voice. Her face get crumpled instantly. Perhaps this…

[ueeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. bieeeeeeeeee]

Maria starts crying as I thought. She seriously cries. A wailing. She keeps crying almost 10 minutes before knee in front of me. What is the meaning of that?

[Err, Maria. What is that pose for?]

Maria answers while looking down.

[It is my intention to show you my loyalty.]

Oh, this posture has this kind of meaning after all.

[Please let me say something I can’t say until now. My name is Maria. Jin-sama. I’m really grateful for you to help me. Please let me sware my loyalty to you for the rest of my life.]

Maria suddenly said something heavy. No, a loyalty for life… Well, if I don’t free you, you will be slave for the rest of your life. At this point, this girl is accepting it.

Oh, since Mio is crime slave, I can’t release her on my own. Slave dealer will have to deal in that case. Because if you buy criminal slave and free immediately, it will cause a danger to public.

[Err, you sworn your loyalty for the rest of your life, don’t you want to be freed from being a slave?]

[Yes, I don’t want to be free at all. With the wound like that, it isn’t strange I’m going to die soon. If someone comes to rescue me, I will give everything to that person. With or without slave creast, I have no intention to go against it. So there is no point of released me.]

If she is going to listen to me regardless of the presence of slave crest, there is no point of released her. However, speech and behavior are too heavy for her…

[Well, I’m glad a cute girl like you swear the loyalty to me…]

[A cute girl…]

Maria is blushing, her face looks happy from the bottom of her heart. Well, even you are slave, you still happy when someone told you are cute. Or perhaps, she didn’t show her face when you were at slave market.

[Is it okay? Sakura is the one who created this magic and I just used this on you. And yet, why did you give your gratitude to me?]

I just cast revive and heal her a little. The most effort was from Sakura.

[I don’t know about magic but Jin-sama bought me as slave first. And you asks Sakura-sama for help. Of course, I’m really grateful for Sakura-sama but it is still Jin-sama’s decision to heal me. Therefore, I swear my loyalty to you.]

The leader of this party is basically me. Although Maria’s opinion wasn’t wrong. So I gladly accept her loyalty.

[Understood. Maria, I accept your loyalty.]

[Yes, please take care of me.]

And then Maria stands up, join her hands together with an expression of lady in love.

[Nevertheless, the appearance of Jin-sama who healed my body is exactly look like a god. It was regrettable that I could see only half of it with only 1 eyes left.]

[Err, call me god it a little too much, please stop.]


It it impossible not to think about gods. I don’t know god is existed in our former world or not but they are in this world. As a person who is hated by god to be called a god, it doesn’t feel good.

For now, the introduction of 2 slaves were done, let’s talk about the detail.

[Introduction of those two are done, let’s get into the detail. Oh, what I’m going to tell you is an absolute secret you must not tell anybody else.]

I warn them first. Mio could guesses it somehow but I should declare it clearly.

[Yes, understood.]

[That’s right, masters are abnormal no matter where you look.]

Mio, isn’t that too cruel? You called us abnormal just from showing you our special powers…

[Let’s introduce ourselves once again. I’m Shindou Jin. Shindou is my family name and Jin is my name.]

[Family name… Is Jin a noble?]

Maria raises her hand and asks question. That kind of treatment is unpleasant.

Only noble has family name in this world. So we just call each other with just Jin and Sakura.

[No, it is different. Everybody from my hometown has family name.]

[You aren’t the resident of this town. Could you tell me where you come from?]

Revealing is prohibited. So I don’t mind telling her.

[Different world. We were summoned here by magic.]

[Is Jin-sama a hero?]

As I told her, Maria was surprised. Eh? I was talking about this with Mio earlier, in front of Maria too… Oh, she wasn’t in the state for listen at that moment. Even so, a hero…

[It is different. Let’s stop talking about god, noble and hero.]

[I-I’m really sorry…]

I warn Maria with a slightly angry tone.

I know she meant no harm but it’s just something I don’t want to talk about.

[This girl is Kinoshita Sakura. She and I were summoned to this world along with other students. But we were only 2 people that didn’t have a blessing gift from god. Those who came from different world and possess a blessing gift are called hero. And we don’t, so we aren’t hero.]

[Ohya, you aren’t a hero. My expectation is a little bit off. But what is about the people who were summoned at the same time…? This is the first time I saw someone with Japanese feature too.]

Mio has black hair and black eyes, but her face features are slightly western. Her appearance is good but there is few sense of incompatibility when compared to Japanese people. She will look well-matched if she has blond hair and blue eyes.

[Nihon, Is that the name of Jin-sama’s hometown? How did you know that and why?] [Spec: She talk with katakana. In case you don’t know, nihon = Japan]

[Oh, then it’s my turn. As I introduced myself a little while ago, my name is Mio. I lived in the same world as master but I died and was reborn in this world with memory of my past life.]

[Reincarnation… Something like that  existed too.]

From Maria’s expression, I guess it only appeared in fairy tale.

This world doesn’t seem to have only people who was transferred but also the reincarnators too. Perhaps it might be more.

[How did a reincarnator like you become a crime slave at this age?]


As for Sakura’s question, it makes her really nervous. She was desperate when she told me, but when think about calmly, it is a little stupid. So, it is hard to say.

[I wanted to raise money quickly and So I made mayonnaise becomes well-known, but a large dose of mayonnaise is a poison for the people in this world…]

She gives a different version than she told me.

[My house wasn’t very rich. Or should I say a poor people in poor village. Well, I could easily make mayonnaise which wasn’t here before becomes popular because I want a better life.]
She aimed to rise with the modern knowledge.

[You intended to mass-product them and sell if it was popular. It was popular in the village, but judging from the conclusion, a person who it ate in large quantity died. The people who like mayonnaise died one after another…So I, the person who sold it was caught in no time and turn into crime slave.]

Since symptom didn’t appear if you don’t eat it in large quantity in this world and Mio who sampled it is relatively safe.

[An infamous crime slave who poison, they prepared to send me to mine if no one brought me… ugh~ it is dangerous.]
Mine has a extremely high fatality rate, I’m not surprised she is really afraid of that. It seems she had restless nights too.

[I have to say it once again. Thank for bought me. I will serve you whole heartily, please take care of me, okay?]

She said it playfully.

I try to ask Mio about something on my mind.

[Come to think of it, how old were you when you dead? You are 8 years old here.]

[Ugh, it is impolite to ask woman’s age.]

[Well, I don’t think it will be a problem to ask girl around 8 years old.]

I don’t have any problem because she is 8 years old now. But her mental age might be in marriageable age. It is complex.

[16 years old. Died by accident.]

Almost the same age as us. No…

[So your mental age is about 24 years old.]

[Please don’t add it…]

Mio’s face look unpleasant. External age is 8 years old, mental age is 24 years old and her age of death was 16 years old. Uh, I think I get it.

[As I said before, I’m confident in my cooking skill, please leave it to me. I can do housework as well. Since I will work properly, please don’t throw me away, okay?]

She said with upturned eyes. I approach her and pat her head because she is too cute.

[I won’t. Don’t worry.]


Mio becomes bright red. It seems I confused her to the point she lost her playful nature. With that unexpectedly cute reaction, Dora also came at me, begging me to pat her too.

<<Pat me~>>

Of course I do. I feel like I was free from the world when I’m patting those two little girls. Is this god? No, I hate god.

When I saw Maria’s face, her face is turned blue.

[Cooking… I can’t do it. Be thrown away…]

Maria murmurs something like that with a hopeless voice. Cooking is a little too exaggerated….

[I won’t throw you away…, you shouldn’t think about that in the future.]

[Y-Yes. I will do my best. Mio-chan, please teach me how to cook.]

Maria’s face is very serious. Mio was draws back while answering her with smile.

[I-It’s okay, it is good to have intimacy among master’s slaves.]


Be on good term is good. Next is Maria’s turn.

[Maria, why did you become slave? Of course, you don’t need to say if it was hard to say.]

[No, it is alright. I lived in the village of beast man but I was sold to reduce the mouths to feed. When slave dealer’s caravan was attacked by monster, I was used as decoy and becomes injured.]

I see. I’m glad she still alives. However, won’t it become hard to let her fight with monster?

[Do you have any idea about hero of beast man?]

[Not at all.]

Then, isn’t she a hero by birth? Come to think of it, our classmates have title of [Hero from different world]. What is the different?

Since there is [Beast man’s], it should be the one from other races too. I want to look for them if I have a chance. I will buy them of they are sold as slave.

[I have no idea, but if I’m a hero, please let me know if there is something I can do to help Jin-sama.]

Maria knees down again. Come to think of it, I could see her cat ear clearly in this posture.
Since I’m interested a little, let’s ask help-sensei.

Q : Is there a special meaning of touching cat ear of cat people?
A : It is. Only same sex family members, lover and married couple can touch it. Or to show the loyalty. When kneel down and stick their cat ears out, it is a signal that they allow you to touch it.

I guess it is okay to touch it.


Maria lets out a strange moan as I pat, rub and caress them.

[funyan, fuunya, afun.]

It seems she feels good. Or I should say, she shows me the intoxicated charming smile. What a useless fellow. This is an expression you couldn’t show to anyone except your lover or couple. However, I didn’t stop. Even Maria’s feet are wriggling, I didn’t stop.

I will pat her until I’m satisfied. Maria’s expression is changed greatly. Neither Sakura, Mio or Dora say anything. Dora might not know about it. Sakura just stares at it while her face is bright red. But Mio just looks at it normally since she knew about custom of beast man.

……Err, what should I do about this. Oh, the story of hero. Should I use this opportunity to tell those two?
[Ahem. Let’s return to the topic. I didn’t intend to buy Maria just because you are hero alone. Since I didn’t explain why I bought you two in the first place.]

[Isn’t that about cooking?]

Of course, cooking is the first reason I bought Mio, but not all.

[First we are traveling. I will tell you the reason later but we need to leave this country soon. So we need you two to take care of us in the meantime.]


Maria just keeps it to herself but Mio is looked somewhat uncomfortable. Maria is 12 years old and Mio is 8 years old. It is normal to feel uneasy. They are basically not the age to go out and travel.

[We aren’t adventurer but we still need to fight with monster. And you two have to participate in the fight too.]

[A fight with monster…?]

Maria who was heavily injured by monster turns blue. Judging from her reaction, it seems severe. Should I just let her follow us for now?

[Oh, don’t worry. I will talk about it later but I will make you strong enough not to be defeated by monster easily.

Maria’s face is back to normal as I cheer her up.

[If Jin-sama said it is okay, it is okay. Please leave it to me. I will defeat those monster.]

Is it okay for her to trust me just from my word? I have no proof, just told her she will be alright and then her face changes from blue to the face that is filled with confidence…

A blind belief? Oh, there is something like that too.

For now, I will let them fight once. I’m not that cruel because I will give them some status. Just let me see your skill properly.

[To make us not be defeated by monster. Is that one of master “Secret” too?]

[Yeah. That is what I’m going to talk about. Let put it simple, since your jobs is fighting and take care of us, please take a good care of us.]

[Yes, please leave it to me.]

Maria enthusiastically answers my instruction as if it was normal. As for Mio…

[Eh? Err…]


I shout because Mio is going to say something unnecessary. Not to mention the girl ratio is 80% (Include Dora).

Since slave has no right to go against master’s intention, if I decide on something, you have nothing else to do but follow my order.

The main work of those two will be fighting and taking care of us. I who is their master will give other instruction if necessary. Their job doesn’t include take care of me “That” way.

[The discussion about the work of you two is end. Next is the story that concerning us.]

[Wait, Wait!]

Mio suddenly shout.

[Jin-sama’s story… I didn’t miss any word…]

Maria is like that. A little too serious girl. But you should stop doing that to me…


Shindo Jin
LV 15
Skill : <Sword Mastery LV6> <Spear Mastery LV4> <Blunt Mastery LV6> <Shield Mastery delete> <Bow Mastery LV5> <Martial Art LV5> <Axe Mastery LV5> <Fire magic LV2> <Ice magic LV2> <Wind magic LV2> <Earth magic LV2> <Thunder magic LV2> <Water magic LV2 > <Dark magic LV2> <Recovery magic LV2> <Enchantment LV1> <Possession LV1> <Leadership LV2> <Inspiration LV3> <Monster taming LV3> <Lockpicking LV3> <Theft LV4> <Threat LV4> <Torture LV2> <Compounding LV2> <Body reinforcing LV8> <Jump LV4> <Night eye LV3> <Berserker LV1> <Detection LV6> <Inherent Magic(Original Spell) new> [Revive new]
Special Power : <Power of Life and Death (Give & take) LV3 up> <Clairvoyance (System window) LV-> <Infinite Storage (Inventory)> <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)> <???> <???> <???>
Equipment : Goblin general’s sword


Kinoshita Sakura
LV 9
Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV5> <Fire magic LV3> <Ice magic LV2> <Wind magic LV2> <Earth magic LV2> <Thunder magic LV3> <Water magic LV2> <Dark magic LV3> <Recovery magic LV1> <Body reinforcing LV6> <Jump LV3> <Detection LV1>
Special power : <Magic Creation>
Equipment : Goblin magician’s staff



LV 7

Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV5> <Shield Mastery LV3> <Dragon Magic LV3> <Fire magic LV1> <Ice magic LV1> <Wind magic LV1> <Earth magic LV1> <Thunder magic LV1> <Water magic LV1> <Dark magic LV1> <Recovery magic LV1> <Body Reinforced LV6> <Flight LV5> <Rush LV5 > <Howl LV5> <Bite LV4> <Jump LV3> <Detection LV1>

Equipment : Monk’s battle staff, Steel shield.



LV 1

Skill: <Cooking LV5> <Housework LV4>

Equipment : None



Equipment : None

<~~~    ~~~>


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