Route to almightyness from 1HP



Prologue & Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10



62 thoughts on “Route to almightyness from 1HP

  1. lygarx

    the author hasn’t updated in a while. did the author run out of steam? towards the later chapters authors tend to update less frequently.


  2. lygarx

    Author is probably editing some stuff for the light novel releases. The chapters might disappear from the web novel site. This tends to happen to web novels that get a light novel going. A manga might be released one day. Maybe in two years. Well once the Light novel hits about 6 volumes, web novel chapters might be recompiled into digest shortened versions and a manga might be released. If this does really good and gains popularity, anime in 5 years after that. This is a pretty good series from what I have skipped ahead to read so far. in 5 to 10 years from now, we may see a crude 13 episode anime full of fanservice to make a quick buck off of this series and a manga. Light novel volume 1 came out last month.


      • lygarx
        Bitch JK RPG
        Haru-uru Baishun
        That said I only posted the data files so you would have to have a RPGmaker encrypted file extractor and move the extracted files into the main game folder and if you have the appropriate RPG maker programs you could open a project file corresponding to the game and it would update the game.ini file other wise you would have to do it manually. I posted it as a comment on the thread. it is one of the later comments. Don’t know if the files are still up since I am not done with translating it and they were only teaser files. The games themselves can be torrented and I dont upload them since I may get in trouble and I will say that I ‘bought’ the games and ‘agreed to the terms and conditions to not distribute the game itself’. Spoiler, I translate Hentai RPG maker games. so yeah. that.


  3. Unknown

    Um…Even though you said it will be 2 days but it already passed it. If possible please update chapter 6. The waiting for it is killing me here(I’m not forcing you or anything but you already said it 2 days later or sooner so I just want to ask)


  4. Maverick

    Ok so from what i understand, after running and killing everything at that forest he level es up so much + the cheat agility and defense from the harem stat that his hp and att be ame 100 million. Correct me If im wrong :/


  5. Lavitz

    So which of the girls in the picture is the demon lord? it said the hair is silver… it the one on the left side? Though the middle is more like it to be the demon lord…..


  6. lygarx

    株式会社KADOKAWA 富士見ファンタジア文庫より、12月20日に書籍化します。
    Published as a book on December 20th, 2014 by KADOKAWA Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Co., Ltd.
    Digest versions are planned to replace the chapters on the web novel site.
    The series will remain here and continue to be updated here.
    When it becomes a book, the title may be changed.

    Over 20 million views achieved for this series. Thank you very much for the Support.

    Below, the Synopsis.

    My name is Saitou Yuuki, and I am an ordinary High School Student who loves boobs.
    Hmm, My current status is that I have reincarnated into another world.



    力 1
    POWER 1
    AGILITY 65535
    DEFENSE 65535






    …but what he was not aware of was The notation of 『1』 in his status is actual the number in the unit of Nayuta….

    This is the story of the strongest hero who convinced that he was the weakest.


    • lygarx

      The middle 5 sentences I couldn’t translate on account of my insanity of trying to translate this part 『はぐれメ〇ルかよ!』 accurately. No clue and I can’t move on after failing. This is the incomplete rough draft translation of the synopsis of the series posted on the raw website. Should probably change the last sentence and add a was between the ‘who’ and ‘convinced’. Anyways, back to work on my rpg maker translation project.


      • Derf

        “はぐれメ〇ル” is probably referring to the Metal Slimes from the Dragon Quest games – high speed, high defense, few hitpoints. Their original Japanese name is “はぐれメタル”.


  7. Aruseus493

    Any chance you can register your group and the series on Manga Updates? I like to keep track of the series I follow on their but I couldn’t get this series approved since I’m not the one translating it.

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  8. Vlarto

    Pardon me old boy, just as a heads up the link to chapter two… well doesn’t link to chapter two… its chapter 3 of a completely different story… Or did I just get very confused?
    But thanks for you hard work never the less


  9. Blight

    Hmm…I could give it a try on translating it (might be inferior quality)… I really like the comedic effect of this novel. I don’t really want to be responsible for infringing on copyright law. Hopefully the translator (you) jump back on “route to almightiness from 1hp” because you might be only one who have the raw chapters from 11-52. If you ever come back to the project, I can probably provide assistance.

    That Cliffhanger on chapter 10 is brutal to me. I want to continue reading.


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