About me


Just a 22 year old guy with nothing better to do who is also the Leader and Self proclaimed genius Hacker of UltimateEroge  I just wanted to TL this novel since I’m bored.

 If interested in helping with Translating, or Editing contact me at linkfan100@live.com by email or skype

Check twitter for updates concerning Visual novel and web novel


13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Specter

    He didn’t translate alone, he has his minion from his VN team to help him.
    That guy has enough skill to translate VN’s H-scene, I think he can handle innuendo or borderline 18+ rate line too.


  2. Free

    Hey just wondering if you could take a look at bu ni mi. Interesting little treasure. Sadly the translator is thinking about dropping it. Also thanks for your hard work ^^


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