Chapter 9: Coordination battle and The first repurchase.


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[Ah~. I’m alive~]


Yep. The biggest reason we chose this hotel OHURO, is the bath. It isn’t a private room but a joint bath, in short it is a public bath. Sakura and I knew it, and paid the hotel fees without regret. There are some public baths in the town when I checked, so we have no problem using guest-only bathrooms.

Sakura will wash Dora in the ladies’ bath. There is soap in this world too but it isn’t too high-class an item.

I wash both my body and hair and slowly soaked myself in the bathtub. It is virtually like it was reserved since other guests don’t enter. I wipe my body with the provided towel.

I use the underwear and house coat I brought. My school uniform is the memento of my former world, and I want to change my clothes as soon as possible.

By the way, the clothes I brought and prepared are similar to Japanese school uniform. It seems hero’s in the past wore school uniform, it is natural that imitations starts to appear. I heard the school uniform has becomes part of the fashion before I noticed. It is a good memory to laugh at when I see the figure of an old man who is wearing a school uniform.

I came back to the room but those two didn’t return yet. Reliable man needs to wait for a woman’s long bath. Is this the Showa era?

After waiting for a while, those 2 came back. Facing them, I start talking about future plans.

[Let’s talk about our future plans.]



The smell of those two after take a bath is great. By the way, Dora wears only panties. I heard she doesn’t want to put on clothes as much as possible when she sleeps. It is tolerable since we usually live outside, but the time she sleeps nearby in naked human form is no good. Sakura tried to persuade her but only manage to get her to wear panties.

[I want to talk about Dora’s combat style specifically.]

[Not <Dragon Magic> in dragon form?]

Sakura thinks about the basic of the recent fight.

[No, the last fight was to check the power of <Dragon Magic>, for the sake of coordination from now, it isn’t effective.]

[It need to take some time to shoot after you shot once. It is too wasteful to let you stay idle during that time.]

It is unexpectedly good for what we are looking for. I have no intention to let you do something wasteful either.

[If possible, I want her to fight in her human form. Or rather, are you able to use a shield to protect yourself? Since it is normal for dragons to be strong, Feather dragon’s status isn’t low either.]

[I have a hunch that what you said is amazing somehow…]

<<I will do anything~>>

Dora doesn’t seem to have any objections.

It might be okay. A shield which is strong and has high mobility. The vanguard who can shoot powerful dragon magic from time to time. Should I let the cute Dora to be a vanguard? I didn’t tame her to be a room decoration. She is the companion I have to put at the right place. Beside, I think I need a cute vanguard too.

[As for the main weapon, it should be battle staff (Hitting staff). It boost the power of dragon magic and can be used as strike weapon.]

[The scene of small girl who is holding a shield and hits enemy with staff, isn’t that dreadful?]

I ignore Sakura’s complain. But I agree with her.

Apart from that, Dora’s raising plan starts now. Since we don’t have money, we could spend only a few on equipment…. The guild registered and extra extermination fee… No no, I can’t be swayed by short-term money. Oh, should I spend the money I took from the thieves?

For now, let’s settle for today and go to weapon shop tomorrow.


We decided to sleep, but we only have 2 beds. Dora sleeping on the floor? That is a stupid idea. Dora is sleeping soundly in my arm. In dragon form. Well, feather dragon is just right for a hugging pillow. The proof is it will be Sakura’s turn to take the fluffy hugging pillow tomorrow  .

We went to the guild  the next day but we didn’t have any repurchase requests yet. Well, it can’t be help since most of them are giving up. Adventurers will pay more when they buy the same thing and it is rare for a person who was robbed to be alive too.

I brought a little more food and put in <Infinite Storage (Inventory)>. Next, we went to weapon shop. Our purpose is to buy a weapon for Dora. We could have got newly-made weapons too but we decide to give priority to Dora since we aren’t in hurry for them.

[Sorry. Sakura’s staff has to wait for a while.]

[It’s okay. I can wait a little longer. For now, the goblin’s staff is good enough for fighting…]

I feel sorry to let her use goblin staff forever, I will buy a new one when we have a chance.

[Excuse me. Is there a shield?]

I asked the weapon shop storekeeper .

[Yeah. …Which one of you is going to use it?]

[This girl.]

[Are you stupid? To make a small girl use a shield…, Don’t tell me, is her race?]

Shopkeeper makes a surprised face but when he looks at Dora’s face, he change his mind.

[Yes. I’m confident in her strength. Right?]

<<Uh. It is alright~>>

Shopkeeper doesn’t hear it but Dora is nodding.

[What is her race? Is she a dwarf? …Oh well. It match with the stature of that girl…Am I right? But this is a little bit heavy…]

The shield that shopkeeper took out is oval shield almost the same height of Dora. Dora seems to like it. I had an expectation that the weapon shopkeeper will give a weapon that is easy to use.


Steel Shield

Classification : Shield

Rarity : Common

Note : Knock back resistance.


<<It is easy to use~>>

[Excuse me. Do you have battle staffs too?]

This time is about battle staffs

[Again, who is going to use it this time?]

[This girl.]

[What on earth is this girl…]

Shopkeeper mutters as he doesn’t know Dora’s race. He is looking for the weapon while saying that. It seems everything he shows us will be easy to use after all.


Monk’s battle staff

Classification : Combat staff

Rarity : Common

Note : Slightly raise magic power


[Then, I will buy those two.]

[Do you intend to buy it…?]

[Yeah, since we don’t have much money, we have a problem with weapons right now.]

[I see. Then, it is total 100,000g.]

I pay. Totally 110,000g.

[You paid too much.]

[That is a reward for choosing.]

[This is my job… Oh well. I gladly accept it.]

We left the shop. This shopkeeper is a good person but I don’t want to be in his debt as much as I can. I pay more money than I should to prevent that.

Since our preparation is done, we left the town. We show the certificate from the guild. We can re-enter this town for free at the request from the guild.

We walk along the road for a while and move away from it to head toward the place where monsters are gathered. We encounter 2 monsters along the way. For now, I will let Dora fight alone with her new battle-style.

Mad boar charges and directly hits the shield but Dora doesn’t move at all. She swings her battle staff and sink it into mad boar.

<<I did it~>>

I let her fight several times to stabilizing her style. Honestly, I don’t think <Dragon Magic> is necessary.

<<I’m powerful~ Invincible~>>

It seems her confidence is a little too much. Since it isn’t a good thing, I will take some status. The next fight with mad boar, she received its charge and was blown away.

[Kyauuuun <<It is hurt~ master~ help me~>>]

Dora is crying. Oops. Did I overdo it?


[Wait, Jin-kun!? You healed her too much!?]

<Restoration Magic LV2> High-Heal. The amount of healing is a lot greater than LV1’s Heal. To be honest, it feels like a completely heal. Neither the power nor HP are affecting the amount of healing.

<<Thank you~ Master~ But you suddenly weaken me~ It is cruel~>>

Dora jumps into my chest. While Sakura defeats the monster.

[I’m sorry. But you must not be careless. It isn’t good to look down on another because you are stronger. Because we put our life on the line with the fight.]

<<Understood~ I’m sorry~>>

[Good girl. Yoshi yoshi.]

I pat her all I can. Dora also smiles brightly.


[Jin-kun, Dora-chan. Could you stop flirting and help me?]


Sakura was amazed by the fact I’m flirting with Dora. My sense of time disappeared when Dora came into contact with me.

By the way, Dora’s carelessness has disappeared and our coordination training is starting. We head toward the group of monsters.

The battle is started. Dora is the vanguard, and uses her <Dragon Magic>. Since there are a lot of distance between her and the targets, most of them aren’t harmed.

Enemies also realize <Dragon Magic> is a threat and target Dora. Using <Dragon Magic> to attract enemies’ attention first is the good way to raise hostility (Hate). I give support magic and status to Sakura and appoint her to take down any monsters that strays away from the group. By the way, <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)> can nullify any attack among the user. It is mean no friendly fire. In short “Attack on ally is off”. So it is okay to give a support from the side with strong magic.

I move to assist Dora at her side and attack enemy from the distance with magic before moving away.

I still keep the contact path on during the combat.

<<Dora, fall back and step aside a little before use <Dragon Magic> >>


<<Sakura, since support magic’s timers are showed on status screen, please recast it before the time has completely runs out.>>

<<Okay, Please leave it to me.>>

<<Dora, you stepped forward too much. Please confirm allies and enemies position with map and keep standing between them.>>

<U-Uh. Understood~>>

I gave the instructions to girls who don’t even know the basic of tactic.

I let those 2 experience teamwork by letting them fight the group of monsterd several times.

We had lunch outside. In the end, we repeated the battle outside the city all day.

They somewhat know about battle. At first, Dora was awkward because of her appearance but now she is fine after fighting with monsters for a whole day. Even with <Body Reinforcement>, Sakura still has a hard time and needs to rest from time to time.

She has enough guts. I have nothing to say about <Dragon Magic>. It works perfectly with a strong shield.

About Sakura, Her calm judgment stands out. After I warned her to pay attention to the support magic’s timer, I don’t need to warn her about similar things again. In short, she could understand it just from being taught once. With her support priority, map positioning, magic efficiency and quick judgement makes her a top notch rear guard.

At first, I was worried about her emotional instability, but after letting her do it once, it seems she is stable enough. Is that because of her dependence on me?

Our cooperation becomes considerable stable in a day and we received a lot of new skills, we return to town satisfied.



LV 4

<Poison Strike LV1> <Compounding LV1>

Note : A monster with human-shaped root.


Killer Ant

LV 6

<Acid Strike LV1> <Bite LV1>

Note : Big ant.


Fighter Bear

LV 8

<Body Reinforced LV2> <Martial Art LV2>

Note : A bear with martial art



LV 6

<Flight LV2> <Detection LV2>

Note : Hawk monster. It attacks from sky.



LV 5

<Dark Magic LV2>

Note : A lump of dark magic. It will shoot dark magic when human is approaching.



LV 7

Random attribute magic at LV2

Note : A lump of random magic attribute. It will shoot magic when human is approaching depend on its attribute.


I head toward guild. Dora and Sakura return to the hotel earlier. The matter of what I’m going to do doesn’t need all of us to be there and there is more mobility when I’m alone if something happened. I also borrowed Sakura’s item box. I can’t deceived them without it.

I arrived at the guild at 6:02. It is barely late.

[Excuse me. I’m here for the repurchase matter.]

I tell the receptionist about the business. By the way, The person I talk to is the same receptionist as yesterday.

[Yes. The person who want to repurchase is waiting in the reception room.]

The person who want to repurchase show up quicker than I thought… I was surprised when receptionist explained about repurchase.

[Please negotiate with the person who want to repurchase in front of the guild staff. Of course, you can refuse to return too but we still need to supervise to prevent unnecessary trouble.]

Indeed, The negotiation without guild’s permission could cause unexpected trouble, or even cause trouble for the guild.


[Then, follow me.]

I head toward the reception room. Since the reception room have soundproof equipment, this section is awfully quiet.

[This room. Please note that it is no good to talk about the information of another party but please be careful since the other party is an noble.]

Receptionist said in low voice.

You’re saying it now. Since the other party is noble. Does that mean I have no choice but to return?

Ignoring my thoughts, the receptionist knocks.

[Please enter.]

I hear the calm voice of man from other side of the door. Great. The other party is slightly better.

[Excuse me.]

Receptionist opens the door. So what was waiting there is…

[Too slow!]

A loud shout came from curling blond hair ojou-sama. She is wearing a grand red dress. Wow, it is completely fiction-like.

Was I be tricked? After I look around, I saw the middle age butler behind her.

[I’m sorry for keep you waiting. This is Elizabeth, the person who want to repurchase.]

Receptionist introduce her to me without minding it. On the other hand, a curling hair girl named Elizabeth just yells without any greeting.

[Too slow! What is your intention to keep a noble waiting? I already informed the guild I will come before 6:00! Because a noble’s time is precious, it is the common sense to come and prepare of it before that!]

With that curling hair girl declared an illogical thing proudly, my favorability is dropped into minus instantly. I never thought about the useless noble waiting here.

Let’s start negotiation, I will keep a polite tone as much as I can. Otherwise, the irritation will be off the chart.

[The guild only told me to come here at 6:00 and I didn’t come late.

[That doesn’t isn’t matter. For a noble like me, the guild should have told you to prepare in advance.]

Another selfish remark… Even receptionist’s face looks troubled too.

[I’m sorry, there is no such rule in the guild. Because there isn’t any authority to make us prepare before the appointment time, we can’t do as you request!]

[The unnecessary talk of a lowly guild membeer is not needed]

Wow, the people who rant as they want without care, they are the worst kind of noble. Let’s finish this talk quickly so I can return.

[Don’t you have time? Let’s return to subject quickly. What do you want to repurchase? How much will you pay?]

My way of speaking is somewhat proper. It can’t be help since her impression is bad and I want to end this quickly.

[What a very rude man. This is why adventures are…]

[Ojou-sama, let’s return to the subject.]

The butler who remained silent all the time urges her.

[That’s right. Thank you, Sebastian.]

For butler-like man, even his name is butler-like. Flawless. I mean he is certainly a butler.

[Well, I want to repurchase a dagger with eagle crest on it. Do you have it?]

Curling hair girl still asks me with a smoothing tone. It is too late now, she already shows her true nature a little while ago. Not just the princess, all noble women of this country might be good at keeping their appearance.

Well, I remember I put the dagger in question in item box. Uh, I was right after all. An expensive looks dagger with a lot of jewels and crest of eagle attach.

[I have it. Is this right?]

[Give it to me!]

Curling hair girl was going to seize a dagger when I took it out of cloak that cover item box. I avoid her hand and make a move to prevent her further reckless action. It looks like I don’t want to hand a dagger to her in the first place.

[Negotiate the price first. I won’t allow you to touch it until we are done.]

[What a selfish guy!]

I might be selfish. Receptionist was surprised too. Since I didn’t move my hand. The curling hair girl who just keep stare at me snaps.

[Humph, alright. 100,000g for that dagger!]

That curling hair girl makes fun of me again. I check this dagger with <Clairvoyance (System Window)>. The value of dagger alone is 5,000,000g.

Don’t you think so? Do you think I will listen to you because you are noble? Or do you think you could repurchase cheaply since you think I don’t know the market price?

[Are you joking? Is this dagger that cheap?]

I specifically raise the price without said “Could you give me higher?”…

[This is annoying! When a noble said 100,000g, it is 100,000g!]

Just like before. How much privilege do you think a noble have? Actually, noble’s standpoint is considerably high in this world. But their influence doesn’t work on everyone. Noble’s influence has no effect on me since I’m not the resident of this town, not to mention I hate this country… Since you don’t know that, you treat me like you always did. …This person is beyond saving.

Enough already. It is a waste of time if this keep up. Let’s go straight to the point.

[Understood. Then I have to refuse your repurchase.]

So it might look bad but I refuse her repurchase.

[What! Don’t you understand? If you do this, you can’t adventure in this town!]

As expected, that curling hair girl becomes panic. But I have no intention to make a modest approach. My prediction is this dagger is worth more than it should be. This curling hair girl misused noble influence on her own convenience to take the initiative in this repurchase without know the rule. Because if I refuse, you can’t regain this dagger.

[It doesn’t a matter. It seems you misunderstood since a little while ago but I’m not an adventurer.]

I didn’t foresee this but I didn’t register in this town. You threat doesn’t have any persuasive power.

[What did you say? It is useless to make that kind of excuse.]

That curling hair girl still not admit it. Receptionist also said a few word.

[Yes, it is true. He isn’t the registered adventurer. Please refrain from threatening a commoner in the guild.]

Guild staff who works seriously give a warning.

[A lowly guild staff is self-important…]

Curling hair girl glares at receptionist. She is glaring at her for a while before return to her compose.

[Understood. 200,000g. Give it to me quickly.]

When that curling hair girl said that, my patience reached its limit. Do I have to endure her selfishness? After came to this world I have to endure various things. Do you think I pretend to be calm?

I don’t plan to cause a problem with the nobles in this country but I can’t endure it any more. This whole country is my enemy after all. The situation doesn’t change even if I fight with 10 or 20 nobles. I still have to kill them and take their ability.



[I won’t sell less than 20,000,000g.]

I intended to sell it immediately if she voluntarily shows the price higher than 5,000,000g. However, I waste my time coming here. So I overcharged the price 4 times and put the end of negotiation. By the way, this is my calculating formula.

Base price of dagger is 5,000,000g, double because of the addition value, and double again because of her disgusting noble behavior.

[I-It is unreasonable. The value of this dagger is 5,000,000g…]

It seems she knew the value of this dagger after all. I really can’t say how disgusted I feel. But let’s keep going because I don’t need to be modest.

It is natural to be unreasonable. This is a threat not negotiation. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Since I will use it as fireball’s target later.

[20,000,000g. Will you pay or not?] [Spec: <Threat> skill is activated]

I talk with the flattest voice a possible.

[To make an unreasonable demand to noble…]

[20,000,000g. Will you pay or not?]

I tell her again with the same tone.

[Please wait a moment, at least 10,000,000

[20,000,000g. Will you pay or not?]

I interrupted her talk.

[So, let’s talk…]

[20,000,000g. Will you pay or not?]

I repeat it like a machine.

[…I will pay.]

Curling hair girl finally give up. This merciless tactic is succeed simply because I initiative cut off all talk and repeat the same sentence.

[Negotiation is done. Money please. Guild staff-san, Please record it now.]


I decided to let receptionist make an official record since it will be unpleasant if we do it later. Honestly. I have a feeling receptionist-san also thinks the same.




Shindo Jin

LV 15
Skill : <Sword Mastery LV6 up> <Spear Mastery LV4 up> <Blunt Mastery LV6> <Shield Mastery delete> <Bow Mastery LV5> <Martial Art LV5 up> <Axe Mastery LV5> <Fire magic LV2 up> <Ice magic LV2 up> <Wind magic LV2 up> <Earth magic LV2 up> <Thunder magic LV2 up> <Water magic LV2 up> <Dark magic LV2 up> <Recovery magic LV2> <Enchantment LV1> <Possession LV1> <Leadership LV2> <Inspiration LV3 up> <Demon taming LV3 new> <Lockpicking LV3 new> <Theft LV4 new> <Threat LV4 new> <Torture LV2 new> <Compounding LV2 new> <Body reinforcing LV8 up> <Jump LV4> <Night eye LV3> <Berserker LV1 new> <Detection LV6 new>
Special Power : <Power of Life and Death (Give & take) LV3 up> <Clairvoyance (System window) LV-> <Infinite Storage (Inventory)> <Bond of Contact (Engage Link)> <???> <???> <???>
Equipment : Goblin general’s sword


Kinoshita Sakura

LV 9
Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV5> <Fire magic LV3 up> <Ice magic LV2 up> <Wind magic LV2 up> <Earth magic LV2 up> <Thunder magic LV3 up> <Water magic LV2 up> <Dark magic LV3 up> <Recovery magic LV1> <Body reinforcing LV6 up> <Jump LV3 up> <Detection LV1 up>
Special power : <Magic Creation LV- new>
Equipment : Goblin magician’s staff



LV 7

Skill : <Blunt Mastery LV5 new> <Shield Mastery LV3 new> <Dragon Magic LV3 new> <Fire magic LV1 new> <Ice magic LV1 new> <Wind magic LV1 new> <Earth magic LV1 new> <Thunder magic LV1 new> <Water magic LV1 new> <Dark magic LV1 new> <Recovery magic LV1 new> <Body Reinforced LV6 new> <Flight LV5 up> <Rush LV5 up> <Howl LV5 up> <Bite LV4 up> <Jump LV3 new> <Detection LV1 new>

Equipment : Monk’s battle staff, Steel shield.

<~~~    ~~~>


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